10 Crafts You Won't Believe Started At The Dollar Store

Cheap never looked so good.

Plate Art

Inspired by a pricey display at Anthropologie, this clever crafter took some artistic license with a bunch of plain white plates — and the result is striking.

Rope Basket

A black plastic basket wouldn't normally fit so well in a serene bedroom. But wrapped in rope, it transforms into chic storage.

Painted Mirrors

Plastic frames get a charming Old World look when painted in chalk paint (a cure-all for many DIY projects).

Patterned Tablet Case

Sometimes it seems like the only thing pricier than today's technology is all of the accessories you need to go with it. Here, a cheap case gets an upgrade with some sweet fabric.

Lacey Throw

A group of felt snowflakes mimic the look of a crocheted throw that you can easily display year-round.

Monogrammed Vase

Simple glassware abounds at many dollar stores, but with a simple etching treatment, you can create a piece that looks custom.

Colorful Cake Stands

When paired with a simple plate, a candle stick (disguised with bright spray paint) makes a handy base for normally expensive kitchen accessories.

Pantry Storage

A decorative (and functional) label turns inexpensive glass jars into an organizational masterpiece.

Garden Gift

With a sweet message, this dollar store watering can turns into the perfect end-of-year present for your kid's favorite teacher.

Mini Gold Planters

Formerly juice glasses, these petite pots are more proof that gold spray paint can make anything look luxe.