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10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

Fun, fresh, and downright gorgeous, these bathroom ideas are sure to inspire your renovation plans.

When you're looking for bathroom ideas, whether for a remodel or a new build, it can be tempting to stick to the norms. Subway tile on the walls, penny tile on the floors, and a double vanity in standard-issue grey, perhaps.

While there's nothing wrong with convention, don't let it stifle your creativity. Just because the bathroom is a functional space, doesn't mean your bathroom design can't be a showstopping feature in your home. For a master-class in how high-style bathroom design is done, we turned to trendsetting Brooklyn-based interior design firm Chango & Co, known for fresh, fun interiors that feel bold, while still maintaining roots in classic style -- even in the bathroom.

Here, we've rounded up 10 of our favorite bathroom design ideas from Chango & Co. that are chic, fun, and refreshingly new, and that are sure to inspire you to level up your bathroom renovation plans.

10 gorgeous bathroom ideas from Chango & Co.

From sink to tub, and floor to ceiling, you'll want to find a spot for these pretty and practical ideas in your bathroom.

1. Spruce up your sink

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

Who says your bathroom sink has to be standard ceramic white? Painting the outer bowl of an exposed trough sink is a great way to add a pop of color without overpowering your space. Selecting a sink color that is found elsewhere in your bathroom, like the subtle blue in the floor tile, will help unite the elements. An added bonus: a trough sink will allow you to sneak double-faucets into a small room, which would be just right in a kids Jack-and-Jill bath.

2. The perks of using wallpaper

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

If these walls could talk we’re sure their story would be something magical. An eye-catching wallpaper like this oversized botanical print, used in an Austin bathroom, can give the space serious wow factor. Using an interesting texture like the blue-green shiplap and a great source of light like the storybook windows to contrast the wallpaper creates a floor-to-ceiling design that feels both energizing and relaxing.

3. A refreshing take on the feature wall

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

The idea of an accent wall may not be new, but when it’s designed out of stone, we are onto something novel. This marble-textured wall gives the illusion of water trickling down the slab, creates a stunning focal point in the bathroom. By framing the soaking tub using the width of the accent wall, the bathroom is transformed into an inviting oasis that beckons for both kinds of bubbles. You don't need room in your budget for a single slab of marble to get this look, either. A marble-look porcelain tile or colorful ceramic version would do the trick.

4. Break the mold

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

Standard bathroom designs usually have sharp corners and four walls. If you can make the space, be bold and incorporate another shape, like this circular stand up shower. The spherical design, wide windows, and tall ceilings really opens up the space making it seem even larger than it is. With multiple shower heads on the ceiling and wall, it’ll be easy to forget that you’re in your home shower versus a five star spa.

5. Play with 3D art

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

Liven up your bathroom by adding three-dimensional art to your walls like these animal figurines in a Westchester County, New York kids bath. Using art that has vibrant colors and fun shapes is a great way to add a playful touch to a family or children’s bathroom. And it just might make the kid’s washroom routine a bit more enjoyable.

6. Breaking the fourth wall

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

Nothing beats natural lighting and a good dose of fresh air especially in a bathroom. If positioned in an area of privacy, like this Hamptons bathroom, instead of using large windows why not open up the whole wall? Placing your bathtub right in front of the door will bring the sounds and smells of the outdoors in with every soak.

7. Choose patterned bathroom floor tile

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

Patterned tile is a big trend in bathroom design and we can’t get enough of it. Tile companies have started coming out with more and more options that turn your floor into a work of art. A creative way to make your floor distinct is to artfully lay out your tile to create your own pattern. Or, got for tile in a cheery color, like the one pictured here.

8. Add in bold accent colors

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

For a bold spin on the farmhouse look, choose an eye-catching element in your bathroom, like this ample storage vanity and give it a dose of color. The richness of the red is brought out by the otherwise neutral palette with elements like the grey tile, white shiplap walls, and black and white finishes. An extra touch of the same red in the light fixtures make this bathroom magazine ready.

9. Barnyard meets bathtub

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

One of the best ways to design any room? Find an inspiration piece you love, and build around it. The simple, yet elegant design of this trough tub is timeless and worthy of the spotlight. Plus, it makes perfect sense in an upstate New York farmhouse. To recreate the farmhouse bathroom look in your space (even if it's not on an actual farm), stick to earthy and neutral colors, add in some rough-hewn wood, like the rustic exposed beams, and keep art and decor to a minimum.

10. A fresh & clean neutral palette creates a soothing space

10 jaw-dropping bathroom ideas from Brooklyn firm Chango & Co

While color can infuse energy and personality into a bathroom design, there's also something to be said about a bathroom with a neutral palette. To give your bathroom a fresh and clean feeling everyday, play with bright neutral colors like the ones pictured here. The variety of crisp, white and grey tones of the furnishings, tiles, and paints make for a striking bathroom. Stainless steel fixtures are the perfect finishing touch.