10 Surprising Scenes Actors Refused To Film (And Why)

Interesting reasons though!

When Penelope Had To Hide Her Body In The “Pirates Of Caribbean 4”

While shooting 'Pirates Of Caribbean 4' Penelope was pregnant. So every time she had to show her body, she felt less comfortable. Her sister had to be filmed in her place which went well due to their striking resemblance.

When Alyson Hannigan Could Not Bear The Smoking Habit Of Her Co-Star In “How I Met Your Mother”

They had to make out a lot of times and Jason Segel had a very bad smoking habit. This made Alyson uncomfortable and she started avoiding intimate scenes!

When The “Blade: Trinity’s” Main Casts Had Issues With Wesley Snipes

If your co-star keeps smoking pot the entire day, you'll obviously have problems with him!

When Emma Watson Stormed Off the Sets Due To Channing’s Disgusting Break Dance in “This Is the End”

Channing Tantum thought his break dance moves will impress Emma but they in fact annoyed her to an extent that she walked off the sets. Later, when she had to be intimate with Tantum, she chose to quit instead!

When Lena Heady Faced Difficulty in Pacing The “Walk Of Shame” In “G.O.T”

They say Lena was pregnant and hence she was apprehensive about doing this scene!

When Michelle Rodriguez Had To Deceive Her Love In “The Fast And The Furious”.

Legend has it that makers decided to introduce a love triangle in to the film, with Michelle being a slut in it. She thankfully talked producers out of it!

When Kirk Cameron Had To Get Extra Intimate With A Girl For “Fireproof”

Let's just say that Kirk is an exceptional husband. He completely refused to get intimate with someone and producers had to had bring in Cameron’s real wife as a co-star for filming intimate scenes.

When Nina Dobrev Refused To Get Intimate With Her Ex In “The Vampire Diaries”

There's just one justification here. No one will be ready to get intimate with their ex's.

Leonardo DiCaprio In Django Unchained

Leonardo was a very evil slave owner in the movie. There was a scene which was so racist that he refused to do it altogether!

Nataile Portman in Your Highness

In one specific scene, Portman was asked to strip down to a thong and jump into a lake, but she refused to do so. Turns out that the lake was too cold!