10 Ugliest Cars Ever Seen In The “Fast And Furious” Franchise

The Fast and the Furious franchise roared to life in 2001 and set movie history into motion. The high-speed action featured in the flick set the pace for 7 more movies, and the franchise is going to keep churning out new chapters in future film installments. But it’s the cars that really power this franchise, and that’s why everyone ends up talking about the cars in the movies more than the actual movies themselves.

When you aren’t getting thrilled by all those gorgeous tuners with incredible graphics and powerful engines, you’re being confronted by cars that aren’t so hot to look at. For a franchise that’s known for cars that make everyone drool, there are a whole lot of ugly vehicles in the existing 8 “Fast and Furious” films. They stand out like sore thumbs when they appear, and they’re usually only seen very briefly. But when you take a second look at these ugly cars, you’ll be surprised they were included in the “Furious” movies at all.

These are the 10 ugly cars that stand out against all those other sweet rides in the franchise. Some, we may see again. Others are departed and won’t ever come back to life. But all are ugly, and need vast improvement before they make another movie appearance.


The 2002 Nissan 350Z

The 2002 Nissan 350Z is seen quite a bit in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” but not because it looks great. With this design, the Nissan looks more like a Volkswagen, and those ghost graphics don’t make the body kit blend in any better. It is fast, however, as proven when D.K. (Brian Tee) wins a race with it. It appears later in a scene with Sean and DK, and later the car chases Han (Sung Kang) around. It even races later down Suicide Mountain. The exact car driven by DK in the film was auctioned off in 2015.


87 Buick Grand National

Big, boxy and ugly, this ’87 Buick Grand National looks like an ’87 Buick…and that’s not something to strive for. You’ll see it in the opening scenes of “Fast & Furious,” and car fans will happily point out that it was the fastest car ever produced in its day. Because it was all black, it was known as “the Darth Vader car.” Cool trivia doesn’t make this car any prettier, however. You’ll see in the film when Dom drives it in the Dominican Republic. It’s in the fuel tanker scene. And while it is definitely fast, this is still a Buick and doesn’t fit the traditional mold of cool cars in the franchise.


1972 Gran Torino

Car fans go gaga for the 1972 Gran Torino, but painting it this color is just wrong, wrong, wrong. You’ll see it driving along a dusty road in “Fast & Furious” with Fenix (Laz Alonso) behind the wheel. It’s also featured in multiple flashbacks detailing Letty Ortiz’s life. Because it belongs to Fenix, the Gran Torino appears in multiple scenes. In the film, this is the only car that runs on nitromethane. This car is totally big and bad with an awesome engine to match, and that makes this ugly green shade even more unfortunate. With a better color, this could have been a truly standout car in the franchise.

7. NISSAN 370Z

2009 Nissan 370Z

This is a very plain car you might have missed while Dom and Brian are racing around Rio in “Fast Five.” It becomes part of the collection of cars featured in the movie, and is briefly seen later with Gisele (Gal Gadot). You might not have noticed it. The 2009 Nissan 370Z is a fine car, but in this drab silver and black color scheme it doesn’t really stand out and there are no real big features to love about it. The sleek, agile body style makes it a good racecar, and that’s why this Nissan deserved a lot better than this plain look.


2001 Porsche 996 GT3 RS

This is the record-holding car on Avenida in “Fast Five,” until it gets beaten out by Dom in a different car. Brian O’Conner then drives the 2001 Porsche 996 GT3 RS back to the hideout. It’s not known exactly what happened to the Porsche after the events of the film, but since the original owner helps the crew out later it may have been given back to him. Maybe there’s some fan fiction out there that tells the tale of the Porsche, somewhere. Either way, this definitely isn’t the cutest car ever seen in the films. The blue color is really horrible and the graphics are hardly even worth adding. A different color and some better graphics could have made this Porsche awesome, and that’s why it’s ugly enough to make the list.


1970 Plymouth Barracuda

You’ll see it just briefly at the end of “Fast & Furious 6,” which is good since you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for this 1970 Plymouth Barracuda anyway. The same car appears again at the beginning of “Furious 7.” You’ll see it in “Furious 6” parked in the driveway, right in front of Brian’s Nissan. In “Furious 7,” Dom is driving it with Letty in the passenger seat. She ends up driving the Barracuda at the Race Wars and drives off in it later. The car appears again at the end of the film, but gets pretty damaged. The ‘Cuda is unquestionably a cool car, which is why it deserves better wheels, better paint and great graphics. Without any bells and whistles, this ends up being an ugly car when compared to the rest of the franchise.


1970 Ford Escort

It doesn’t matter what you do to the 1970 Ford Escort, you can’t really make this car cool. No, not even when Brian O’Conner is driving it, which happens briefly in London in “Fast & Furious 6.” It’s purchased by Tej at an auction. Later, Brian is driving it and ends up ramping it off some debris in order to help Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson). No matter how cool the stunts might be, this car is ugly from every single angle. The yellow rims, the blue and white paint — everything looks awful, making this one of the ugliest cars in the entire franchise.


2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STi GH

The 2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STi GH plays an important role in “Furious 7,” which is why it should have been made to look a whole lot better. You’ll see this car on film being driven by Brian right out of a plane and into the mountains. It gets damaged after a quick parachuting scene and is left behind, which is just as well. With or without bullet holes, this Subaru’s paint job leaves a whole lot to be desired and the profile makes it look a little more like a mom car and less like an awesome street racer. The Impreza is the least-modified vehicle featured in the film, and not modded to rally raid specs — hence, the ugliness you see on screen.


1956 Ford Fairlane

The 1956 Ford Fairlane is one of the first cars you see racing in “The Fate of the Furious,” the eighth film in the franchise. It’s being driven by Dom through the streets of Cuba. It’s a cool enough car as far as 1950s cars go, but it doesn’t really fit with the other cars in the franchise and it’s not really a great introduction to a movie that’s largely all about tuners. However, this was the very first Hollywood film sequence to get shot in Cuba in more than 50 years, which makes it historic. The scene is action-packed and interesting, but the cars leave something to be desired.


1950 Chevy Fleetline

It’ll probably be sweet one day, but when we see this car in the film it’s unfinished and completely ugly — though promising. The 1950 Chevy Fleetline is sure to delight old school car fans in “The Fate of the Furious,” but this is far from a good example of how this car could look. It’s being worked on by Dom’s cousin in the movie, and Dom ends up driving it down the Havana streets in Cuba. The car caught attention from movie fans for going 100 mph in reverse, but this is still one ugly vehicle. Maybe it will be reappear in “Furious 9” with all the tricked out beauty it deserves.

The “Fate of the Furious” was released in April 2017. There are two more movies planned for the franchise, but there are no details about Furious 9 and 10. No matter what happens in the story, you can count on seeing lots more cool cars — and a few ugly ones.