10 Things You Need To Stop Doing!

10. Brushing Teeth from Side to Side

If you brush your teeth from side to side, you’re doing it the wrong way since this method won’t let you remove the bits of food that are stuck between your teeth. The correct technique is to brush in small circular motions to get in between the gaps of your teeth.

9. Squeezing Your Pimples

Doing this can make your pimples infected and just make the problem worse. It can also damage your skin and result in permanent scarring. If you want to make your spots less noticeable, use the right acne cream to get them under control without irritating your skin.

8. Drinking Water While Standing

You might not think much about doing this, but it’s actually not good for your health. This is because, when you drink while standing, the water splashes into the lowest part of your stomach and disturbs your bodily fluids. It’s also believed that your body doesn’t properly absorb water and the nutrients it contains if you drink it while standing.

7. Picking Your Nose

This isn’t only gross but is also dangerous for your health. By picking your nose, you might end up damaging the major arteries that are located in it, which can lead to a nosebleed. You’ll also introduce a wide range of bacteria and other microorganisms to your nose, which can cause infections.

6. Mindlessly Posting Photos of Your Kids

If you’re a parent, you most likely love taking photos of your children and uploading them onto social media. Unfortunately, this isn’t always safe since the internet is full of strangers, some of whom might have impure thoughts and intentions. At the very least, the photos you take might cause embarrassment to your kids when they grow up.

5. Cleaning Your Ears

Using cotton buds to clean your ears might be a part of your daily hygiene regimen, but it’s actually not advisable. This comes from the fact that cotton buds can push earwax deeper into the ear canal and cause damage to the eardrum. Anyway, you don’t need to clean your ears because earwax shouldn’t be removed since its main purpose is to lubricate and protect your ears.

4. Storing Tomatoes in Your Fridge

Tomatoes must be stored at room temperature for them to keep their natural flavors. Putting them in your refrigerator can affect their enzymes which, in turn, can make them lose their taste and turn bad at a faster rate. Take your tomatoes out of the fridge to keep them flavorful and make them last for longer.

3. Showering and Shampooing Too Often

If you’re one of those who shower and shampoo their hair once or twice a day, it’s time to stop now. Doing this will remove the natural oils in your hair, which forces your body to increase the oil production in your scalp and make your hair even greasier. Instead, shampoo your hair every two days (or more if your hair can take it).

2. Crossing Your Legs

Doing this makes you look more elegant, but it’s actually harmful to your health. This comes from the fact that crossing your legs adds more pressure on your vascular system and can lead to varicose veins. It can also raise your systemic blood pressure, which can cause a wide range of health problems.

1. Peeing While Standing

There’s probably not much you can do about this if you’re a man, unless you’re willing to change your peeing habits. Still, it’s worth knowing that sitting down when peeing makes it easier for your bladder to move liquids out of it. This, in turn, reduces your chances of developing urinary tract infections.