10 Awesome Beds

1. The Hamburger Bed

The Hamburger Bed

If you love a good burger, you would love this bed. It is round and the box spring is tan like the bottom of a hamburger roll. The mattress is covered with a dark brown sheet that resembles a hamburger. There are blankets on the bed that look like lettuce, cheese, and the top of the hamburger bun. Inside are two pillows that resemble the pickles and the tomatoes. This is a fun and creative bed.

2. The Roller Coaster Bed

The Roller Coaster Bed

If you love roller coasters, then this is the bed for you. There are two flat areas which is made for sleeping. The sleeping sections are only wide enough for one person. If you are half of a couple, this may not be the best bed for you. The rest of the bed is hills and slides just like a roller coaster. The bed won’t bring you up the hills the way a roller coaster would, but is it still a really fun bed.

3. The Cinderella Carriage Bed

The Cinderella Carriage Bed

This bed would be every little girl’s dream. It looks just like the carriage that Cinderella took to the ball. It has a four steps to climb to get into the bed. The bed is covered with silk sheets and there are silk drapes that come down from the windows. On the roof of the bed are beautiful, elegant lights. This bed will make any little girl feel like a princess each time she climbs inside to go to sleep.

4. The Body Shaped Bed

The Body Shaped Bed

The mattress on this bed is pretty crazy. It is in the shape of a person sleeping on their side. You can see the outline of their head, arms, their bent knees, and even their feet. The headboard and the foot board look just like what you would find on your average bed. Unless you sleep on your side with your knees bent, this bed wouldn’t be the best for you. It is quite unique though.

5. The Amazing Bunk Bed

The Amazing Bunk Bed

This bunk bed would be any child’s dream. Not only are there stairs with plenty of storage that go up to the bed, there is also a fun slide to get down the off the bed. Down below, there are two couches to sit or lay down, with a restaurant style table in between. Any kid would love to have this bed in their room.

6. The Lodge Bed

The Lodge Bed

If you love a rustic look, this would be the greatest bed for you. It is a traditional bunk bed with two beds on top of each other. There is a ladder made out of wood. The top and the back of the bed are also made of solid wood. On the ceiling is a rustic looking chandelier. This setup is absolutely amazing. You will feel like you are vacationing in a rustic cabin in the woods each time you go to bed at night.

7. The Blueberry Bed

The Blueberry Bed

This is the best example of beds you won’t believe exist. If you love blueberries, this is the perfect bed for you. It is made of foam balls that are all stuck together, and they resemble blueberries. The foam balls on the outside have black strings hanging from them that resemble the stem. This bed actually looks quite comfortable. There is no need to put down a sheet since it would cover up the blueberries. A nice blue blanket to cover up with at night would work nicely.

8. The Wicker Bed

The Wicker Bed

If you like your privacy when you sleep, this is the bed for you. It is the shape of an egg and it is made of wicker. There is one big hole in the front so that you can climb in. On the sides, there are two small windows to get some light inside of the bed. It is high enough so that you can sit up inside the bed. If you are short enough, you might even be able to stand up inside the bed. This bed will take up a great deal of space, so you will need a very large bedroom if you are going to buy it.

9. The Nest Bed

The Nest Bed

If you have ever looked at a bird in its nest and you were jealous of how cozy it looks, this is the bed for you. It is a round bed that looks just like a bird’s nest. It is full of white pillows that resemble eggs. It also has green pillows that look like grass inside of the nest. To give the bed the full effect, a large light is positioned above the nest to make it look like a heat lamp. This looks like one of the most comfortable beds in the world.

10. Mountainside Capsule Bed

Mountainside Capsule Bed

If you don’t have a fear of heights, this could be the perfect bed for you. You get out to the bed through a tunnel that sits on the side of the mountain. When you go out of a hole in the mountainside, you go into a capsule that is suspended on the side of the mountain. The capsule is completely transparent, therefore, you have a 360 degree view of the mountains around you. You can also see through to the ground. It is a great bed for anyone who loves extremes.