10 Incredible Ways Cats Try To Say They Love You

Your cat cannot speak the language you do and thus cannot say they love you the way you must have done a hundred times. This, however, does not mean that they do not love you or that they are not trying to express. Cats do try to communicate their emotions for you in their own way, and this is something you have so long missed noticing. So to make your bond even stronger we shall now share a few things, that if your cat does, you instantly should know they are trying to say, ‘I love you!’.

10. Try to knead your legs

Try to knead your legs

Many a time your cat must have used their paws to push out against your lap. If you have found this amusing but strange, be happy, your cat is trying to show his love for you. It is said that if a cat is curled up and while you are petting him he tries to knead your lap, he is saying he loves you as much as you do. Though this can be painful, as the happier he gets the harder he will try to dig his nails on you, but a little pain in love is welcome, isn’t it?

9. They start bunting

They start bunting

Yet another unique cat behavior is bunting, the strange way they head-butt you. You may find this behavior odd but this just shows how much he loves you. As per experts cats have some secret glands on some parts of their bodies like heads and cheeks. So, whenever your kitty rubs his face or head against you, he is just marking you with his scent and accepts you as part of his family.

8. Brings you gifts

Brings you gifts

If your cat brings you a dead rat, this is something you surely would not like. But understand the deeper meaning attached to it. Cats are hunters and anything the hunt be it bugs, toys, frogs or a rat, they share their hunting with who they love. So, if they are bringing a present for you, no matter what it is, they are doing so because they love you.

7. Their tail tip starts twitching

Their tail tip starts twitching

If you observe a cat’s tail carefully you can quite easily understand what kind of mood they are in. If their tail puffs out, understand that either your cat has just fought or is scared of something. However, if their tail is straight up and only the tip of the tail is twitching then this is their way to tell you are precious to them and they adore you.

6. They stare and blink at you

They stare and blink at you

Usually, cats will not hold a long eye contact with any animals or people. However, when it comes to you, who they consider a part of their family, they will not mind maintaining an eye contact ever. This is because they trust you completely. If you notice your cat is staring at you and then blinking slowly they are simply saying they love you.

5. They lick you

They lick you

Though you may find it a little rough when you kitty licks you, just like dogs they do this to show they love you. Only people who are very dear to them will get this special treatment. So, if you actually are being licked by your cat consider yourself super lucky as your little baby loves you as much as you do, if not more.

4. The unnoticed cat talk

The unnoticed cat talk

The vocabulary of cats is not that bad after all. They purr, they hiss and do a lot more. There is also one sound that they make which is quite like a chirp and is high pitched. You perhaps must have thought they do this just to demand their favorite food or something, but this is actually their way to say how much they adore you, and by going high-pitched they are indeed trying hard to make you understand their emotions.

3. The love purring

The love purring

Cats purr when they feel content and happy. Some cats purr so loud that it can be difficult to bear. They purr when nursing their babies or when they want to calm themselves down. They also purr when they lie out in the open and are enjoying the sun. However, there is a special purr that is full of rumble and it is reserved for special occasions when they are smiling and want to say they love you.

2. They start nipping

They start nipping

When your cat starts nipping at your fingers gently, do not get mad as they are just trying to show their love for you. You may find it painful but your cats do not understand this. Remember, love can be painful, so cherish enjoy this painful joy. Cats are the cutest animals in the world.

1. Keeps following you

Keeps following you

If your cat just wants to be around you all the time, be sure they love your company. If you notice your kitty following you from one room to another, or jumping on couches and tables just so that they can be near you, it just shows she loves you so much that she wants to be close to you always.

Now that you are aware of these signs, do watch out for them, and whenever you notice them next, you have full rights to be overjoyed as your cat did tell you they love you in their own sweet and special way.