10 Gorgeous And Creative Flower Bed Ideas

When the weather gets warm, a smattering of flowers and plants gives your outdoor space a springtime feel. With their pops of color and texture, flower beds easily shake the winter dullness off of your home. This list of 10 beautiful flower bed designs can help transform your yard from boring to “wow!”.

Whether you want to plant flowers, herbs, vegetables, or shrubs, there are pretty flower bed ideas here list for you. If you think plant beds are for grandmas and country cottages, think again! Flower beds don’t have to be boring or predictable. On this list you will find gorgeous floral layouts, unique planters made from repurposed household objects and designs using fun props.

From old suitcases to antique cauldrons, all it takes is a little creativity to show your personality through your garden! There are also tons of simple and easy to make projects, too. There are even ideas for raised beds so you never run over your plants with the lawn mower. Never fear if you have a small yard; simply try one of the vertical flower bed decorations on this list. It’s time to find your favorite bright and sunny flower bed ideas!

1. Perennial Flower Bed for Summer-long Blooms

Perennial Flower Bed for Summer-long Blooms

A flower bed filled with perennials is just the thing for blooms that last the entire summer then return year after year. Try a bed with a serpentine border dominated by pink begonias edged with smaller white begonias. Break up the pink and add height with discreet plantings of boxwood, miscanthus grass, barberries, day lilies and tall, orange canna lilies.

2. Tree Base Flower Bed with Rocks

Tree Base Flower Bed with Rocks

Liven up the space beneath a favorite tree with a circular bed made of large cobbles. Fill the inside of the cobbles with gardening soil and plant a wealth of different colored coleus, pinks and bizzy lizzies. A plant such as veronica tucked in between the other plants cools down the hot colors a bit and adds texture.

3. Side Yard Flower Bed for Small Spaces

Don’t neglect the side yard! Plant bizzy lizzies in a flower box and around the edge of a modest foundation bed. Contrast their pink and white blossoms with plantings of deep green hosta lilies. Though hosta lilies are mostly planted for their foliage, now and then they send up spires that bear small, lavender, violet or white flowers.

4. Pretty Repurposed Tree Stump Flower Bed

Pretty Repurposed Tree Stump Flower Bed

Old tree stumps are hard to dig out, so why not use them for a flower bed? One idea is to add pelargonium in the center surrounded by orange and gold nasturtium with variegated leaves — nasturtiums, by the way, are edible — and deep purple bellflowers. Plant some pelargonium, bellflowers and ornamental grass around the roots for a perfect balance.

5. Flower Shaped Floral Garden Layout

Flower Shaped Floral Garden Layout

Why not have a flowerbed shaped like a flower? Plant pink begonias for the petals, blue forget-me-nots for the center and a prostrate green plant such as Hacquetia for the curving stems. Scarlet impatiens tucked into a curl of sky blue spring gentian add a lovely accent. Make sure to keep everything trimmed and tidy.

6. Rustic Hollow Log Flower Bed

Rustic Hollow Log Flower Bed

A hollow log also makes an excellent flower bed. Shovel in some gardening soil and fill it up with cheerful flowers such as daffodils, pinks, blue and white phlox, blue irises and red gerbera daisies. The sword-shaped green leaves of these flowers contrast with the softness and brightness of the blooms.

7. Tile Deck with Built-In Flower Beds

Tile Deck with Built-In Flower Beds

A homeowner who is thinking of adding a deck should think about one with built in planters. In this case, the deck has a tile floor, but planters can also be built into decks made of wood. These beds delight the eye with pure white roses contrasted with purple lavender and butter yellow sundrops.

8. Side Yard Plant, Flower, and Herb Garden

Side Yard Plant, Flower, and Herb Garden

It’s perfectly acceptable to mix ornamental flowers with herbs, as long as they can be planted together. Try chives and different species of basil along with hosta lilies, heuchera, hen and chicks and ornamental grasses. Strategically placed round cobbles give the bed a certain gravitas. Their hard, rough brown surfaces go well with the soft green of plants and herbs.

9. Raised Block Flower and Plant Bed

Raised Block Flower and Plant Bed

A raised bed made of pre-cut blocks and pavers makes tending to the plants easier, especially if the gardener is getting on in years. Plant some ornamental grasses, turf lily, chrysanthemums, asters, thrift and perhaps a small, ornamental tree. Like the garden mentioned above, a vegetable or herb can be added. Don’t forget the garden gnome.

10. DIY Tree Flower Bed Tutorial

DIY Tree Flower Bed Tutorial

Plant a rock garden around an old tree. Make a bed with broken rocks, and plant masses of mauve colored aubrieta, creeping phlox or other alpine flowers that are made for rock gardens. Tuck in some small-leafed ivy to break up the mauve a bit and contrast with the hard gray of the rocks.

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