10 Tips For Microwave Cooking

10. Melting Margarine

Melting Margarine

Margarine can be melted in the microwave at high heat for just one minute. This is better than letting it stay in the air for hours or risking it burning on the stove.

9. Revitalizing Potato Chips

Revitalizing Potato Chips

Those who want to restore the crunchiness of potato chips can do so in the microwave. Put in the chips together with paper towels and the moisture will be sucked by the towels. Even brief heating can restore the crispiness with ease.

8. Freshening Stale Crackers

Freshening Stale Crackers

It’s not just chips that can restore its crispiness in the microwave. Even stale crackers and cereals can benefit from this trick. There’s no need for paper towels. Just have them placed in the microwave, heat it for about 30 seconds, and everything goes back just like they were freshly bought.

7. Rehydrating Stale Bread

Rehydrating Stale Bread

Stale bread can be rehydrated inside the microwave by wrapping the bread slices with a damp kitchen towel. Place both inside the microwave for 10 seconds of high power heat and you should get results. If not, do the same procedures for another 10 seconds until you get the desired softness.

6. Defrosting Non-soggy Sandwiches

Defrosting Non-soggy Sandwiches

It is usual with frozen sandwiches and baked goods to get soggy when reheated in the microwave. To avoid sogginess, wrap the sandwich with paper towels. You’ll see the moisture stick on the towels instead of having the water stay on the bread’s surface.

5. Making a Fast Scrambled Egg

Making a Fast Scrambled Egg

You can cook tasty scrambled eggs in the microwave for 3 minutes. In a mug, beat eggs with salt, cheese, and herbs if you like. Place the mug in the box at high heat. When you hear the “ding”, prepare for an instant taste of amazing.

4. Drying Herbs

Drying Herbs

Herbs can be dried in the microwave when you follow this tip. Have the herbs placed on a cup with towels in place. Set the heat into high for about 2-4 minutes. Crumple the herbs in the paper towel and everything ends up dry.

3. Baking Mug Brownies

Baking Mug Brownies

Those who crave brownies can make them in the microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds. Have sugar, cocoa, salt, cinnamon, and flour mixed in a mug. After mixing the dry ingredients, pour in the wet ones like water, vanilla, and oil. Mix everything until lumps no longer appear. Have the mug sit in the micro on high heat until the preferred time. That should do the trick.

2. Cooking Corn on the Cob

Cooking Corn on the Cob

Cooking corn on the cob can be done in the microwave with ease. Cut the lower portion of the cob and place it in the microwave box. Heat it high for about 30 seconds. Once done, grab the upper end of the cob. Shake the corn a bit and you will notice that the corn slides out with nothing but corn and no husk.

1. Peeling Fruits

Peeling Fruits

Having a hard time with peeling fruits like tomatoes and peaches? Just have these fruits stay in the microwave on high heat for 30 seconds. Have it cool down for 2 minutes after heating. Once it cools, you will see the skin gradually peeling by itself. The rest will be simple.