13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

These things may look ridiculous, but they actually make for a great workout. (Photo: Gaiam / Rinfit)

So how are those New Year’s fitness resolutions working out for you? Regardless of whether you’re sticking to your goals like a champ or if you fell off a bit (no judgement!), it's never too late. And if you're in the market for some fitness equipment, your first stop might be checking out Amazon. But let's be real, there's so much stuff. Tons of stuff you can add to your cart and some of the products just look a little, shall we say, odd. There's seriously equipment and accessories for every body part you want to work out, from your fingers to your toes, but how good are they?

We dug through Amazon for some of the oddest, yet brilliant fitness products. Some of them just look a little strange and on first glance you might wonder, "How do I even use that?" But these are also top-rated products that Amazon shoppers swear by for their fitness results and functionality. Plus, some are especially great if you're on the go. Here at 13 that might help you achieve your fitness goals for the end of summer and beyond.

1. A toy for better hand eye coordination

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

You’ll be Rocky before you know it. (Photo: Revo Fight)

This looks like a toy you might have played with as a child. But the headband and balls on a string contraption are actually great for coordination. You simply strap the adjustable headband on and toss the attached ball in front of you. The reflex ball comes back to you and you punch away before it hits you in the face. The idea is to improve speed and hand eye coordination. One reviewer noted it may take a few minutes for beginners to get accustomed to the design, but it’s a short learning curve. The kit also comes with a carry bag and boxing wraps for your hands.

2. A way to workout while you work

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

Have a seat, but keep the workout going. (Photo: Cubii)

Cardio machines at the gym can get packed pretty quickly, so why not bring the cardio to your desk—or your couch. Billed as “exercise that won’t break your concentration,” the machine has eight resistance levels and engages your core and legs all while providing minimal impact on joints. Sort of like an elliptical The monitor displays calories burned and the distance, and reviewers say it’s quiet and won’t disturb others if you choose to use it at work. Just make sure your desk chair height is adjusted so you're not banging your knees.

3. An upgrade to your office chair

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

A bar and sturdy base provide added support will you sit all day. (Photo: Gaiam)

Be prepared for your coworkers to ask, "What is that?" To which you can happily respond, “It's the best thing ever and I'm engaging my core as we speak.” Or something along those lines. As an alternative to the work chair at your desk, this one features a removable yoga ball that claims to improve posture and help strengthen your core. The solid base includes a back support bar and the two rear wheels are lockable. This model is for users 5’ to 5’11” and is compatible with the height of most desks.

4. Another way to work your core at work

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

Add this to any seat and work your core. (Photo: Gaiam)

If buying an actual office chair isn't in your budget and you don't want to lug one with you to the office (especially if you're on public transportation), a great alternative is this disc.At less than $20, the 16 inch disc works to improve posture and engage your core. Reviewers say it’s a “subtle workout” that makes you more conscious of posture and not slumping while seated, which is good for those of us who don’t want to break a sweat on the job.

5. A durable wedding ring to workout with

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

If your silicone ring is damaged, the company will send you a replacement. (Photo: Rinfit)

Wedding ring interfering with your workout, but you still want to show the world you're committed? There's a product for that. These wedding ring replacements are 100 percent silicone and claim to be near impossible to break. One Amazon reviewer notes she purchased one for her powerlifter husband and wrote, “He deadlifts in the high 700s and the ring doesn’t give him any issues.” Even if you're not a pro lifter, the rings are intended to provide more comfort that the standard wedding ring when you’re working out.

6. A small trampoline that fits in any space

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

Jump to it and then fold the trampoline up. (Photo: Stamina)

A trampoline usually takes up tons of space in your backyard. But there’s actually one you can take with you on the go. At 36 inches wide and weighing just 14 pounds, this foldable trampoline has a variety of ways to burn calories, and it even comes with online workout videos. Whether you're working out on a hardwood floor or carpet, the removable rubber tip legs will keep you stable.

7. An upgraded ab roller

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

This ab roller also comes with foam knee pads. (Photo: Perfect Fitness)

An ab roller is nothing new, but this one might look a bit different than the varieties you may have used before. The wider wheel provides more stability (compared to the flimsier ab wheels) and the built in resistance means your core is still getting a serious workout. But it’s the curved handle that stands out the most. The tip provides better support for your hands and the non-slip grip keeps even the sweatiest of palms in place. You also get a 21-day fitness program with the purchase.

8. A way to transform weights into kettlebells

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

The Kettle Gryp holds weights up to 55 pounds. (Photo: Kettle Gryp)

Buying both weights and kettlebells for your home gym can really add u, but the Kettle Gryp converts almost any weight into a kettlebell. That way you can make use of your existing weights. It’s also great if you're traveling and don't want to miss a workout. The foam insert keeps the weight from shifting around and the latch snaps securely to ensure everything is in place.

9. Bands to work an underlooked body part

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

Stretch those digits. (Photo: GripGym)

“I have to go work out my fingers,” said no one ever. But maybe that needs to change, especially with all the swiping and typing our fingers do on a regular basis. These hand bands are pretty simple but perfect way to strengthen your grip and stretch those finger and hand muscles. Sold in a set of five or 10 bands, the resistance starts at four pounds and the extra firm band goes all the way up to 30 pounds. Get ready to flex those finger muscles.

10. A way to strengthen your wrists

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

Show your wrists some love with this top rated product. (Photo: Sportneer)

Another contraption that might look a little odd but apparently offers tons of results is the Sportneer Wrist Strengthener. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your wrists and forearms or need a good stretch after typing all day, this should do it. It comes in two different levels: The starter, 4.4 pounds of resistance, which is ideal for kids or anyone in physical therapy, and advanced, which is just over 15 pounds of resistance, intended for athletes and those accustomed to working out. Each model can be adjusted for resistance depending on how high or low you move the stabilizer bar in the middle.

11. Socks to help you perfect downward-facing dog

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

So many benefits from a simple pair of socks. (Photo: Triim Fitness)

These toe separator socks might feel a bit weird when you first slip into them, but reviewers swear by them for a variety of reasons. Some love the relief it provides for tingling due to diabetes and others like the feeling of letting your toes stretch out compared to being cramped together. But for the movers and shakers, these socks are especially great for yoga or pilates. The separation of toes can really provide more stability and flexibility.

12. A balance pod to strengthen your core

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

Use either side of the dome for balancing and stretching. (Photo: Bintiva)

This one's for the entire family, but the kids might mistake it for a toy thanks to the adorable porcupine-style design. The pair of inflatable pods work for a variety of activities that help with balance, core strength and stretching. You can use either side of the dome depending on your level of difficulty. Though one buyer recommends putting washcloths over the spikes to make it more comfortable.

13. A ThighMaster, but for the arms

13 odd but brilliant fitness products on Amazon

This product has a near perfect five star rating. (Photo: Core Prodigy)

It sorta looks like a Slinky with a cross between a ThighMaster. With a 4.7-star rating, this contraption is a winner for those seeking to tighten and tone the upper body. The steel springs can be utilized to work out your arms, back and shoulders. Depending on where you position your hands on the rubber grips, the resistance ranges from 40 to 100 pounds, so you can challenge yourself as you get stronger.

Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.