10 Female Wrestlers Who Are Banned From WWE (5 Who Refuse To Join)

10 Female Wrestlers Who Are Banned From WWE (5 Who Refuse To Join)

Thankfully, these days, if you don’t make it with WWE there are always other alternatives elsewhere. It is a great time for aspiring pro wrestlers with so many options worldwide.

However, WWE will always be the dream scenario for so many males and females. In this article, we’ll cover which Divas won’t be reliving that dream, as these wrestlers are pretty much unofficially banned from the company given past experiences, whether it be lawsuits against the company or just bad blood in general.

On the flip side, we’ll also feature women that turned down the company. Some decided to keep on working their craft elsewhere, while for others, the timing might’ve simply been off.

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15. Banned - Terri Runnels

Terri won’t be invited for a special RAW Reunion show, at least for the foreseeable future. In late May, she made the headlines for all the wrong reasons getting arrested at an airport in Florida for carrying a loaded firearm!

WWE wants to stay away from all things controversial – also factor in that her ex-husband is working for the competition, a return seems highly unlikely.

14. Banned – Gail Kim

Time and time again, Gail Kim has taken shots at Vince McMahon for his treatment towards the women’s division. Heck even most recently, she blasted McMahon for his treatment of Kurt Angle and his farewell match.

Given all her past comments, surely she won’t be invited back – nor does it feel like she wants to return.

13. Refused – AJ Lee

It is believed that Vince McMahon tried to make a huge splash at last year’s women’s Evolution event. The word backstage is that Vince contacted AJ Lee for a surprise appearance, though ultimately the former Divas Champion declined.

On the bright side, both sides are on decent terms and a return down the road doesn’t seem to be out of the question.

12. Banned - Debra

She was among the more popular Divas during the Attitude Era. Some fans want Debra in the Hall Of Fame given her past contributions, but that’s less likely to occur.

The biggest reason she's blacklisted though, is the way things ended off between herself and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Debra made several remarks of Austin being aggressive with her behind the scenes. This made WWE distance themselves from the former valet.

11. Banned - Jazz

She was a big-time underrated piece to the puzzle during the late stages of the Ruthless Aggression era. Jazz was a perfect fit and a great heel in the ring.

She’s still wrestling today and some fans wonder why she was never brought back. A lot of that has to do with the fact that Jazz filed a class-action lawsuit against WWE for brain-related injuries. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2018 – though WWE doesn’t forget.

10. Refused - Sable

Sable remains the biggest mystery. She left WWE in the early 2000s and despite the fact that she’s married to the company’s WWE Champion, she has never been seen backstage or returned for a special appearance.

Now according to the dirt sheets, this is because Sable wants to separate herself from the business and only focus on her family life away from the spotlight.

9. Banned - Sunny

In this day and age, given WWE’s global power, a wrestler’s reputation is everything – it can make or break a career or the chance of a comeback.

For Sunny, it has definitely hurt her cause. Since leaving WWE, she was arrested multiple times, not to mention taking on X-rated projects. Heck, she even sold her Hall Of Fame ring online for some extra bucks.

8. Banned - Dawn Marie

Dawn’s WWE departure would lead to a lengthy court battle behind the scenes – this might be the reason for Dawn Marie never being welcomed back.

She would take the company to court following her release while she was pregnant. Marie sued WWE on wrongful termination which also caused emotional hardships. The court battle finally got settled a year later in 2007.

7. Refused - Tessa Blanchard

She made the bold decision to exit WWE after the Mae Young Classic. Admirably, Blanchard decided to gain more experience away from the company – though she would admit that both sides speak regularly.

Tessa would surprise fans in 2018 when she signed a deal with Impact, and she also recently joined AAA Worldwide.

6. Banned - The Kat

WWE really pushed the risqué button with former WWE Diva Stacy Carter. Although her career with Vince’s company was a short-lived one, she still managed to make quite the impact.

According to the word backstage, she was let go because of her attitude behind the scenes. She would also split with WWE color commentator Jerry Lawler. Those are two big factors as to why we haven’t seen much of Carter.

5. Banned - Zahra Schreiber

WWE gave this former NXT recruit the cold shoulder following some controversial tweets from the past. She deleted the social media messages, though it was too late.

Things would continue to go south when she started dating Seth Rollins, a relationship that came about through infidelity. All this leads us to believe she won’t be featured on WWE programming.

4. Refused - Kacy Catanzaro

We’re still not quite sure as to what the future holds for the NXT star. She’s clearly loaded with talent, though she would decide to retire most recently because of injury.

WWE doesn’t want to let her go at the moment as her career appears to be in limbo. Who knows if she’ll refuse to return and how this situation plays out?

3. Banned - Sexy Star

In truth, we really can’t think of many wrestling promotions that would invite Sexy Star. She damaged her reputation completely, shooting during a match and endangering her opponent.

She’s at least putting those submission skills to good use these days, recently joining the world of MMA.

2. Refused – Rosemary

Rosemary was on the other end of that brutal shoot from Sexy Star. Rosemary got lots of love from her colleagues following the ordeal.

Turns out, it was enough to lure her towards WWE. Rosemary stated she’s more than content with her current status as a member of the Impact roster.

1. Banned - Kharma

Her WWE run ended up being a complete bust. Making matters worse, she’s now working for the competition, making a surprise appearance at an AEW PPV.

Clearly given all of this, she won’t be a part of WWE at any point, even when her AEW contract comes to an end. We assume she isn't losing any sleep over it, however.

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