10 Strange Looking Yet Awesome Home Flooring

1. Rubic’s Toilet Flooring

Colorful and creative! This cool flooring will make everyone jealous and all your friends will want a bathroom like this one!

2. Pennies Flooring

Do you collect pennies? Here is a great way to use them creatively and show them to everyone! Looks awesome, right?

If you don’t feel so adventurous, you can create a beautiful design using small size or mosaic tile. It looks especially great on the floors of small bathroom spaces or walk-in shower stalls.

3. Leather Belt Flooring

You have never seen anything like this before! This floor is made from leather belts! It’s so unique and creative and it will give the room rich and luxurious look.

4. Glass Floor

If you’re lucky enough to live over a creek, then you have to have glass flooring! It is always weird to walk on glass, but you have to admit that this looks amazing!

5. Wine Cork Floor

Cork floors look beautiful and they feel great underfoot. Its a wonderful sound insulator, and is a favorite flooring material to use in bedrooms, or children’s play rooms. Cork is also an eco-friendly flooring material, so you can feel good about installing it. The owner of this wonderful floor definitely likes to have wine-tasting parties. How would he collect all these wine corks otherwise?

6. Brick Floor

This awesome place is located in Belgium and it is a home residence and an art gallery at the same time. Who would have ever thought of using bricks as a flooring material? And yet it looks amazingly beautiful!

7. Drawings on a Kitchen Floor

Perhaps the artist in you has been waiting for this one? The owner of this apartment was sick of his old and boring wooden kitchen floor, so he decided to cover it with white self adhesive vinyl. After that, he doodled all over it and got this cool result!

8. Polished Mixed River Pebble Tile floor

Perfect floor for a bathroom, don’t you agree? According to manufactures of these tiles, each pebble is carefully selected and hand-sorted according to color, size and shape in order to ensure the highest quality pebble tile available. It’s interesting how you can’t see where one tile ends and another begins. Awesome!

9. Beer and Soda Caps Flooring

This unique DIY floor was made entirely from beer and soda caps. How cool is that? If you like this, you can do it yourself!

10. Optical Illusion Floor

Hands up if you would like to have this in your own apartment! Who wouldn’t like this?? This optical illusion will mess with your brain, but it looks so awesome.


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