10 Google Tricks – Cool And Hidden Secrets Search List 2018 #Part 1

This article is about hidden, Cool Google tricks and secrets, starting with a brief Introduction of google search tricks.

Everyone know that Google is the best search engine among all search engines. So, Google is having many useful tricks and secrets inside it. There are so many tricks and secrets in google that will blow your heart and mind. let’s show them in a calm fashion.

I have figured out the best and great search term with which you can be seen the google magic tricks and secrets by just copy and pasting it in the google search engine.

Don’t worry. I will describe all methods properly.

Just do these settings:

Go to > Settings > Search Settings > Google Instant predictions > Never show Instant Results


Google search tricks and secrets list is here:

1) Google Calculator:

You can search the term “calculator” to see this google tricks and secrets.

Google is the very good browser in solving problems for people. They have added this so that people can do calculations without leaving to any external links.


2) OK Google:

Now this is one of my favorites because I can search anything without touch my keyboard at all by just saying “Ok Google“, To enable this you have to click on Microphone sign in Google Search engine bar.

Enjoy this feature if you do not enjoy while typing.


3) Google Sale:

You just have to search the word sale with any e-commerce website, such as, “Flipkart sale”, ” Amazon Sale”,”mobile sale” and so many other online stores.

This is a great option because sometimes we have limited money to buy something:

you could buy the best product with sale price quickly, This is one of the great and best Google tricks that I have seen.


4) The Distance between Cities and Flight Between cities:

You can search this by just typing: “Delhi to Manali”, Just replace the two cities with the city you want to see the distances and flights.


5) Get Definitions:

You can just get definitions of any keyword by just typing “Define Love,”

Now replace love with any keyword and see the google trick.


6) Google Live Webcams:

You can watch the live CCTV camera footage of many areas, This is great time pass and enjoyment too,

You can do this just by typing Live Webcams and then search for I am feeling Lucky button.

Before doing this tricks follow my tips at the starting of the article to change google search settings.


7) Find Sports Schedules:

If you are a sports lover then this is very nice google secret for you, Just type “football schedule”, all the football schedule is there on your screen.

You can replace football with any other sports.

By replacing the schedule with a score you can also get live score also.


8) Find Name of Movie Actor:

This is an awesome google trick that you can use to find all-stars in any movie by just typing “Cast: Furious 7″

In place of furious 7, type any movie you wanted to.


9) Google Number Speaker:

If you are unable to speak any word than google can suggest you,

To do this you have to type “44446=English”, You can replace it with any number and any language.


10) Do Conversions:

If you want to convert from any degree, distance and any other dimensions than this google trick are for you,

You just have to type”cm into inches”, “meter into feet” and “Dollar into INR”, or any maths dimension, currency or anything else.