10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try
10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

It’s safe to say that our approach to grocery shopping has changed over the past several months. While people around the world stock up on necessities and essentials during the coronavirus pandemic, others are using resources online to have food delivered right to their homes.

If you, like me, are a carnivore, you might be excited to hear that there are companies across the country whose sole focus is delivering supplies of meat right to your doorstep. From subscription boxes dedicated entirely to bacon to monthly shipments of beef, pork, and chicken, there are plenty of options to make sure you stay full and healthy during this trying time.

And while restaurants need our support now more than ever, it’s an undeniable fact that many are closing their doors—at least temporarily—and forcing people to step it up in the kitchen. So whether you’re a barbecue master looking for top tier cuts or a novice trying to move out of the Easy Mac stage, we’ve rounded up the very best meat subscription boxes and online meat delivery services to keep your fridge—and belly—as full as possible.

1. Crowd Cow

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

For an upscale meat delivery service, look no further than Crowd Cow. Sourcing from over 100 farms around the country, Crowd Cow offers high-quality, sustainable meat and seafood that can be ordered à la carte or in a subscription box that comes with free delivery. Crowd Cow also gives customers access to recipes and how-to videos to make the perfect meal at home.

Starting at $99.99, the Custom Box is the way to go if you want the power to select what’s heading your way. With this option you can add products like filet mignon, ground beef, Japanese Wagyu, Icelandic Arctic Char, and even thick-cut bacon. Or, if you’re looking for something quick and easy go for the $159 Steak Lovers box for top-grade cuts like a New York Strip or Ribeye. If you’re really feeling fancy, there’s even a box dedicated entirely to Japanese Wagyu for $249.

2. ButcherBox

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

When it comes to meat subscription boxes, ButcherBox might have the best motto of them all: “Think of us as the neighborhood butcher for modern America.” Shipping 100% grass-fed beef, heritage breed pork, and free range organic chicken all across the country, this company was designed to keep your fridge stocked in an ethical manner. To get started, customers can select one of five different box options, including a mixed box, beef and pork box, beef and chicken box, all beef box, or custom box.

Reviewers love ButcherBox for its commitment to ethical meat, high-quality cuts, and great customer service.

Unfortunately, ButcherBox has moved to a waitlist system this year as demand has skyrocketed. If you’re interested in signing up for ButcherBox, you’ll want to submit your email address to get placed on the waitlist.

3. Omaha Steaks

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

You’ve probably already heard of Omaha Steaks, “America’s Original Butcher” since 1917. For meat-lovers, this website is a one-stop shop where you can get everything from top cuts of meat to seafood, and even sides, seasonings, desserts, and wine. A family run business started by immigrants from Latvia, Omaha Steaks ships around the country from their headquarters in Nebraska.

While you can certainly find nearly anything you’d want from Omaha Steaks, their best deals are their “value-packed feasts” that come with shipping included. At $149 their most popular package, the Ultimate Gourmet Assortment, comes with filet mignon, top sirloin, pork chops, jumbo franks, stuffed sole with scallops and crabmeat, potatoes, caramel apple tartlets, and seasoning — basically enough for a small army, as my mom would say. Other packages include the $129 Stock Up Assortment that’s totally relevant for right now, including sirloin, burgers, chicken breast, and meatballs, and a much-needed wine and steak combos that start at $84.99.

Omaha Steaks also sells wine and snack gift baskets that might be the perfect surprise for a loved one quarantining alone or across the country right now.

4. Perini Steakhouse

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

In Texas, Tom Perini’s “Texas Cowboy Cooking” is basically the kitchen bible—and the cornerstone of every holiday I spend with my family in rural West Texas. But if you don’t feel like whipping up your own masterful meat creation, the Tom and Lisa Perini will ship you precooked delicacies straight to your home from their restaurant, Perini Ranch Steakhouse, in Buffalo Gap, Texas (population 463).

At $125, their mesquite smoked peppered beef tenderloin is the easiest meal you’ll make all year. Simply remove from the freezer, thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours, and then serve at room temperature with horseradish sauce for a world-class dinner. Seriously, people from all over the world head to humble Buffalo Gap, and it makes sense considering the incredibly friendly family has served presidents, world leaders, and celebrities. But since we can’t travel right now, all you have to do is head online.

5. Snake River Farms

Another farm offering extremely high quality meat—at a premium price—Snake River Farms offers up tons of options including assortments with American Wagyu, Northwest beef, Kurobuta pork and more. Using only Northwest livestock derived from 150 miles of the farm, Snake River feeds their animals a balanced diet of “forages, grains, and local renewable feeds like potatoes.”

For a quick order, look to their most popular box options: The American Wagyu Steak flight, $176, with filet mignon, ribeye, sirloin, and more; American Wagyu Staples, only $99, with top sirloin and ribeye; or the totally packed Steak Lovers Collection, $255, comes with plenty, plenty, plenty of the farms best 21-day aged beef. You can also individually add items, like ground beef, and all selections are shipped in eco-friendly packaging that is, in parts, recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable.

6. Rastelli’s

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

What started as a small local butcher in New Jersey, Rastelli’s has grown into an empire that ships responsibly raised meat with no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics around the country. Though Rastelli’s doesn’t offer pre-packaged boxes, here you can order individual items one time or sign up for repeat deliveries and get 5% off the price.

What makes Rastelli’s a great fit for a family is that you can easily get products the whole family will love, including ground beef and chicken breasts, plus options like Faroe Island salmon fillets, pork chops, and more. And if you have someone looking for a meat alternative, Rastelli’s even offers a plant-based chicken made from soy.

7. Porter Road

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

When it comes to online-based butchers it doesn’t get any cooler than Nashville-based Porter Road. A cult-favorite butcher in Music City, Porter Road decided to expand nationwide after realizing that their friends and family outside of Nashville weren’t getting the same high-quality beef they perfected: non-GMO fed beef dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days, among other rigorous standards.

Porter Road has a variety of subscription boxes you can order from, starting with the $70 Grill Master Box with steak, burgers, and bratwurst links. From there the boxes get bigger and more expensive: at $95 the Beef Box comes a variety of dry aged beef (boneless ribeyes, NY strips, and more) while the $125 Beef + Pork Box has 8 pounds of meat (boneless ribeyes, NY strips, ground beef, pork chops, and bacon).

8. Vital Box

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

Okay seafood-lovers, this box is for you. Founded by seasoned fisherman Randy Hartnell, Vital Box captures “the fresh-caught quality of succulent, sustainably harvested Alaskan salmon and northwest Pacific seafood by cleaning and flash-freezing it within hours of harvest.” This means you can have world-class seafood even if you live hours from the nearest ocean. Boxes are delivered the second week of every month so you know you when your fridge will be stocked.

Starting at $129 the Wild Salmon Box comes with 14+ servings of salmon burgers, dogs, sausages, smoked salmon, and more. The Wild Fish Box, at $169, comes with 15+ servings of wild salmon, halibut, cod tuna, sole, and sablefish, but the salmon cuts mentioned above. Neither of the previous two boxes include shellfish, but the Wild Seafood Box does, plus 17+ servings of salmon, fish, and more for $199 per box.

9. Goldbelly Bacon Subscription

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

If you’re a bacon fiend, it’s time to sign up for Goldbelly’s $59 monthly bacon subscription service. Some of the bacon that’s shipped in previous boxes included Nashville’s Loveless Cafe Southern Bacon Sampler, extra thick cut bacon from Brooklyn’s Peter Luger Steakhouse, and even James Beard Award winning bacon. Boxes are announced on the 15th of every month and each box contains 3-5 pounds of bacon. Perfect for you or a gift, this box will keep your breakfast game strong or add the perfect topping for a burger, bloody mary, or you know, a snack to Ron Swanson style.

10. Carnivore Club

10 amazing meat subscription boxes to try

Carnivore Club wants you to “live vicariously through your mouth,” which, I hope you do since your mouth is, well, part of you. But to put their motto to the test you should probably order one of their boxes of premium artisanal meats that include snackable cured meats like Italian Salumi and South African Biltong. For $39.99, the Classic Box comes with a wide assortment of meats, and the April 2020 box included Prosciutto, Sliced Jalapeno Uncured Salami, and more from Zoe’s meats. At $24.99 the Snack Box comes with jerkys and other small meat-based snacks to munch on all day long.