10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

During Apple's Steve Jobs era and even earlier, Apple was known in the digital world for many iconic and innovative products. Many of them have become indispensable to our modern lives. For example, the iPhone series, which has quickly caught fire around the world since its first launch in 2007, has even changed the way we live our lives.

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

Going back further, with the equally iconic iPod redefining the portable music player and the smartwatch becoming a fad with the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015, many of Apple's products are symbolic in the tech world. However, many people don't know that in addition to these products that are famous today, there are also mugs, umbrellas, T-shirts and the first commercial digital camera mentioned below, which will make you think that Apple is not so high and mighty and small.

Of course, with the development of Apple, many products are difficult to find traces even on the network again, but if you do have, then congratulations, these products are now almost all collector's item level.

Apple QuickTake

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

People always praise Apple's innovation in the cell phone world, but few people mention Apple's innovation in the digital camera world; in fact, Apple was the first company to launch a commercially available mainstream digital camera. By forgoing the need to carry a separate data processor, this 1994 digital camera - with its compact design and sub-$1,000 price tag - made digital cameras affordable to the average consumer. It has a fixed 50mm equivalent focal length F/2 lens, optical viewfinder and LCD display.

Although not well known today, the existence of QuickTake paved the way for the digital dumb cameras we now commonly see. Unfortunately Apple did not invent the imaging technology, but it is undeniable that Apple brought the digital camera to commercialization with this gadget. It can be said that its innovation with QuickTake laid the foundation for Apple's leadership in camera technology on the iPhone.

Apple Swiss Army Knife

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

The Swiss Army knife here is not about how comprehensive the iPhone is, it is literally - a multifunctional army knife made by Apple, a product that is now quite rare.

It was designed by Apple in collaboration with Victorinox, the Swiss brand that makes many common Swiss Army knives around the world. It can still be found occasionally on some foreign shopping sites, so if you see it, don't hesitate to buy it. Not only will you get a real collectible item, but with it, you can also put a big X in some scenes, such as unboxing videos.


10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

It's been more than five years since the Apple Watch was launched, but it was the Apple Wristwatch that was the favorite of many smart product collectors around the world before the concept of a smartwatch was introduced.

This Apple Watch is certainly not as smart as it is now, but at the time, it was already very interesting. It has the same elegant design that Apple has always had, and is a match for the latest Apple Watch in terms of design style. It may not track your steps, but it can display the time as effectively as any other watch (talk about crap).

Contrast with the current Apple Watch, which has the advantage of - no need to charge, quite retro, speaking of retro.

Macintosh 128k

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

1984 was quite an important year for Apple. It was during that year's Super Bowl that the Macintosh officially appeared in the world. Without wasting any time on specs or "boring" numbers, Apple's commercial had a clear message: "Think differently", pitting a young, enthusiastic tech startup against the old giant IBM. Directed by acclaimed Alien and Blade Runner director Ridley Scott and starring famous athlete Anya Major, the unveiling ad broke all records and hit the Apple of today with a bang.

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

Beyond the commercials themselves, the Macintosh was a truly remarkable product for its time, helping to usher in the world's popularity of the home PC. Users could interact with the machine through what was then a "revolutionary" graphical user interface, rather than typing code into a boring command line. Compared to its predecessor, it also made computing available to the average middle-income person, in addition to a price tag that still seems expensive today at $2,495 (equivalent to $6,215 today, isn't that an Apple price). Despite this high price, it sold 70,000 units within its first few months on the market, a remarkable achievement at the time, according to market figures.

Mickey Mac Club Badge

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

Can you imagine Apple and Disney still cooperating? Mickey Mouse got mixed up with the fruit technology giant in the early 90's and it was originally made for the Macintosh user group at Walt Disney Studios. The main function of this discontinued badge was its price tag. It is a truly rare collector's item and the ultimate pursuit for Apple badge collectors. This little pin now has a collector's price of over $5,000.

It was produced by Bruce Gordon in 1991, when he was the creative director of Walt Disney Imagineering, and was intended to be given away to Macintosh users at Disney Studios. However, Disney management did not like the idea of their "unique" mouse endorsing other commercial products, so the badge was quickly withdrawn and renamed "The Mac Club". As a result, these early badges are very rare today.

苹果IIGS "沃兹版"

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

The other "Steve" of the Apple duo, Steve Wozniak, was the engineering wizard behind the first Apple computer. To commemorate the 10-year partnership between Wozniak and Jobs, Apple Computer decided to produce 50,000 limited edition Apple IIGS computers, each with Woz's signature engraved on the front.

The Voz version was released in 1986 and discontinued in 1993. If you have enough money, you can still buy it now.

The TAM (20th Anniversary Macintosh)

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

Speaking of anniversary products, a decade later, TAM was made for "the big 2-0," which stands for Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. TAM debuted in 1997 and marked a huge milestone in the company's history. The company did not advertise this product, and with a price tag of $7,499, this special edition is one of Apple's most expensive products ever, and even today, it can be considered one of the top most expensive products.

Given that this was a huge milestone product for Apple and one of the first projects Sir Jonathan Paul "Jonny" Ivey worked on with the company, the engineers came up with a unique and iconic design. The machine features two Bose speakers as well as a satellite subwoofer. Another unique aspect of this machine is the startup beep, which you won't find in any other Apple product today.

Various daily necessities

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

The 80s was certainly a very "milky" time for Apple lovers. After washing their faces in the morning, Apple lovers could wipe their faces with an Apple towel, get dressed, then go to the kitchen and get a cup of coffee from an authentic Apple coffee mug. Then they can put on the aforementioned Apple Wristwatch and walk out the door. If it's raining outside, grab an Apple Umbrella. All of these products mentioned above were available in the mid to late eighties.

Apple has also tried its hand at fashion - including sweatshirts, windbreakers, shirts, sneakers, and even a children's line. Its scene can be imagined when you think about the millet that now fills the streets.

Apple Red Mac Pro

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

It goes without saying that Apple products are expensive. However, this red Mac Pro is a bit outrageously expensive - $977,000, you read that right is 977,000, or dollars.

It is undeniable that the average price of Apple products is much higher compared to products from other hardware manufacturers. Whether this price difference is justified will always be a point of debate in the tech world. But a product that sells for $977,000 commercially is also too outrageous.

The Red Mac Pro - designed exclusively for a 2013 charity auction by Apple's own industrial engineering superstar Jony Ive, along with engineer Marc Newson - still holds the title of the most expensive computer in history and the world's only official Red Mac Pro.

The Pippin @WORLD

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

As rare as finding The One Ring, Pippin is Apple's first attempt at establishing a gaming platform. It is a set of consumer multimedia entertainment technology platform, a multimedia game console produced in partnership with Japanese gaming company Bandai and manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric.

Pippin @WORLD is an entertainment game console produced specifically for the American market and released in 1996. With it, users can send friends through pippin, consumers can browse the web, email, and use interactive games and multimedia CDs. it can also create, print and save color documents.

10 Rare Apple Products That Could Be Collectibles, Topping Out at $970,000

But Pippin was a commercial failure for both Apple and Bandai. For one thing, there weren't many games released for the console at launch, and most of the system's games were only released in the Japanese market. Games were difficult to land outside of Japan, and having only an Internet browser, an email application and a few other less-than-useful productivity apps was not enough to make it a commercial success in the United States. Bandai eventually withdrew from the partnership, and Pippin ceased to exist.

As an aside here, the original Halo game was actually made for an Apple commission, didn't think so.

Since Apple was founded in 1976, it has produced a wide range of products that we all know and use today. Most of these products are available online. While on the other hand, many of Apple's older products are now so rare that they have become highly sought-after collector's items that are rapidly appreciating in value.

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