15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Actor George Clooney was a single man for decades. He was known as one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood and he had his fair share of famous women who he dated over the years. Fans and friends surely figured this A-list actor would be a bachelor for life. When a man is in his 50s and settled in his ways, it would take a lot to rock his world.

So, imagine everyone’s surprise when the guy finally found “the one” in the gorgeous, smart, and sophisticated Amal Alamuddin.

She is an international law and human rights barrister with the perfect balance of intelligence and beauty. If George was ever going to settle down, it would be with a worldly woman like Amal. Just when George thought he was the cream of the crop, along came Amal to show him he’s the lucky one to have met her. George had plenty of time to play the field, so when Amal came along, he was ready to retire from his “sport” and say “I do” to this fabulous woman. We all know that George is a fantastic actor, but his greatest role yet is that of husband to Amal and father to their twins.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Justin Timberlake is one of the coolest dudes in the entertainment biz. He has been around for years and fans have loved his body of work every step of the way. He is happily married to the gorgeous and talented Jessica Biel now, but before they got hitched, Justin was a player making his rounds on the single scene. And who could blame the guy? When you are rich and famous like Justin, all the ladies want to be around you. And Justin milked it for all it was worth.

But once he met the lovely Jessica, all bets were off.

There was no need to look any further in “singleville” when such an unbelievable beauty was within his reach. They make a great match and we could not imagine Justin being with anyone else. Sure, it was fun when Justin dated pop princess Britney back in the day, but that relationship was not one that would ever last forever. Jessica and Justin are like two perfect peas in a pod, making family their number-one priority and showing the world how much they are into one another. Fans may wish they still had a shot with JT, but Jessica snagged her sweetie “‘till death.”


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

The 27-year-old actor Joe Alwyn is the current main squeeze of singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. For once, she is not flaunting her relationship all over the place, making us think this one could be the real deal. We all know that Taylor has dated lots of guys, but things were always a spectacle for the paparazzi and media to eat up like candy. And of course, who could ignore all the songs Taylor wrote about her various fellas? Usually penned after a nasty breakup. Like many women her age, Taylor had no problem playing the field and dating around. While most of her boyfriends/hookups were famous too, the dating world for Taylor was likely a lot like the everyday gal her age looking for a guy to get serious with. Now that the tall and talented British Joe is in the picture, it looks like Taylor’s player days may be coming to an end. But what about the music?

We’ll have to see what she’ll write about without relying on failed relationships. But Joe is a fine catch and he surely thinks the same of Taylor.

They make a nice looking couple and seem to be going strong. Love from London has a ring to it. Meghan Markle would surely agree!


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are the cutest couple. They seem to be great friends as well as lovers and have known one another for years ever since they acted together on television. Over the years, both were with other people, and Ashton was even married to actress Demi Moore. But that’s when we realized he was a player. Allegedly he stepped out on Demi and the marriage was over. Who knows what really happened, but many people were not surprised by the idea that Ashton may want to date around. If things were going south in the marriage, it was only a matter of time before Ashton would play the field. And who would have thought he would want to settle down again? With so many options at his feet, choosing one woman to be with forever seemed like it would never even be an option. But that was before Mila made her move on the actor. She must have been irresistible to Ashton and they became a couple, eventually marrying and having kids.

She must have been the beauty he was waiting for, making settling down a cinch.

Sadly, for Demi things did not work out, but she will surely be A-okay without her ex. And as for Mila and Ashton, settling down has never been so spectacular.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Model Irina Shayk is a Russian beauty who was just the right woman to get actor Bradley Cooper to finally settle down. While they are not yet married, we see wedding bells in their future. They have been together for years and have a child together, and “playing house” seems far more fun than playing the field. Bradley dated around for years, having his cake and eating it too. The world was his oyster and his A-list status made him a hot commodity on the dating front. Women from all walks of life were interested in Bradley thanks to his good looks, raw talent, fame, and fortune. He knew he was the bee’s knees and at the top of his game, making it easy to get with any gal who found him appealing. And that list was nearly endless.

But the impeccable Irina is no average woman. Her breathtaking beauty is undeniable, and her appeal is out of the ordinary. It is no wonder Bradley went bonkers over the brunette babe and made it his mission to settle down and seek out something special with the stunner.

This is a Hollywood relationship that seems like it will go the distance.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

If you did not watch the fabulous and fancy royal wedding on television, then at least you probably heard about it from fans of the newly married couple. American actress Meghan Markle married her literal Prince Charming, Harry. The two seem completely in love and ready to begin their lives as husband and wife as royalty. But before Prince Harry found his true love in Meghan, he was known to be a bit of a partier. Unlike his more conservative older brother William, Harry was more of the wild child, sowing his seeds and playing the field. What fun he had as a famous fella about town, using his royal status to pick up chicks.

But as people mature, playing the field becomes a little less appealing. It is a good thing Harry met Meghan and they realized their love was strong and could potentially last a lifetime.

She was not the sort of woman people expected Harry to marry, but love has no barriers and neither did Harry. Now that the marvelous Meghan has stolen Harry’s royal heart, they will change the face of what British royalty used to be. And the world will be watching.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Benji Madden is a rocker, and lots of people think rock stars are the ones who play the field as much as they play their instruments. And perhaps Benji did have his fun as a single guy looking for a little action. But when it comes to playing around, actress Cameron Diaz was more like the rock and roll type with no need to settle down or cozy up to “Mr. Right.” But this was well before she met Benji. They seem like an unlikely pair, but Benji and Cameron are paired up just perfectly. She is an A-list sweetheart and he is a musical success. Looks-wise they may not seem like the obvious pair, but when it comes to matters of the heart, they say love is blind.

These two got one another to settle down, but none of it seems like “settling” to these two lovebirds.

Cameron waited quite a while to find her man, and when Benji came on the scene, she was smitten. Now everyone’s wondering if they will grow a family. But for now, “just the two of us” is the perfect little family for them. And it seems like perfect is just what they are.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

For many years, actor Ben Affleck was married to actress Jennifer Garner. Together they have three adorable children. But like many Hollywood marriages, theirs skidded off the rails and they split. Known to be something of a player, some people believed it was his playboy ways that split the seemingly happy union apart. Lots of speculations were thrown around, but if Ben’s playing the field was the issue, then it was Lindsay Shookus who had the power to get Ben to settle down once again. She is far from the traditional “Hollywood type,” but Lindsay is the current object of Ben’s affection and they have been together for some time now.

Who would have guessed that Ben would go from Jen to Lindsay, but the heart wants what it wants. Lindsay seems like a fun gal with a good head on her shoulders and that all-American charm.

They are always smiling in pics, so they must have a great time when they are together. Perhaps Ben was tired of all the A-list drama and wanted to be with a woman who was not as well-known. Maybe he will marry once again, and he can start fresh with a new marriage with a newfound commitment. Lindsay would surely say yes to that.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Do you watch Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules? If so, you must know all about Jax Taylor, the biggest player of the bunch. He has had girlfriends on the show, but he always messes things up by cheating on them. He even betrayed his current girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright. Everyone thinks she is the sweetest and most devoted girlfriend – more than Jax deserves – but he couldn’t help himself from being unfaithful and nearly destroying the relationship. The two broke up for a while, even after Brittany decided to forgive Jax. But then Jax broke up with her, claiming she deserved a much better man. And now they are back on again, proving that Brittany is the only woman who could get a guy like Jax to get his act together.

He seems to be changing his player ways and wants to be the man that Brittany deserves. She is the best thing that ever happened to him, so if he screws things up again, he’ll surely regret it.

Brittany has a lot of patience to deal with Jax, but if she truly loves him, she will stick it out. He’s not an easy fella to handle, but Brittany somehow has that magic touch to get Jax to relax.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Another Vanderpump Rules couple we love to watch is DJ James Kennedy and his longtime girlfriend, beauty queen Raquel Leviss. But before the ravishing Raquel came into the picture, James was a big time player who seemed unlikely to ever settle down with one woman. He dated another cast member for a while, but that did not last, and when they did break up, they wound up being with one another. What a hot mess. And what a good indication that James would never outgrow his player instincts.

But somehow Raquel had that special something that made James want to commit and settle down.

She is quite attractive and seems nice, so maybe that was all James was looking for in a partner. No drama was something refreshing. While many of the other characters on the show have their doubts that James can truly commit, he tells them he loves Raquel and sees a future with her. Perhaps all his partying was getting old and Raquel was the special person he was always searching for. Then again, another gal can walk into the picture and have James back at square one. We will have to tune in next season to see what plays out.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Adam Levine is a great catch and so is his wife, model Behati Prinsloo. Before Adam met his magnificent woman, he was more of a player than a stayer. He had women falling at his feet, making it fun to play the field as a single guy who had no obligations to one woman. But what man could resist such a stunner like Behati? She is one of the most sought-after models with looks that could stop traffic and a smile that could light up a room.

Surely Adam had no trouble leaving his player days behind knowing he could spend the rest of his life with the beautiful Behati.

And now they have a child. While Adam may sometimes reflects back on his single days with a sense of nostalgia, he must love his married life much better. It is always a thrill to wake up to a stunning supermodel. Sure, there are other foxy females that would love to be with Adam, but Behati takes the cake. They were lucky to have found one another and by the looks of things, they will be together for a long time. Models and musicians always seem to hit it off.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Warren Beatty has been in the biz for as long as we can remember. He is a seasoned actor with plenty of films under his belt. Surely you have seen at least one of his movies. Bonnie and Clyde, Dick Tracy, Bugsy, Shampoo, Splendor in the Grass, and many more have put the actor on the map as one of the biggest names in Hollywood. And with fame comes a world of attention. Plenty of attention from the ladies, and as it has been said time and time again, Warren had plenty of lovers over the years. But once he met his now-wife, actress Annette Bening, his player status changed dramatically. They married and had four kids, turning the former playboy’s ways upside down. What was it about Annette that made Warren fall so hard? Maybe he was done with all that fooling around and wanted a solid relationship once and for all. And this marriage is one of the longer-lasting ones in Hollywood. Maybe Warren got it all out of his system pre-Annette, so he could focus his attention on her and only her. These two seem to be the perfect couple, proving that a player can change his ways once the right woman comes ‘round.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Country crooner LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s relationship started off on something of a sour note. Sure, it was good for them, but bad for their respective spouses. The two got together while shooting a movie, left their mates, and shacked up with one another. They got married and have been together ever since, LeAnn taking on the role of doting step-mom to Eddie’s two sons he had with his ex-wife, Brandy Glanville. While landing the man of your dreams via infidelity isn’t exactly the fairytale most women dream of, at least it was a way to get Eddie to stop playing the field. And it seems like the actor is super-smitten with the singer, so perhaps he has finally decided to settle down with the woman he has been waiting for. Brandi was livid, as was LeAnn’s ex, but they’ve moved on and realized it’s no good to be with a rotten man anyhow. Let’s see if the LeAnn-Eddie relationship lasts forever, but some say you lose 'em like you get 'em. But if LeAnn is Eddie’s true love, he will remain committed and honor their sacred vows. Second time’s a charm?


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Nick Cannon is flirty and fun, the type of guy who seems to love to go out and have a good old time. He is always charming and charismatic, making women of all ages swoon at the very sight of him. But all it took for him to reel in his player-like demeanor was the one and only superstar, Mariah Carey. She is the diva of all divas and she gets what she wants, both in her personal and professional life. Something about Nick appealed to her romantic side, so she and Nick married and had twins – a girl and a boy. She was that special woman who made Nick turn in his player card and only go for the ace – Mariah. Knowing her personality, it must have been a challenge for Nick to cater to her every whim, but when you are in love, anything your mate wishes for is your command.

Of course, we know that this couple split up a while ago, but for the time it lasted, Mariah was the one who got Nick to settle down and become a monogamous man.

Maybe one day the two will reconcile. If Mariah did it once, she could always do it again.


15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

The latest “it” couple of the moment is the superstar dynamic duo of entertainer Jennifer Lopez and ball player Alex Rodriguez. These two famous folks are like a match made in heaven; it is a shock that they hadn’t gotten together before. Alex not only played the field as a profession, but he played the field when it came to his romantic life too. And the same goes for the amazing J. Lo. They have both been married before and have been linked to high-profile mates over the years.

But now that they have found one another and realized they were such a great fit, it looks as though their player days have come to a screeching halt.

And good for them. They have introduced their adorable kids to each other and it seems like everyone gets along swimmingly. It is so nice to have that special connection and have the ability to see a solid future with someone you hold dear. Will they ever marry? J. Lo seems like the romantic type who’d be more than willing to give it another go. And what guy wouldn’t want to be her hubby? We think these former players will never go back to the game.