15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

There is something about movies that focus on outer space and space's never-ending wonder that attracts audiences everywhere. Outer space is such an interesting thing to think about because there is so much more that we as human beings would love to figure out about it! It goes far beyond Earth and it is filled with planets, stars, and other celestial bodies that we haven’t even discovered yet. Earth goes on forever and because of that, human beings most likely will never be able to discover everything that’s out there.

Movies that exist today in the Sci-Fi genre like to focus on outer space often because it is so intriguing to think about! Whether we are referring to astronauts, aliens, planets, stars, or anything else, movies about outer space are usually destined to be great.

15. First Man- About Neil Armstrong In The 1960s

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Ryan Gosling is an incredibly handsome and talented actor best known for his role in The Notebook with Rachel McAdams back in 2004. He stepped up to play the role of Neil Armstrong in the movie First Man and did an amazing job in that role as well! This is a great movie to check out.

14. Ad Astra- About An Astronaut's Journey To Neptune

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Ad Astra is a space movie about an astronaut's journey to Neptune. One of the coolest things about this movie is the fact that it stars Brad Pitt in the leading role. Brad Pitt is a seasoned actor who has been starring in films for decades and he was the perfect choice to star in this movie about space, astronauts, and Neptune.

13. Interstellar- About A NASA Physicist Trying To Save Mankind

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway lead the way in this incredible space movie called Interstellar. It is about a NASA physicist doing whatever he can to try to save mankind. Another storyline in this movie revolves around his daughter who was left behind on Earth while he was in space.

12. LIFE- About Extraterrestrial Life On Mars

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Life is a movie about extraterrestrial life on Mars. It is classified as a scary movie because the aliens that the humans have to face off against are horrifying to look at! Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Rebecca Ferguson are the leading actors in this movie and they all play astronauts in this tense film.

11. Hidden Figures- About Three Brilliant African-American Women At NASA

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Hidden Figures is an amazing movie about NASA! It stars Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monáe, and Octavia Spencer. The story focuses on three super-smart African-American women who are employed by NASA and their operation to help launch John Glenn, an astronaut, into space.

10. The Martian- About A Man Stranded On Mars

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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The Martian is a fictitious story about a man who gets stranded on Mars. He has to do whatever it takes in order to survive including creating food for himself, figuring out how to maintain oxygen, and so much more. Parts of this movie can cause anxiety because viewers are hoping that he is able to survive.

9. Lucy In The Sky- About An Astronaut That Prefers Space To Earth

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Lucy in the Sky is an incredible movie about an astronaut that learns she prefers space to Earth. She spends enough time in space to find its peace and quiet beautiful in comparison to the rowdiness and drama that human beings deal with on a daily basis living on Earth. Will she ever be able to readjust?

8. High Life- About The Oblivion Of A Black Hole

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Robert Pattinson is someone that most people recognize from his time in the Twilight Saga with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart. He has so much more to offer than just playing the role of Edward Cullen! In this movie, we get to see him as an astronaut. It’s a lot different from Edward, but it is just as exciting.

7. The Wandering Earth - About Earth's Survival

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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The Wandering Earth is an intense Sci-Fi movie about Earth's survival. Movies centered on the preservation of the planet, mankind, and life itself are usually super interesting to watch! This particular movie was released in 2019 and was created with a budget of 50 million USD!

6. The Space Between Us- About A Young Man Born On Mars

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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The Space Between Us is a love story about a couple that comes from different worlds… Literally! The girl was born on Earth while the boy was born on Mars. When they come together and try to connect, they come to the realization that they are so very different. They must take the time to figure each other out.

5. Gravity- About A Woman Stuck In Space

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Sandra Bullock leads the way in this super scary movie that causes quite a lot of anxiety! The movie is about a woman who is stranded in space, all by herself. She is floating through space unsure if she will ever make it back home to Earth again. A lot of the scenes in this movie are tough to watch!

4. Sunshine- What If The Sun Were To Start Dying?

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Sunshine is a movie that focuses on a very interesting plotline… What if the sun were about to die? What if the brightness and warmth of the sun were to flicker out from existence forever? Well first of all… Mankind itself would come to an end. In this movie, a group of heroes try to keep the sun alive.

3. Apollo 11- About Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, And Michael Collins

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Apollo 11 is an amazing movie about astronauts! The astronauts that are focused on in this movie are the heroic and brilliant Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. This movie was released in 2019 including never-before-seen footage and audio recordings straight from NASA!

2. 2036 Origin Unknown- About A Mysterious Object On Mars

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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This interesting movie is called 2036 Origin Unknown. It is about a mysterious object that is discovered on Mars. This is the type of movie that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats because it is exciting to find out what will happen next. This space movie was released in 2018 and is a Sci-Fi film.

1. Moon- About Astronauts, Clones, And Space

15 Best Movies About Space, Officially Ranked

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Moon is a movie about astronauts, clones, and space. This movie was released in 2009 and made with a budget of 5 million USD. It is pretty crazy that they were able to make such a cool movie with such a small budget! This movie stars Sam Rockwell in the leading role. It also stars Dominique McElligott.