10 Amazing Artefacts In The World

Artifacts themselves are archaeological objects or historical objects which are made or modified by humans. Simple examples are terracotta, metal and bone, earthenware, paper and so on.

Here are 10 amazing artifacts ever in the world that should not have existed in their day.

10. Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera Mechanism

Discovered in 1900, precisely in the largest shipwrecks in the southern part of Greece, the island Antikythera. Antikythrea Mechanism can be regarded as one of the most ancient artifacts in the world.

Until now, historians to archeologists have been unable to discover who the creator of this thing is. All they know from this thing is its originator comes from Greece. The reason why this thing is called an amazing artifact is that its complexity and technology will not exist until the fourteenth century, and this object itself is thought to have been made in 150-100 BC. The complexity that this object can do is to calculate various astronomical events such as lunar eclipses.

9. 300 Million Year Bolt

300-million-year-old bolt artifacts

In 1966, a group of researchers made an expedition to find the remains of ancient relics around the Kaluga area, western Russia. Dmitry Kurkov, one of the researchers found a stone-shaped object that later when cleaned there is a kind of bolt or screws embedded in the object.

This bolt has a length of 3 cm and a diameter of 3 millimeters. it is said that these objects are 300 to 320 million years old, various theories and experiments performed, surprisingly it is known that these screws are not a natural result, but is man-made alias is an artifact.

It can not be predicted who or what creatures can make the bolt-shaped object even implanted into rocks for up to 300-320 million years.

8. Ancient Hammer

Ancient hammers are 100 million years old

This hammer is very strange and unreasonable. An ancient hammer found in the rock studied turned out to be 100 million years old. The age of wood used as algae from this hammer ranged from 100 to 200 million years ago, plus iron from this hammer composed of 96% pure iron.

No one can explain the origin of the ancient hammer because the human civilization had not existed at that time, or could the aliens have a hammer left on earth?

7. Sky Stone

Sky stone aka stone of heaven

The stone was discovered in 1990 by a geologist and archaeologist named Angelo Pitoni, in the Sierra Leone region of West Africa. From the results revealed the composition of this stone that is 77% oxygen, carbon, silicon, calcium and sodium.

Research was carried out by various laboratories from the Universities of Geneva, Rome, Utrecth, Tokyo and Freiberg, but none of which could explain the origin of this stone. This is because this stone was not derived from the type of stone that existed on planet earth.

The mystery of this stone is the stone is estimated to date 12,000 BC (BC). Surprisingly, this stone is definitely not formed naturally because this stone has a color that seems to be an artificial color that is blue like the sky. From here the stone is named Sky Stone or Stone of Heaven,

6. 100,000 Year Old Switch

The switch is 100 thousand years old

A variety of historical relics can be examined past from various fossils or similar relics, but these artifacts can not be explained scientifically. A switch-shaped artifact with 3 iron ends embedded in a granite stone was discovered by an archaeologist named John J. Williams in 1998. This stone has the appearance of an electrical component or precisely a switch, In fact it already has a magnetic force but is quite weak. These 3 iron-shaped switches have non-created elements of wood, plastic, rubber or other materials that can be described.

Various experts say that this thing is engineering or hoax, but the unexplained thing is how this switch is embedded in a stone without using glue or other adhesive material. Have human civilizations in the last 100,000 years been so advanced as Atlantis might be?

5. Acambaro Figure

Acambaro Figure

This discovery can be said to be the discovery of a historic object that signifies a civilization in which humans interact with dinosaurs. In 1944, when Waldmar Julsrud was traveling around the Acambaro area, he found an artifact of a figure. He then pays local farmers digging up the remains of the figure and pays them for figures they can find.

From there Waldmar discovers more than 32,000 figures that are thought to have existed since the days of the dinosaurs. If that is true then this artifact can be said to be a remarkable discovery and can alter human history, since it is said that no man lived in ancient times when the dinosaurs were.

4. Dropa Stone

Stone dropa from antiquity
Stone dropa from antiquity

Discovered in 1938, in the vicinity of the Baian-kara-ula mountains by expeditions, these disc-shaped objects are found inside the cave. Inside the cave is found in various graves and decorations that decorate the cave walls such as images of the sun, moon and stars, along with people who have a long head or maybe oval.

The archaeologists then dug the remains of the grave and found a human skeleton that has a height of up to 3 meters with large bones. In addition to human skeletons they also found 716 odd dishes sent to various world archaeologists. These strange dishes are then named Dropa Stone.

One of the professors named Tsum Um Nui, said that he broke the code or writing that lies in this dropa stone. Tsum Um Nui said that alien plane crashed into Bayan Har shan area 12,000 years ago, this alien can not fix their plane until its end try to adapt on earth. There are tribes from the area hunting aliens but there are also some who are married to these aliens. You can expect it by yourself, many people disagree on the results of the hypothesis from Tsum Um Nui.

3. The Lost Inca Gold

The Incas and their relation to gold

There are so many legends that surround the Inca gold. Inca gold is one of the most mysterious things. The kingdom is located in the central part of Ecuador, in the Liangantes mountain region between the Andes and the Amazon.

A treasure hunter named Barth Blake is said to have found the Inca treasure. From the letter he wrote he said that there were thousands of gold and silver with the symbol of the Incas, various gems and gold vases filled with emerald gems, even he claimed that he would not be able to carry all the gold or if there were thousands of people, will be able to carry it.

Certain sources say that Barth Blake left and never came back. This source also adds that Barth Blake went to the New York area to seek expedition funds to bring the inca treasure.

2. Inca Gold Aeroplane

The gold of the inca tribe is an airplane

As Inca gold is one of the most ancient relics that attract the attention of many world, then certainly there are also many people who claim that they managed to find Inca gold. Of the various claims of Inca gold discovery, Inca Gold Aeroplane is said to be the most mellow case. This gold was originally thought to be the gold of animal fights, but after further investigation it turned out to be a combat aircraft, even the details of this plane were very complete, such as airplane wings, balancing tails and even landing gear.

This discovery is claimed as evidence of the nation's inca have made contact with extraterrestrials and they are the ones who teach the science of aviation of various kinds of equipment.

1. Shroud of Turin

Shroud of Turin is shown in church

Historical relics of this shroud can be said to be a symbol of the past events where the crucifixion took place. The Shroud of Turin contains the image of the deceased person. It is also said that this cloth is the cloth used when the Lord Jesus was buried when he died.

From the experimental results the origin of this cloth revealed that this cloth dates from 1260-1390 (AD) and this is not in accordance with the time of death of Jesus but some historians can argue that it is wrong and this cloth is indeed the cloth that enveloped Jesus. Until now there have been various debates by experts and historians about the authenticity of this fabric, but no one can deduce the origin of these artifacts.