12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

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There is an advertising slogan that says: "Life is like a trip, do not care about the destination, care about the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery."

This phrase really seems like it was tailor-made for Su Shi.

Since he left Shu at the age of 21, he returned north at the age of 66. East to Dengzhou, south to Danzhou, west to Meizhou, north to Dingzhou, more than a hundred states, almost every state has left his footprints.

Even he himself said, "Life is like a reverse journey, I am also a pedestrian."

Whenever he went to a place, while Su Shi was busy with his political affairs, he would also find time to tour the local mountains and landscapes and leave some poems and writings.

These poems and writings not only recorded Su Shi's life experiences and thoughts and emotions, but also revealed Su Shi's high literary level and open-minded spirituality, and even made some small places that were originally unknown and famous in the world.

Today, we have carefully compiled Su Shi's poems written in different months and places from January to December, following this travel master on a journey to the pinnacle of literature.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

January: Meizhou (in present-day Meishan City, Sichuan Province)

Trekking with Ziyu

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

The east wind on the stranger surprised the dust, visitors first happy years of new.

People can drink by the roadside at leisure, and the wheat is not afraid to travel on wheels.

The city dwellers are tired of the city and the country, and the noise and tumult of the dawn is empty of four neighbors.

The song and drums startle the mountains and trees, and the kites are tamed in the wild.

Who gathers and calls himself a Taoist? The Taoist sells the talisman in anger.

It is desirable for the silkworm to make thy cocoon like an urn, and for the animal to make thy sheep like a flock.

The people on the street may not believe in this word, but they are forced to buy clothes for the new spring.

The Taoist got money and sold wine, fell down and called himself the god of my talisman!

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

Our "Su Shi Literary Journey" starts from the first month of the year, from his hometown of Meizhou, Sichuan.

Of course, in order to link Su Shi's famous poems and writings by month, from next month onwards, they will no longer be arranged according to the trajectory of Su Shi's life.

Located in the hinterland of Chengdu Plain, Meishan has a good natural environment and is an important land of fish and rice in the country of Tianfu.

Su Dongpo was born in 1037 A.D. in Meishan, Meizhou.

At his home in Meizhou, Su Shi and his younger brother Su Zhe read together and played together. The deep brotherly love they developed from childhood allowed them to comfort each other when they were sad and help each other in times of trouble in their later political career, and they walked through the storms of their lives together.

In his spare time, he has many interests outside of reading.

In the first month of the year, a slight breeze from the east stirred up the dust in the field paths, and Sushi and his brother went out into the field to feel the joy and warmth of spring.

The market town is full of traffic and people, and people who have a rare moment of leisure or gather in twos and threes to shop, or stop by the roadside for a drink and a chat.

Outside the city, the wheat seedlings were short and pliable, and there were many people from the city who flocked out of the city to take advantage of the perfect spring weather. Picnic ladles were everywhere, and the kites that came to pick up food were as tame as they were ripe.

Teenage Sushi dragged a group of brothers to look east and west, and happened to meet a Taoist priest who stopped the road to sell the talisman. The Taoist priest shouted, "If you buy my talisman, you can be assured that your cocoons will be as big as a jar! Can guarantee your sheep as fat as a roe deer!" Passers-by do not necessarily believe, but for good luck, but still bought the talisman. When Su Shi met the Taoist priest again on his way down the mountain, he took all the money from the sale of the talisman to buy wine and drunkenly fell on the side of the road yelling, "My talisman is good, my talisman is good ......"

Talking about his hometown, his joyful childhood, his childhood anecdotes, Sushi is always full of deep feelings, every word, every smile, are happiness, perhaps, this is the happiness and sense of security brought by his hometown.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

February: Bianjing (in present-day Kaifeng, Henan Province)

Evening view of Huichong Spring River

Su Shi [Song Dynasty

Three branches of peach blossoms outside the bamboo, the spring river water warm duck prophet.

The artemisia vulgaris is full of reed buds, and it is the time when the puffer fish is ready to go up.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In 1085 A.D., Su Shi, who had been relegated to Huangzhou, returned to Bianjing by imperial decree.

At this time, 30 years have passed since he last came to Bianjing.

Thirty years ago, when he was 21 years old, he was a young man of Wuling who "drank for you with the intention of meeting, tied his horse to the high building by the weeping willow". 30 years later, he is already a middle-aged man who "hates flowers without words, and knows that wine has the right to be broken by sorrow".

With the lesson of the Wutai poetry case, this time, he trembled, not daring to express a word of opinion on the affairs of the court.

He spent his limited time on enjoying the fun and writing poems and pairs.

In February of that year, occasionally, he had the chance to admire "Evening View of Spring River" by Huichong, a painting monk of the previous generation, at an old friend's place.

Huichong was one of the nine monks famous for their poems in the early Northern Song Dynasty. According to Guo Ruoxu's "Picture and Painting" of the Northern Song Dynasty, he "painted geese, geese and herons, and was especially good at small scenes. He was good at painting cold and distant beaches and dashing and empty images, which were hard to reach by people".

This painting, "Evening View of the Spring River," depicts the early spring scene in the water town of Jiangnan, with the sun slanting down and the water of the spring river warming and gurgling, attracting many water birds to play in it. On the river bank, there are swaying water plants and floating duckweed. Above the two banks, the satin pavement, green trees. Nearby on the shore, the willow is spitting new green, branches flourishing, infinite vitality.

The vibrant paintings healed the wounds in his heart. Just one painting is so beautiful, and that life, which is much more colorful than paintings, must be even better. Why not just let go of everything, cherish life, and embrace it to the fullest?

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

March: Huangzhou (in modern Huanggang, Hubei)

Ding Feng Bo - Listen not to the sound of beating leaves through the forest

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

March 7, Shahu Road in the rain, rain gear first to go, peers are woes, the remaining alone do not feel. I was able to clear up, so I made this.

Do not listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest, why not whistle and walk slowly.

Who is afraid of the lightness of the bamboo staff and shoes? A straw rain and smoke to live.

The spring breeze is blowing the wine awake, slightly cold, but the mountain slanting shine but welcome.

I look back at the place where I came from, and I go back, and there is no storm and no sunshine.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In 1082, Su Shi, who had been relegated to Huangzhou for more than two years because of the "Wutai Poetry Case", became an honest farmer.

It's been quite an adjustment to life here. He is finally no longer lonely, and no longer worried about making a living, but has more of a spontaneity that comes with the territory.

Thirty miles southeast of Huangzhou, there is a place called Shahu, March 7, Su Shi and his good friend went to buy a field together. Unexpectedly, when he came back, there was a heavy rain.

The servant with the rain gear left first, and the fellow travelers felt lousy after being drenched by the heavy rain, only he did not feel so. After a while the sky cleared, the air after the rain was extraordinarily fresh, the sunlight passed through the clouds, a rainbow hung in the sky, light rainbow interplay, just like a fairyland.

The spring breeze is slightly cool and wakes him up. He looks back at the stormy and sluggish place he came from and returns with faith, regardless of whether it is stormy or clearing.

At this moment, finally understand a truth of life: the sun is always after the storm, life may be a stormy process, no matter how big the storm and difficulties, can not retreat, can not be afraid, as long as you calmly break through, there will definitely be warm sunshine waiting for you in front of you, soothing your body and mind.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

Wunxi Sha - Rustling Cloths and Falling Date Flowers

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

Xu Men Shi Tan thanked for the rain and composed five songs on the road. The pond is 20 miles east of the city, and often corresponds to the increase and decrease of the clear and turbid Si water.

The date blossoms are falling from the clothes and towels, and the reel cars are ringing in the north and south of the village.

Cucumbers are sold in the ancient willow of cow clothes.

Wine sleepy road long but want to sleep, high day people thirsty for tea.

Knock on the door and try to ask the wild man's house.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In 1077 A.D., Su Shi was transferred to the governorship of Xuzhou.

In 1078, Xuzhou suffered from a rare spring drought.

At that time, there was a stone pool 20 miles east of Xuzhou city. The folklore said that there was a dragon in the pond and a tiger's head was placed in the pond to make it rain. On the one hand, Su Shi led his entourage and the people to the pond to seek rain according to the local custom; on the other hand, he conducted extensive research to understand the drought situation, inspected the water source, organized the people to build ponds and reservoirs to solve the irrigation problem and fight against the drought.

Perhaps the heavens were moved by the sincerity of Su Shi's plea for rain, soon, Xuzhou really a heavy rain, the drought was effectively alleviated.

For this reason, in April of this year, Su Shi again came to Xuzhou East Gate outside the stone pool to thank the rain, the return journey, he was in a good mood.

The wind blew his scarf rustling, date blossoms fell with the wind. The sound of a spinning wheel reeling silk was heard in the north and south of the village. Farmers in sackcloth sat under the old willow tree selling cucumbers.

He was so drunk that he drifted off to sleep the whole way. The sun was shining brightly, and it made one thirsty. Knocking on a farmer's door to see if he could give a bowl of strong tea to quench his thirst.

The governor can go to the wilderness of the family knocking on the door to ask for water, which shows that he has no frame, with the people, is a real parent official.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

The Wall of the Western Forest

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

The horizontal view of the mountain into a peak, far and near the height of different.

I do not know the true face of Mount Lushan, only because I am in this mountain.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In 1084, the emperor himself ordered Su Shi, who had been relegated to Huangzhou (now Huanggang, Hubei) for five years because of his "crime", to Ruzhou (today's Ruyang, Henan), not far from the capital city of Kaifeng.

The most important thing is that you can find the best way to celebrate with your brother Su Zhe, so he went to meet with his long-lost brother Su Zhe.

Su Zhe was the county magistrate of Jixi in Shezhou at that time, and he had to pass Mount Lushan when he went from Huangzhou to Jixi.

Because the mood is very good, Su Shi would like to first in Mount Lu well turn a little.

May Mount Lushan, near the cliff wall upright, a thousand postures, distant mountains undulating, layers of mountains, just like the natural beauty created by the gods, the beauty is incomparable.

This turn in Mount Lushan, is more than ten days, finally, turn to the western forest temple located in the northern foot of Mount Lushan, the western forest temple built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and two years (AD 366), by the Secretary of the Taifu Tao Fan created, the first temple in the northern mountains of Mount Lushan. In the company of the old monk, Su Shi visited the entire temple with great interest.

Swimming, he stopped in front of a wall, Sushi felt that so many days, he should also sum up something, and then he dipped into the ink, the wall on the title of this poem.

After writing, Su Shi said goodbye to the old monk and walked down the mountain with his head held high, embarking on another journey of his life.

The "West Forest Wall" is the final summary of Su Shi's tour of Mount Lu, and Su Shi's stage of life summary - from different directions to see things, there will be different impressions, it is because you "in this mountain". Only away from Mount Lushan, jump out of the cover of Mount Lushan, in order to fully grasp the true gesture of Mount Lushan.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

Drunken Letter from Wanghu Lou on June 27

Su Shi [Song Dynasty

The black clouds turn over the ink before covering the mountains, and the white rain jumps into the boat with pearls.

The wind came to the ground and suddenly blew away, looking at the water below the lake like the sky.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In the fourth year (1071) to the seventh year (1074) of Xining of the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Shi "begged himself to fill in" and was sentenced to Hangzhou because of his opposition to Wang Anshi's new law.

As a magistrate in Hangzhou, Su Shi cared for the welfare of the people, provided relief to the victims, built water conservancy, and made notable achievements in dredging the West Lake and building Hangzhou, which was deeply loved and appreciated by the people of Hangzhou.

In his spare time as an official, he was also a great poet, indulging in the joy of the landscape, and his footprints were all over the West Lake landscape, gardens and temples.

On June 27, 1072, he visited the West Lake. In June, the sky changes at the drop of a hat. Just now it was a clear sky, and all of a sudden it became gloomy, dark clouds covered the whole sky, like ink splashed down, but in the sky to reveal a section of the mountains, bright and fresh, heavy rain stirred up water splashes like white pearls, splashing into the boat.

Suddenly the wind rolled in and blew away the dark clouds in the sky, and the water of the West Lake was as blue as a mirror, bright and gentle.

With only twenty-eight words, it outlines a vivid picture of the West Lake rain scene. Dark clouds, white rain, strong wind and lake water, one scene after another, leave an extremely deep impression.

A song "Drunken Book of Wanghu Lou" has made Wanghu Lou famous and attracted literati and scholars from all generations.

The green tree covered, elegant and simple Wang Hu Lou is really a good place to climb up and sip tea, and enjoy the many kinds of scenery of West Lake.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

Fisherman's Pride - Tanabata

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

The brightly collared cattle river Han woman, Ying Ying Lin water can not speak.

I am looking at the blue clouds and the empty sunset, there is no place to look, I dream of the grass growing in the spring.

The birds scatter the remaining flowers like rain, and the apples in Ting Chau are old and fragrant.

The bright moon is so affectionate to shine in the house, but to take, clear light long send people back.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In May of the second year of Yuanfeng of the Northern Song Dynasty (1079), Su Shi was ordered to transfer from Xuzhou to Huzhou to take charge of the government, and this time, he went ahead and prepared to pick up his family after settling down in Huzhou.

Although this time is a flat transfer, but Huzhou "landscape is clear and far away" has always been the imperial court so superior place, so, Su Shi is grateful for this time the court appointment.

July 7, is the traditional festival of Tanabata, this year, he was alone in Huzhou over.

At night, he looked into the sky, the bright and distant Altair and Vega, separated by the clear and shallow Milky Way on either side of each other speechless.

He thought about his friends and relatives in the past, now scattered in five directions, nowhere to find, can only hope to meet in a dream.

He sighed softly and startled the night birds perched on top of the branches, fluttering their wings, causing the remaining flowers to scatter like rain, and the apple grass by the small continent had aged.

This kind of loneliness and longing, perhaps only the bright moon in the sky can understand it.

He turned around and returned to the house, thinking of writing a complaint to the court, both to express his gratitude to the court, but also hope that the court can look at his long time official outside the part, early transfer him back to the capital.

This is the "Huzhou Xie Shang Form".

Unfortunately, he did not have the right degree of emotion in his words, and he put his usual resentment on the words. The later imperial chancellor Li Ding, the imperial historian Shu Dan, He Zhengchen and others above the court took Su Shi's statements and previous poems and arrested him for slandering the new government, which became the trigger of the Wutai poetry case.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

August: Mizhou (in present-day Zhucheng, Shandong Province)

Song of Water Tunes - How often does the bright moon appear?

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

During the Mid-Autumn Festival in the year Cnchen, I drank until the end of the day and got very drunk, so I wrote this piece to remember Ziyu.

When will there be a bright moon? Let's drink and ask the blue sky.

I don't know what year it is in the palace of heaven.

I want to return to the wind, but I am afraid that the jade buildings, high places are not cold.

The dance is so clear that it seems to be on earth.

Turning the vermilion pavilion, lowering the beautiful house, shining sleeplessly.

There should be no hatred, why does it take so long to round up the time of parting?

People have sadness and happiness, the moon has a cloudy, sunny and full, the matter is difficult to complete.

I wish you a long life, a thousand miles together.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In 1074 A.D. (the seventh year of Xining), Su Shi sought his own exile and worked as an official in various places because of his different political views from those of Wang Anshi and others who were in power.

His first stop was Mizhou, where he stayed for about two years or so. At this time, Su Shi was in his "unconfused" age of thirty-nine to forty-one, and he took a big step into the maturity of his life, making outstanding achievements and unique performance in all aspects, which became an important stage of his glorious life.

On the mid-autumn day of 1076 A.D., the moon was in the sky and the silver glow was all over the place, and he had not been reunited with his brother Su Zhe for seven years after their separation.

Faced with a bright moon, his heart ebbs and flows, holding a glass of wine and asking the heavens, like the Mid-Autumn Festival when such a bright moon can have it?

I wonder what day it is now in the palace of the high and distant.

He wanted to go back to the sky by virtue of the wind to take a look, but he was worried that the buildings made of beautiful jade were too high to withstand the cold.

He got up and danced and played with his clear shadow in the moonlight, where the moon palace is as warm as the earthly fireworks.

The moon moved and turned the vermillion pavilion, hanging low on the carved windows, shining on the sleepless people.

He thought, the bright moon should not have any grudge against people, but why is it always round when people are parting?

Life is a happy and sad life, the moon is always cloudy, clear and round, since such a good thing since the ancient times is difficult to two, then only hope that all the loved ones in this world can be safe, healthy and long-lived, even if thousands of miles apart can enjoy the moon together.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

September: Fengxiang (in present-day Baoji City, Shaanxi Province)

On the 20th day of the 9th lunar month, it snowed and I remembered my brother Ziyu

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

Qiyang September day light snow, has become a depression year twilight heart.

The short day sent cold anvil and pestle urgent, cold officials have no business house deep.

After the sadness of parting, the wine can be eliminated, and the white hair is already on the hairpin in autumn.

Recently, I bought a mink fur to go out of the fortress, and suddenly I wanted to ask Xichen about it.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In 1062 A.D., Su Shi was the signatory judge of Fengxiang.

This is the first stop of his eunuch career, 26 years old, he was in the prime of life, with the ambition of "hanging straight from the clouds to the sea", fist pumping, ready to do a great job.

He often missed his family, especially his brother Su Zhe, with whom he was deeply attached.

Fengxiang is considered a bitterly cold place in the north of the desert, just arrived in September, the winter has not yet arrived, the snow first, is already a year-end depression of the light.

In a rush of pounding, he felt even more the depression and cold of the time.

The snow was so heavy that he could not go out to work, so he could only stay in his house alone and use wine to relieve his homesickness.

A few glasses of wine down, he went out to watch the snow, a snowflake fell on his shoulder.

He reached out and flicked the snow, and suddenly realized that his hair, at some point, had gone white a few times.

I think it must be the sorrow of these days of longing, has been their own heart can not be suppressed, are turned into white hair.

However, a good man's ambition is in the four directions, since the will to serve the country, it must endure the loneliness, to experience the trials and tribulations that should be.

So he turned around and went inside, and began to conceive a grand plan to revitalize Fengxiang.

The three-year term passed in a flash. In Fengxiang, he did a lot of practical things for the people of Fengxiang, and won a lot of praise for his work, such as reforming the battle of Ngaqian, investigating prisoners, providing disaster relief, building the East Lake, and calling for the development of the wine industry in Fengxiang. So far, there are still famous monuments in Fengxiang, such as Su Gong Ancestral Hall, Wan Zai Pavilion and Wang Su Pavilion, which were built by the people to commemorate Su Shi.

Su Shi in Fengxiang, although the official position is small, but there is always a prosperous thing worth recalling. And he will set off from here to a broader world. Perhaps the wind and waves of the sea of eunuchs are waiting for him, but he will definitely go on fearlessly, and his hands will definitely be more extraordinary, his body will definitely be more robust, and his soul will definitely be more resilient.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

Arrived in Huizhou at the beginning of October 2

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

I feel as if I had traveled in a dream, and I am glad that the chickens and dogs know Xinfeng.

The officials and the people were surprised at what was going on, and the fathers and elders brought along to welcome this man.

Su Wu does not know how to return to the desert north, Guan Ning wants to old Liaodong.

The south of the country is full of spring colors, there will be a mysterious guest living in the public.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In October 1094, Su Shi was relegated to Huizhou by the court for "ridiculing the previous dynasty". In the Song Dynasty, the area around Lingnan and Guangguang was a barbaric place, so most of the sinful ministers were exiled there.

In Huizhou, Su Shi lived for two years and seven months.

On October 2, Su Dongpo's family arrived in Huizhou by boat. Although it was early winter, Lingnan was still sunny and the climate was pleasant.

Su Shi out of the cabin, found the pier was crowded with people, the original local people heard that the famous poet Su Dongpo came, scrambling to see his style. Seeing everyone's eager eyes and hearing the intermittent greetings, Su Shi was moved and composed this poem.

Although Huizhou is located in the south of the Lingnan, is the world's eyes of the miasma, but the climate here is warm, year-round fruit, lychee, longan, tangerines, plums and other fruits known throughout the world. It is said that when he first came, Su Shi saw the trees by the post station green, he asked the official who greeted him what tree this is, the official replied that the lychee tree, he was happy to say: "there will be lychee to eat can live in Lingnan." He also wrote "eat lychee 300 pieces a day, do not resign to long as the Lingnan people."

In addition to food, there is also the landscape, Luofu Mountain, Baishui Mountain, Tangquan and many scenic spots in Huizhou West Lake, all of which were places for Su Shi to send his love. He wrote many poems and articles, praising the beauty of Huizhou's landscape and expressing his feelings of worrying about the country and the people. He also made friends with the people of Huizhou, from the magistrates to the literati, and even the Huangpo family who sold wine.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

November: Mianchi (in present-day Sanmenxia City, Henan Province)

What do you think of Mianchi?

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

Life is everywhere you know what it's like, it should be like a flying star treading on snowy mud.

The mud is occasionally left on the finger claws, Hong Fei that reckon things.

The old monk has died into a new tower, and there is no reason to see the old inscription on the bad wall.

Do you still remember the rugged days of the past, when the road was long and people were stuck and the donkeys were hoarse?

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

What do you mean by "Mianchi"?

Thousands of years later, in 1056, Su Shi and his younger brother Su Zhe, who had set out from Sichuan to take the exams in Beijing, passed through Mianchi, where they boarded and inscribed poems on the walls.

Five years later, Su Shi was sent to Fengxiang, and Su Zhe sent his brother to his post, from Bianjing to Zhengzhou.

Many years later, when Su Shi returned from Fengxiang, he passed by Mianchi again in November and found that the monk in the temple, Feng Xian, had passed away and the poems on the walls were gone.

Su Shi was so overwhelmed with emotion that he wrote "He Ziyu Mianchi Nostalgia" as a response to Su Zhe's poem.

People's life, sometimes running around here, sometimes to drift there, like what? Life, like the wild geese flying around, landing a foot in the snow, leaving deep or shallow footprints.

But the snow will eventually disappear, the footprints will soon be covered by snow and disappear, the geese do not know where to fly again.

The world has changed, and a few years are enough to make everything change.

Life, is a journey, although we are busy geese, will not leave too many traces, but we can cherish the happiness in front of us, cherish the people in front of us, in the running to feel the beauty of life and love.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

December: Si Zhou (in present-day Xuyi City, Jiangsu Province)

Roxie Sha - Drizzle and slanting wind make the dawn cold

Su Shi 〔Song Dynasty

On the 24th day of the 12th month of the 7th year of Yuanfeng, I travelled to Nanshan from Liu Qianshu in Sizhou

Drizzle slanting wind for the dawn chill, light smoke sparse willow winks clear beach.

Into the Huaiqing Luo gradually roaming.

Snow foam and milk flowers float in the noon jar, polygonum and artemisia try the spring plate.

There is a taste of happiness in the world.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

In the seventh year of Yuanfeng (1084 AD), Su Shi came to Si Zhou once again. It is said that Su Shi had passed by Si Zhou ten times in his life, and each time, the beauty of Si Zhou made Su Shi fond of it, and this time was no exception.

Here, Su Shi wrote several lyrics in one breath, and the famous "Ru Meng Ling - Why did the water scale ever suffer" was written by Su Shi in the bath under Yong Xi Pagoda in Si Zhou.

One day in December of that year, Su Shi and Liu Shiyan, the governor of Si Prefecture, went to Nanshan for a trip.

It was a winter day, just after a fine rain, with a slanting wind in the mountains and a slight chill.

The light smoke and sparse willows make the beach more charming after the first sunrise. The clear Luojian River merges into the Huai River, and the water is vast and blank.

They were tired of walking, so they found a temple, brewed a cup of refreshing tea floating with snow foam milk flower-like, and tasted the spring plate of vegetarian dishes with tender green polygonum buds and artemisia shoots in the mountains.

Probably hungry from walking, they ate these wild vegetables, they all feel that this is the most delicious dish on earth.

The Great Way to Simplicity.

As "Zhuangzi - in the Yoga" said, "must be quiet and clear, no labor your form, no shake your essence, is to be able to live forever."

The state of mind that people possess is "quietness and inactivity", which advocates nature and the pursuit of heaven, and the beauty of "qing huan", which is not only Su Shi's elaboration of the realm of "qing", but also the embodiment of his own state of mind.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

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