10 Beautiful Cars Ruined By Women

Luxury cars are surely a privilege to own, and those lucky enough to refer to them as their “babies” surely appreciate their value. They love them, care for them, nurture them, and primp them up to look their best. They’ll enhance them with fresh paint jobs, bodykits, rims, and accessories. Most car enthusiasts are extremely good at this. They’ll take a beautiful car, put in some love and dedication and turn it into a spectacular car. However, there are some car lovers out there who have crazy imaginations and it leads them to ghastly places. Places where it’s okay give your car eyelashes, or paint it revolting colours or vinyl wrap it with horrid patterns. Although both men and women are guilty of these absurdities, this list is dedicated to women and girly-inspired embellishments that completely ruined beautiful cars.

If someone has enough money to spend on one of these bad girls, they’ll probably have enough money to make it look absolutely ridiculous too. The owners of the following vehicles spent way too much time playing with Barbie cars as kids and not enough time appreciating nice rides. Aside from that, we have some brats on our list too. Ladies who don’t appreciate nice cars to the point of physically destroying them.

We’ll be the first to admit, although this article lists “ruined” cars, a few of them are actually pretty neat. But, the cars who do not fall into those few are enough to make any car enthusiast cry and then stab their eyeballs out.

10. Pretty Jeep


Jeeps are often known for being rough and tough off-roaders. Tons of women have opted for them which totally rocks. However, this woman took her pretty Jeep and made it look pretty cheap. When we say cheap, yeah sure it looks like a tacky car, but it also kind of looks like a cheap call girl. Not only did the owner give her jeep a Barbie-esque paint job, but she added terrible eyelashes onto it too— yes, car eyelashes.

As you may have noticed in parking lots everywhere, these car eyelashes are actually a thing, and apparently a big thing. They are sold in 92 different countries around the globe and have brought in around $3 million.

Car lovers are all for making their rides look good with some fancy accessories, but car eyelashes? Really? If you’re interested in making your car look like a pageant queen, you can get a pair of these glam embellishments for around $30 at a store near you.

9. Not So Classic Mustang


It took a lot of work to ruin what was once a beautiful classic 1967 Ford Mustang. It’s almost unrecognizable as a Mustang with it’s ugly pink and silver paint job, unnecessary blocky body modifications and missing emblem. It’s like this woman intentionally wanted negative attention for her whip. “Before” photos of this car are heartbreaking. In its prime this beauty was actually a coupe and looked like a real muscle car with a clean white paint job.

Pictures of this customized Stang shocked car enthusiasts everywhere when it started making its rounds on social media. Users on Reddit were downright angry. “This should be a felony,” said one user.”More like life in prison,” replied another. One user even had the death penalty in mind, “We should execute them by dropping the car off of a 20 foot building onto their head.” Don’t mess with Stang lovers, people!

8. Snooki’s Escalade

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, was known for a lot of things on the reality TV show, Jersey Shore. One of those things was her outrageous Jersey style, giant hair, and her wardrobe filled with animal prints and wacky colours. Not an aspect of her life was spared when it came to this style of hers, including her showy Cadillac Escalade. The ride was equipped with hot-pink ambient lighting, hot-pink rims and other hot-pink accents everywhere. The back of the truck where it should read “Escalade” Snooki had customized to read “Boss Lady”. For one more girly touch, she also added a Hello Kitty sticker to her back window.

Although the truck may be hideous, it actually sold on eBay for a staggering $77K! It was originally listed for $20K but Snooki fans kept the bids going up and up. Snooki added one more customization before saying goodbye to her ride, a white-inked Snooki autograph on the hood with a little heart dotting the “i” of course.

7. Six Second Smash At The Dealership


We all know the stereotype that women are bad drivers. We also all know that this isn’t true, but unfortunately this lady gives all women drivers a bad name. Six seconds into a test drive at a Mercedes dealership was all it took for one woman to ruin a beautiful Benz GLE 350— a $60K car.

In the blink of an eye the test-driver of the Mercedes had it completely flipped onto its side. She is thought to have mistaken the gas pedal for the brake pedal *face palm*. She sent the car launching forward, and if it wasn’t bad enough that she destroyed the Benz, she also smashed into four other cars including her own Hyundai crossover. Perhaps it’s a sign that she wasn’t quite ready to enter the realm of luxury cars. Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the roll-over. You break it, you buy it? We hope not for the woman’s sake.

6. Phony Prince’s Louis Vuitton Phantom


What rich person doesn’t love themselves some good ol’ Louis Vuitton. A handbag, perhaps? Some shoes, sure. Maybe some accessories too. But this luxury car owner took things to another level, a disturbing one. They took their Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe and turned it into a Louis Vuitton advertisement.

What screams “RICH” more than a Louis Vuitton logo covered Rolls-Royce Phantom? Although this car gives off a very princess-y vibe, it is in fact owned by a Prince of some sort. This rainbow coloured LV Phantom is owned by German businessman Prince Marcus von Anhalt (not of any actual nobility). He certainly doesn’t seem like one to be humble about his wealth and here’s the twisted reason why: He actually bought his prestigious name for around $2 million as an adult by paying to be adopted by the von Anhalts and bear the name. It was a very odd thing to do but according to his ride, it seems to have worked.

5. Cheater’s Audi R8 Smash-Up


Infidelity is never okay, but here’s one rule of thumb: If you own a fancy sports car, don’t cheat on your wife. If losing your marriage isn’t enough to hurt you, maybe losing your $130K ride will be! The owner of this fancy red Audi R8 clearly did not know what he was getting himself into when he decided to have an affair. Or maybe he just thought he would never get caught.

At first glimpse, one might think this Audi was involved in some sort of traffic accident. But, a closer look reveals this wasn’t an accident at all. The entire exterior of the car was scratched with some sort of handheld instrument from front to back. Every window was smashed out along with exterior lights. The wife even took out her rage on the interior to be sure the car was totalled. She smashed up the dashboard and speedometer, she tore open the leather seats and ripped out all of the electrical equipment. She even scratched in a few loving words on the back of the car: “F*** you” and “Kiss my A**”.

4. Angry At An Audi


This woman took her bad mood way too far and onlookers were there to capture it all on camera. She’d received a beautiful and expensive gift from her husband, a brand-new Audi Q7 worth about $100K. As it turns out, she didn’t like it. She allegedly thought it was too small for family use. Instead of politely explaining this to her husband (which let’s face it, wouldn’t be polite at all seeing as he just spent a fortune on her) she decided to have a temper tantrum instead and completely destroy it.

With an audience of confused pedestrians, this woman took some sort of object and began smashing the Audi repeatedly. She broke the windows, scratched the doors and even smashed up the interior. What does she care, right? She didn’t buy it. We sincerely hope the husband gave himself a gift in light of the tantrum— a divorce!

3. Paris-y Pink Bentley


Would we expect anything less from the Barbie Girl herself, Paris Hilton? Back in 2008, she bought herself a $200K pink Bentley Continental GT. The pink-ness ranges all the way from the rims to the interior. But that’s not all, of course she had to have some bling too. The car has Paris Hilton touches all over it. The front emblem and rims are diamond-studded with “PH”s. Although it’s eight years old (a century in rich people time) Hilton still owns her Bentley. She brings it out the odd time when she’s not taking one of her other seven luxury rides for a spin.

It is surprising, but also not, that Miss Hilton would want such an eye-catching car. It’s not surprising because as everyone knows, she loves attention and the paparazzi chasing her. But, it is surprising because another thing everyone knows is her driving record. She was arrested in 2006 for driving under the influence of alcohol. And well, we have two words for that pink Bentley: Jail bait.

2. Crystal Lamborghini

Now, this entry all depends on how you view “ruined”. Although it’s not your typical looking exterior, we have to say this is pretty incredible. Japanese parts manufacturer, LYZER displayed this feminine work of art at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. The Lamborghini Murcielago is totally decked out with scissor doors, a luxury pink interior, pink and purple ambient lighting and covered from front to back in white and pink Swarovski crystals.

We can’t imagine the amount of time and effort that went into the feminine transformation of this luxury car. It’s certainly fit for any girly-girl who enjoys the finer, more sparkly things in life. Too bad it’s only a demo, although it’s probably for the best. A blinged-out thing like this driving down the street would definitely be an eye-catcher. Maybe even to the point of being illegal? “Sorry officer, I didn’t mean to hit that pedestrian. I was blinded by that giant disco ball in front of me.”

1. BAPE Bugatti


This entry is a circumstance where a company took a love for their brand way too far. They took this Bugatti Veyron and turned it from beautiful to bogus. A Bathing Ape or BAPE is a Japanese streetwear brand. Their signature (almost similar to camouflage) design is what you see on this unfortunate pink Bugatti. Staying true to the Bugatti two-toned rule, they have BAPE pink and purple side panels along with bubblegum pink hood and rear panels.

Bugattis are as luxurious as cars come and range anywhere from $1.7 million to $2.7 million. It’s no wonder they attract the rich and famous who love to show off their wealth. Notable Bugatti owners include Simon Cowell, Birdman, Lil’ Wayne, The Game and Flo Rida who sports his with an interesting paint job as well— gold chrome. Why would anyone want to take a car like that and Barbie-fy it? We have no idea.