10 Celebs Who Are Attractive But Dress Like Hobos!

Here's something weird. Back when the world made sense, celebs would take their millions and spend them on looking fabulous. Hiring a personal stylist and having them jet around the world with you? Not a problem. Spending $19,000 on hair, makeup, and nails for a single appearance? Mariah Carey showed us the way with that one. In a world filled with designer boutiques (and the budget to empty them in one go), some high earners are nevertheless turning their backs on their appearance. They may live in marbled mansions with infinity pools, but they look like they couldn't afford the rent in a trailer park.

Boho chic has done pretty well. Fringed sweaters and free-flowing dresses look great on Selena Gomez, fashion icon Alexa Chung, and Zendaya. They even looked acceptable back when stylist Rachel Zoe was dressing the rich and famous (and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were still actually young). These looks were casual but still cool, and they made a laissez-faire outfit look stylish rather than lazy. However, these stars are straight-up going for a full-on lazy look that is anything but flattering. There's a line between looking bohemian and looking downright homeless. These 10 attractive celebs just crossed it, and it is not a good look.



In a rags to riches story that started with humble beginnings, Mila Kunis has come a long way from her Ukrainian roots. Alongside her family, she moved to the US as a kid, and the family arrived in Los Angeles with only $250. With those good looks and boss acting skills though, Mila found fame, plus plenty of cash. Transitioning from That '70s Show, she moved to the silver screen, starring in blockbusters like Friends With Benefits and Black Swan. She also raked in a whopping $15.5 million in 2017, taking fifth place in the list of the world's highest-paid actresses. While she graces endless magazine covers, owns the red carpet, and has a healthy Instagram following, Mila's street style is anything but glamorous. If she isn't wearing sweats and bland colors, she's hiding behind hoodies, and they sure don't look new. We get that you're a mom of two, Mila, but come on. Give us some clothes to match that face, already.



Being a Kardashian makes you Hollywood royalty. Despite being "famous for being famous," the rise of all things K has earned these ladies some serious cash. It is not surprising then that they're rarely seen without their designer bags and shoes. As Khloe Kardashian anticipates the arrival of her baby girl (due soon), this mom-to-be is at a really exciting stage in her life. We might forgive her for wearing this wardrobe towards the end of her pregnancy, but these shots were from early 2017. If she was expecting, she was probably too early along to even know it. Sure, the Kardashians have their own style. Her sister Kim is often seen in ripped denims from her husband Kanye West's Yeezy line, but Khloe is looking all kinds of wrong here. White fur slides with a camouflage jacket? Those sweats? We thought being a multi-millionaire meant you could afford an iron. Apparently not.



You'd think raking in the millions from The Twilight Saga and countless roles since would get a beautiful, young actress to dress well. Not for Kristen Stewart. Despite earning a reported $34.5 million in one year alone, this actress insists on leaving the house looking like she doesn't have a dime to her name. Everyone has the right to rock the casual look. But when you're the face of designer brands like Chanel and Balenciaga, dressing like you live in a thrift store is kind of pushing it. Kristen is virtually unrecognizable in this shot where, clearly, she's aiming for "low profile." We guess that's what you get for starring in a movies called What Just Happened and On The Road. Kristen, we were just about on board with your drastic haircuts, but seriously. Your fashion sense is just awful.



Oh, look. Another Disney star who made it huge. Miley Cyrus has earned millions from her acting and singing career, and over 70 million of us follow her on Instagram. The Hannah Montana star is selling albums like they're going out of style, but what about her own style? Well, firstly, she grew up. She's dyed her hair, shaved some of it off, and developed a bit of a punk image. Still, is that an excuse to dress like a total hobo? These two outfits may have her signature imprint, but the more you look at them, the more you wonder. Is that imprint a statement saying "I need food stamps and government welfare?" Not only was Miley the highest-paid woman in music (according to Forbes' 2014 rankings), she's raked in an estimated $76 million in endorsements. That second outfit in particular makes us wonder – did she even spend $76 on all of it?



Seriously, what happened to you, Lindsay Lohan? There's no denying you've gotten yourself a bit of a reputation for being a wild girl, but you've got a healthy bank balance, overall. Lindsay has tried to pull off boho-chic, but there doesn't seem to be a day this Hollywood wreck doesn't look like a literal train wreck. Remember young Lindsay? She was more than pretty. An adorable face, cute freckles, and a million dollar smile that meant she had a lot going for her. While she isn't the most responsible with her money, and her fluctuating earnings have made headlines, even us regular earners manage to look decent in the street. Is it that hard to find a $20 t-shirt, shorts that actually match, and a pair of shoes that don't look like they were made two centuries ago? Guess the answer's a no for Lindsay.



Here's another celeb who doesn't seem to have learned a thing from her roles. Vanessa Hudgens shot to fame in Disney's High School Musical. Isn't high school a place where peer pressure makes you want to look good? Okay, so a lot of us get it terribly wrong in high school. But this actress has climbed the ranks in both fame and fortune, so why is she still dressing like a homeless person? Her Instagram sure suggests she's stylish. But stepping into the street dressed like that? Sorry Vanessa, that outfit doesn't cut it. Nor do the mustard yellows and badly cut jackets you insist on accessorizing your jeans with. Most markedly (and sadly), they really don't match that pretty face.



This Hollywood icon's good looks have been turning heads for decades. A bona-fide A-lister, Johnny Depp is known for his unusual roles, and they don't come without their benefits. He was the highest paid actor of 2012, with estimated earnings of $75 million. While his statement accessories include trilby hats and checked blazers, the mix and match look isn't exactly stylish. This pic of him is eccentric, to say the least, but it's also bordering on homeless. Scuffed shoes, ripped jeans, a button coat, and a beanie hat? Really? The scarf looks like something out of Sienna Miller's wardrobe, so remind us. What exactly was going through your head before you left the house, Johnny? While this actor stays true to his rebel roots, would it hurt to take a small slice of those insane earnings and hire a personal shopper? We're willing to do it for you, here.



Girl-next-door looks have helped Britney Spears a lot. They hit us with a bang in 1999 in the music video for hit track, "...Baby One More Time," and she's earned millions from her record sales, TV appearances, and endorsements. Britney was never the classiest of ladies, and that's fine. Her fashion choices at award ceremonies have received their fair share of criticism, but we're looking at her street style, here. Getting photographed once or twice looking a mess is acceptable. Looking like you live on the street, though is a different matter. You'd think escaping your trailer park roots for a luxe Hollywood lifestyle would mean upping your game, fashion-wise. But, nope. Messy hair, army pants, worn-looking tanks, and an obligatory Starbucks drink are Britney's style. Unfortunately, those words don't quite fit the word "style" – nor, incidentally, does releasing a fragrance called "Radiance" when you're looking anything but. Freshen up, Britney!



Suave looks and effortless charm have earned this Hollywood heavyweight an absolute fortune. Movie, Titanic propelled him to international fame, and he's been landing top roles ever since. Considering he's also been romantically linked to a number of supermodels (including Gisele Bündchen and Bar Refaeli), you'd think Leonardo DiCaprio would've picked up a few fashion tips along the way. While he looked impeccable in movies such as Catch Me If You Can and The Wolf Of Wall Street, Leo's actual style is the polar opposite. Baggy sweats and a sometimes dishevelled face have proven quite shocking in street snaps of him. In this one, he looks like he had to settle on whatever Old Navy were getting rid of. You spend your days on yachts, Leo. Don't they come with a closet?



Artistic expression has earned Keanu Reeves millions, and there's no denying his handsome looks have played a role in making him the rich dude he is. He became a household name thanks to cult movie franchise, The Matrix, plus a string of others and TV shows. Keanu's street style involves a lot of black and denim. Nothing wrong with that. As photos like these emerged though, and an unkempt appearance made him indistinguishable from a tramp, the world started wondering. How can a guy who's earned close to $100 million from one movie series alone look so unbelievably broke? Well, it's reported he gave over $80 million of that away to special effects and makeup staff. Kudos to him, for that. But doesn't that leave Keanu with over $20 million for himself? Here's a suggestion, Keanu. Hit up a clothing store. Doesn't have to be Gucci. Just, you know, somewhere we'd shop to look good?