11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

It is worthwhile to study and implement how to use the limited vacation time to achieve the purpose of summer vacation and travel, but also to visit the main attractions in a province. The following is an itinerary that I modified from an 11-day summer vacation plan to a tour of the major attractions in Guizhou in the summer of 2018. This itinerary has its gains and losses and is recommended for your reference.

In fact, my original intention was to find a cooler place to escape the summer heat in my area. After looking on the Internet, Guizhou Baili Dujuan scenic area because the travel distance is not too far, coupled with convenient transportation, and there have been several old students in the Baili Dujuan scenic area to stay for the summer, reflecting good, so it became the first choice.

On the first day, my partner and I came from our place where the temperature was more than 30 degrees to the scenic spot of Baili Dujuan in Guizhou, Bijie Dafang Pudi Township, where the highest temperature is 25 degrees and the lowest temperature is 19 degrees, and we felt very good and restful. We met Mr. and Mrs. Wang on the bus, who were also out for summer vacation. We stayed together at the "Huaxi Hotel". We paid 80 RMB/day (breakfast not included).

The next day, the morning of Pudi, it was clear after the rain. The weather during the day was not as cold as last night, when you had to cover up to get it. The contrast from the heat in our land to the cold at night in Pudi was so great that it made people a bit uncomfortable.

We had breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Wang and hiked to the Baili Dujuan scenic area.

11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

We saw the rhododendron forest in the mountains. The green and clear, 10, 20 and even 100 years old rhododendron forest made us feel happy, relaxed and forgetful, and we called it a trip worthwhile. We also thought that if we come in March to April when the flowers are in full bloom, the scenery must be even more beautiful.

Climbing the "Counting Flowers Peak", you can see all the mountains; stepping into the "Pantai Ridge", it reflects all the lovers; walking the colorful road again, the pavilion is at the top of the peak; exploring the "Flower Sea Lantern Festival" at night, the circus and video games accompany you; sightseeing The "military prairie", horseback riding, shooting, cottages, campgrounds, as well as dark clouds, sunshine, rain and wind alternately follow. Have fun.

The tour ended during the day and changed rooms at the same hotel that night because of the humidity in the bungalow room where I stayed last night. Because of these objective factors that are not conducive to a long stay, I based on the overall coolness of the province of Guizhou, our original plan to stay here for the summer modified to the main attractions along the Guizhou Weaving Cave ~ Huangguoshu Falls ~ Xijiang Thousand Miaozhai ~ Lippo size seven holes ~ burning net mountain ~ Loushan Pass tour a circle, that is, along the West ~ South ~ Central ~ East ~ North ~ West of Guizhou, do not go back to travel through Guizhou after returning to The first time I saw it was in Luzhou. My partner was in favor of it.

Day 3, temperature 26 to 19 degrees Our destination today is the Weaving Cave Scenic Area. Four of us, including Mr. and Mrs. Wang, arrived in Weaving County, and because of the high cost of accommodation in the county, we arrived at the "one street" of the Weaving Cave Scenic Area at the Fuxingju Inn (photo below) at my suggestion and stayed there (accommodation 100 RMB/room).

11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

It turns out that my analysis was right, finding accommodation in the Weaving Cave Scenic Area is a little better than in the county. The food and beverage charges in the scenic area are also not too high. Our principle of traveling outside is to keep eggs, fruits, and milk for each person every day in addition to meals, to ensure that we have enough energy to complete the trip.

Day 4, cloudy and overcast 26 to 18 degrees . We visit the Weaving Cave Scenic Area. The entrance fee for one of the Weaving Cave attractions is 140 yuan per person and the sightseeing bus ticket is 20 yuan per person; the entrance fee for the Weaving Grand Canyon attraction is 55 yuan per person and the sightseeing bus and elevator ticket is 60 yuan per person. Both attractions are free of charge with relevant documents, including companionship.

It is true that the Weaving Cave is the king of caves. People who have been there say they have the feeling of "not seeing the cave when they return from Weaving Cave". It is humid and cold inside the cave. However, it is generally said that the cave is warm in winter and cool in summer. Inside the cave, there are halls with a height of more than 70 meters, upper, middle and lower floors, a corridor with more than 6 kilometers of twists and turns, strange peaks and rocks of different shapes and sizes, and a dark river bed that has dried up. It took us more than two hours to enter and exit the cave together with the endless stream of tourists. Weaving Cave is a place well worth seeing.

11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

The Grand Canyon of Woven Gold not far from the Woven Gold Cave. You have to take the 108-meter-deep high-speed elevator down to the bottom of the canyon, then follow the trestle at the bottom of the valley to the "Tiansheng Bridge", cross the dark river inside the cave, and finally take the sightseeing bus to the top of the mountain and return to the starting point at the junction with the Weaving Cave. After touring the "Grand Canyon", I realized that the so-called Grand Canyon is a bit forced, in fact, it is a place that I do not want to go a second time.

After touring the Weaving Cave, we said goodbye to each other and Mr. and Mrs. Wang. We chose to take the train from Weavejin to Anshun (128 km). The running time of the train is 1 hour and 44 minutes. The fare is 15.50 RMB per person (if we take a car, the fare is 35 RMB per person). In the evening, we stayed at the Anshun Railway Guest House in a standard room for 80 RMB/night. It is the former staff guest house transformed and contracted to individuals to operate, with good sanitary conditions, and still retains the old-fashioned warm water bottle for boiling water.

With an altitude of more than 1300 meters above sea level and cool weather, Anshun city is said to have a lot of people from Chongqing and Wuhan coming over to buy houses and escape the heat. The local cost of living is not high, but the food is not too bad.

Day 5, Anshun ~ Huangguoshu Scenic Area ~ Libo, cloudy 18 to 33 degrees . As you can see from the change in temperature, we went from cooler to hotter places.

In order to be able to tour Huangguoshu Scenic Area in the morning today and arrive at Libo Scenic Area in the afternoon, we woke up at 5:00 am and went to Huangguoshu Scenic Area (15.5 yuan per person) from Anshun Passenger East Station, arriving 1 hour later. Scenic area tickets 160 yuan / person, with relevant documents can be free or half ticket. But the sightseeing bus ticket is not free.

Today to visit the Huangguoshu scenic area is overcrowded with tourists, the scenic area has become crowded with people. The swarm of tourists to the originally not too wide swim path completely blocked full, want to go beyond impossible, even to go back is not easy. The scenic area has taken to limit the time and number of people to the waterfall area. We estimated that by the time we got in line to the waterfall area, it was probably afternoon. We had to go back to Anshun to take the bus to Libo on time, so we had to give up the tour and leave the scenic area at 11:30 am when we could see the panoramic view of the waterfall from afar.

11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

From here it can be seen that one is to go out to play must avoid the peak season and peak period, the second is the limited time to be forced to make this next step to avoid leaving regrets. If you have plenty of time, how good it would be!

At 2 pm, we went to Libo (bus ticket price 146 RMB per person). Originally wanted to stay tomorrow morning to go to the size of the seven holes scenic spot, but unexpectedly urban accommodation is also full of people high prices, low-grade hotels are also in 158 yuan / room above, the general 200 yuan / room above. We decided to simply go to the scenic area accommodation, one scenic area may be accommodation is not as difficult as the city, the second tomorrow into the scenic area can also take advantage of the opportunity to enter the scenic area first, unlike today so into the scenic area is difficult, take the sightseeing bus is difficult, into the scenic area to line up for a long time, the main attractions are not close together, photo difficult. So we spent 50 yuan to rent a car to reach the Libo scenic area. Things are indeed as we expected, the scenic area accommodation is not difficult, just shouting prices ranging from more than 300 to more than 200. We stayed in a standard room for 160 yuan per night. The scenic area has a party.

Day 6, Libo Big and Small Seventh Hole Scenic Area ~ Xijiang Qiandu Miaozhai Scenic Area, cloudy 33~21 degrees. We tour the small seven holes scenic spot first and then the big seven holes scenic spot. Tickets are 100 yuan per person for the small seven holes, 30 yuan per person for the big seven holes, and 40 yuan per person for the sightseeing bus. Free tickets and half tickets with documents.

As you can see from the entrance fee, the Little Seventh Hole is a key scenic spot, with water and vegetation comparable to Jiuzhaigou, and a 6.6-kilometer-long trail for visitors on foot. There is nothing much to see in the Big Seventh Hole, except for a not-so-long trail and a boat trip that you have to pay extra for (20 yuan per person for one way).

11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

In the afternoon, we took a bus (150 RMB/person) to Xijiang Qiandu Miaozhai. We arrived at around 7:00 pm. The crowds continued to swarm until after 8:00 pm. The good thing is that the transportation vehicles at the scenic spot kept working and visitors waited in line to get on and off the bus in an orderly manner. The scenic area was full of accommodation. We found a B&B for 260 RMB/night single room.

Day 7 Qiandu Miaozhai ~ Kaili, cloudy 22 to 33 degrees . Entrance fee of Qiandu Miaozhai: 100 RMB/person, sightseeing bus 20 RMB/person. Free tickets or half tickets with documents.

There are attractions in the Thousand Household Miao Village: the ancient street, the Miao Museum, the Miao Hanging Foot Tower, the Miao local customs show, and the Miao Village Long Table Banquet. The scenery and beauty of the village are all in sight. From last night to today, tourists from all directions flocked to the entire Thousand Household Miao Village, crowded by car, crowded accommodation, crowded meals, crowded toilets. We swam until noon to watch the show (free). We were impressed by this scenic spot's Miao Village, ancient streets, museums, and performances of Miao customs and traditions.

11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

In the afternoon, we planned to take the PUTR from Kaili to Yuping and go to Fanjingshan via Jiangkou. In the evening we stayed at the railroad station railroad guest house for 50 RMB/night.

Day 8, Kaili ~ Fanjingshan, sunny 33 to 36 degrees. It was getting light and my partner and I were already in Kaili on the 5.22am k2386 train to Yuping. Our trip was planned to climb Fanjing Mountain, one of the five most famous Buddhist mountains in China and one of the top ten summer resorts in China, located in Tongren Jiangkou.

We arrived in Yuping at 7:30 a.m. and got a direct bus ticket to Fanjingshan at 9 a.m. (66 yuan per person). After 12 noon, we arrived outside the main gate of Fanjingshan Scenic Area. We stayed at a farmhouse inn for 150 RMB/night (with air conditioning).

Day 9 , Fanjingshan Scenic Area, cloudy 35 to 24 degrees . The entrance fee of the Burning Mountain Scenic Area is 110 RMB/person, the transportation ticket is 20 RMB/person, and the ticket is free or half-price with the document.

After buying the tickets, we were faced with the difficulty of entering the scenic area and exiting the scenic area due to the lack of capacity of the scenic ropeway and transportation vehicles, allowing visitors to enter and exit by ticket number in sections. Fortunately, we learned that those with preferential documents could have priority access and we were able to enter the scenic area without any problems.

11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

After entering the scenic area, visitors have two choices, either to buy a ticket and take the ropeway up the mountain, or to hike up the mountain.

Our plan was to hike up the mountain and ropeway down. It took us nearly 6 hours to reach the top. The view of Fanjingshan was very good, especially when we climbed 8,000 steps to the old golden roof, can look at the red clouds golden roof, a gust of wind Buddha face and come, let us seem to see the earthly fairyland: but see the clouds and fog between heaven and earth, from time to time there are haze, blue sky like a wash, pavilions and pavilions hidden, then the hard climbing has shown tired people suddenly cheered, the spirit of multiply, scrambled to take pictures.

11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

Lastly, it was a sprint to the Red Cloud Golden Peak. Red Cloud Golden Peak looks like a pillar from a distance, and the path up the mountain is so steep that you have to use your hands and feet and hold on to the chain to climb to the top. There is a small dove bridge connecting two small platforms with small temples at the top of the mountain, and from time to time, there is a strong wind blowing and people have to struggle to stand firm. It is very cool to stand at the top of the mountain, which is more than 2400 meters above sea level. The mountains are surrounded by clouds, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. It is difficult to go up the mountain, and even more difficult to go down, especially from the red clouds of the golden top down, there is fear of heights is afraid of down. Look, straight, hundreds of meters high road, one side is a cliff, one side is a cliff, straight up and down, you dare? But my partner and I went up and came down, worthy of pride.

11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips11 Days to travel around Guizhou Tips

As the time out of the scenic area is already more than 8 pm, today from the morning, to the queue to return by ropeway (90 yuan / person), the whole day tour plus queue for 14 hours. A little tired but happy to swim.

Day 10, Fanjingshan ~ Jiangkou ~ Yuping ~ Guiyang, cloudy with rain showers 35 to 28 degrees. At 7 am, we went from Fanjingshan to Jiangkou to Yuping (bus fare 45 RMB/person) to Guiyang by the general railway (50.5 RMB/person). We found a family hostel in Guiyang city with a single room for 68 RMB/night, using public toilet and bathroom. Hygiene and safety conditions are good, and it is convenient to travel. It is worth recommending.

Day 11 , Guiyang ~ Luzhou, cloudy with rain showers 27 to 29 degrees . We returned to Luzhou by bus from Guiyang in the morning. Our 11-day vacation ended successfully today. I say "successful" because we were not able to visit Zunyi and Loushan Pass scenic spots due to time constraints. However, we still traveled from west to south to east and then to the middle to north, and basically visited all the best scenic spots in Guizhou. The two of us spent a total of more than 5000 yuan, 240 yuan per capita/day. We had a basic understanding of the mountains and waters of Guizhou, and our travel knowledge was increased, and we were also honed, so we were happy and comfortable. This vacation activity was changed from the initial summer vacation plan to touring around Guizhou, which can be said to be a part of our "Great Plan of Traveling Around China" inadvertently, and the next step is to travel around the "Three Mountains and Five Mountains" famous mountains and rivers and famous attractions in the corresponding provinces, cities and autonomous regions. We have accumulated valuable experience and lessons learned.