10 Odd Looks Of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, the world's favorite Instagram Queen, never ceases to shock us with her bizarre fashion choices. As a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie has grown up before the eyes of the world. Time really flies when you think about Kylie Jenner and her appearance in her family's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It's true that all eyes have been glued to her since the moment she first appeared on the show.

Now that she's all grown up and pretty, we can certainly say that she looks nothing like her old pics. Originally, Kylie may not have planned to become a huge celebrity, but it’s clear that she enjoys being a celebrity. It's no secret that Kylie Jenner owes her popularity to her momager and sisters, who just never leave the limelight. However, Kylie surprised the world when she decided to launch a makeup collection and become more independent.

Now that Kylie has amassed millions of followers on Instagram, it's starting to look like her Instagram reign won't let up anytime soon. Whether she goes out for a run or attends another glamorous event, Kylie always makes the headlines with her atypical fashion choices. Although she's no stranger to the high-end fashion brands, Kylie often misunderstands the idea of elegance and grace. And to solidify this statement, we've gathered 10 odd looks that prove how even Kylie isn't always perfect.


If there's one thing that's true about Kylie, it's that she's tried all shades of the rainbow. Well, it's not that she's lost her sense of style, but Kylie often misunderstands what fashion is all about. Although her fans have seen her in gorgeous gowns, which must've cost a fortune, Kylie also has the habit of looking basic. From her tight dresses to neon yellow hairstyles, Kylie sure needs some professional guidance. Why does she prefer to look odd rather than elegant and classy? Well, that sounds like a riddle that even her older siblings won't be able to solve. From blue undertones to bright neon yellow, Kylie's choices in wigs have raised some eyebrows.


Kylie is apparently quite fond of the idea of bringing out the best in her outfits. The 20-year-old star loves showing up in eclectic clothes which often accentuates specific areas. Although we understand her desire to look attractive and beautiful, Kylie's approach to fashion is often quite odd. And this picture can serve us as an example of her extreme ideas to stand out and be different.

Perhaps Kylie believes that her provocative attempts to look attractive are successful, but in reality, it makes her look a little unstylish. So instead of rocking this pair of ripped jeans, Kylie should've opted for a less extravagant look. Well, it's still possible that she loves being the talk of the town, so she might have grabbed those for a reason.


At first, Kylie's dress may seem like her most beautiful and dazzling choice ever, but it only looks like that. As she showed up at the glamorous Met Gala in 2016, Kylie had all eyes glued to her Balmain gown embellished with crystals. Although it was a custom-made gown designed by Kylie's most favorite fashion house, it failed to distract us from those extremely sharp crystals. Those sparkly gems may be any woman's dream red carpet look, but they turned out to be much sharper than you think.

Ironically, Kylie's dress offered an incredible design with sharp crystals, which probably turned her night into a nightmare. Kylie's dress was abundant in razor-sharp crystals that left her with a few pretty rough-looking cuts. Also, her fabulous shoes were so tight that they turned her feet purple. She later uploaded a picture to prove the pain she had to go through.


When Kylie Jenner goes for tight-fitted jeans and plain t-shirts, she looks gorgeous. However, we can't say the same thing when she tries to outshine her sisters. Although it's understandable that a young woman like Kylie wants to look stunning in every outfit, she should probably calm down when it comes to her casual style.

It's always a good idea to put on a pair of high-waisted jeans and balance the look with a chic, cropped top. However, all of the Jenner and Kardashian members rarely skip the chance to add some extremity to their style by showing lots of skin. This time, though, Jenner showed us only a slither of skin, as she opted for lots of denim to create this daytime outfit. And as you can see, it's neither exciting nor extravagant, and that's the problem. It turns out that Kylie's style runs on both sides of the spectrum: it's either too extravagant or too indifferent.


This dress is one of Kylie's most curious looks so far. While the rest of the looks are just weird, this dress is a pretty odd fashion choice. It may cost thousands of dollars, but it sure looks like a piece of cloth embellished with a handful of cheap beads. Most celebs just can't understand that beauty is about looking stylish, classy and elegant, and not the other way around. Her red carpet looks and casual outfits haven't evolved much since her teen years. In fact, Kylie Jenner had a simpler yet more charming approach to fashion before she rose to huge prominence. But with time, comes wisdom. She is someone who likes to take risks with her fashion, which is great. But it doesn't mean it always works out, which is also OK.


As a preteen, Kylie's fashion choices might have been quite conservative, but these days are long gone. Today, Kylie Jenner shares almost nothing with her preteen years, as she now looks more like her older siblings. There was one specific period in Kylie's life where she perfectly replicated Kim Kardashian's hairstyles and street style.

Remember Kim Kardashian's unforgettable days as a stunning blonde? When Kim had her hair dyed blonde, she completely changed her image. In fact, Kim's rapid hair transformation was indeed a positive change at the time. Understandably, Kylie also wanted to look gorgeous as a blonde, so she probably rushed to the beauty salon to try out Kim's fantastic hairstyle. But was it the smartest decision to replicate somebody else's style and lose your identity? Apparently, Kylie wants to try out every shade of the rainbow, and that certainly includes blue, yellow and even green.


Kylie Jenner isn't short of ideas when it comes to her hair color. She's been through different hair color phases, most of which were bright, but Kylie really caught us off guard when she showed up looking like this. Who could've thought that Kylie was such a bold lady who isn't afraid of new fashion challenges? Most of them are some quirky, bizarre choices but at least she's trying to be more experimental. Although we thought that there's a few colors that even she wouldn't try, and it turned out that we were wrong. There were indeed a few green shades that she apparently wanted to wear. She picked a brand new green shade with some extra shiny, blunt strands, leaving all of her fans baffled.


Remember the days when Kylie used to strut down the street wearing grungy-inspired items? She really used to be a cool kid who walked around in age-appropriate clothes. But, somehow, Kylie turned the page on her grungy days, as she focused more on building the image of a bombshell. Maybe this was when she said hello to her new, edgier self. Even though Kylie also kills it on the red carpet like her sister, Kim, she still makes silly fashion mistakes like this one here. Somehow, her hair looks like it hasn't been properly styled. We seriously doubt that Kylie was the initiator of this hairstyle here. It almost seems like Kylie has rushed out of the house because her hair was still pretty much wet. Perhaps she was in a rush to greet the photographers, so she just forgot to return to the hair salon. Seriously, this hairstyle is literally Kylie's worst look.


Before she rose to prominence, Kylie Jenner was indeed quite a charming celeb teen who loved her hoodies with printed culture figures. But as she grew up, Kylie somehow fell out of love with her comfy sweaters. She soon began to grow fond of more extravagant clothes and footwear. Instead of going for a more simpler, monochromatic wardrobe, Kylie still loves the concept of being experimental with her street style. Sadly though, Kylie doesn't always make the best impression with her bizarre combinations sometimes. Maybe the fact that she grew up surrounded by camera men marked her youth and style. But in comparison to her teen years, Kylie had a much more classic approach to fashion.


For the pop-up shop launch in New York, Kylie Jenner had the bright idea to show off her eye-popping orange hair that only proves how little much she loves to experiment. Instead of alternating between shades of blue, orange, green or god knows what else, Kylie should probably try the more elegant, stylish side of life. The same goes for her regularly daring dresses, which accentuate too much her hourglass figure. Launching a store in New York was indeed a significant step in her business. However, she also needs to do something about her colorful and bright hairstyles which doesn't really make her look like the mega successful business woman that she is.