15 Hidden McDonald's Secrets

Most of us love McDonald's. Have you ever thought of what your life would be if you were a McDonald's employee?

They may not make big money working at McDonald's, but they do live some of your food fantasies like free food or fries. From entertaining themselves behind counters, to sneaking fries in between shifts, here are 15 McDonald's secrets their employees don't tell you.

1. They Don't Like It When You Order Fries Without Salt

When you order fries without salt, you are not going to get those salted fries that usually sit in food warmer. Employees need to make a fresh batch of fries especially for you. They also need to clean salt off the tools they use to make fries. This can be little frustrating to McDonald's employees, particularly on busy days. On a positive note, you may get crispy and fresh fries.

2. Making Filet O Fish Sandwich Is A Pain

Every restaurant cooks food only after they receive an order from customer. This is because cooked food can't stay fresh, tasty or healthy for too long. Regular McDonald's sandwiches don't require much time to make. All the ingredients like chicken that go into burgers are fried and kept in a food warmer. However, rare orders like Filet O Fish need employees to fry a fish fillet, which can be little time taking.

3. Delivering Happy Meals Is A Pain Too

Happy meals bother McDonald's employees more than anything considering the number of questions they need to ask customers. Do you want hamburger, cheeseburger or McNuggets? Do you want any sauce with McNuggets? Do you want fries or apples? Do you want soda, juice or milk? And, they give you a choice to select what kind of toy you want with your meal. They have to keep a note of all your choices, and need to deliver your meal without fail.

4. Drive-Thru Orders Are Their Top Priority

Let's say a drive-thru customer and a dine-in customer both ordered Big Mac at once. The first Big Mac will always go to the customer who ordered at drive-thru. Drive-thru orders are McDonald's employees' priority, and they first deliver drive-thru orders before dine-in orders. This is quite understandable.

5. They Don't Care If You Fill Water Cup With Soda

Some people do this more than often. McDonald's offers free water, but charges a few cents for soda. Some people fill their water cups with soda. McDonald's employees are well aware of people stealing soda. They simply don't care about it unless things are really going out of control.

6. Reason Why Special Orders Take Time

Big Macs taste same everywhere no matter which McDonald's you go. Food at McDonald's pretty much tastes same in every McDonald's. This is so because McDonald's employees have to follow a strict cooking code that was set by the company, and they can't simply do anything they want. Employees are very well used to that. When you order something that is special or rare, it puts them off their work balance. Not only your order, but all other orders get delayed.

7. They Hate It When You Are Slow When Ordering Food

They don't tell you, but they absolutely hate you if you spend too much time in front of register selecting or deciding what you want to eat. Not only will employees, but people standing behind start hating you as well. Decide and keep a note of what you want to buy even before you stand in front of a register.

8. They Find It Annoying If You Don't Understand How Meal Combos Work

McDonald's employees are usually friendly. Though they frequently get annoyed by customers, they don't lose their cool. They don't openly show their dislike towards some customers, but they hate them secretly. McDonald's employees find it annoying when people don't understand how meal combos work. They hate it when they have to explain everything in detail.

9. They Have Fun At Work

As a customer, you only see a bunch of people restlessly working at McDonald's in a real fast-paced work environment. Working in food industry can be really challenging, given the fact that pay is usually low, and the work itself can be exhausting. As customers, we hardly see McDonald's employees having fun. However, they do everything they can to entertain them and keep them energized.

10. They Love Working In Lobby

Managers keep changing employees' responsibilities. As a McDonald's employee, you may be standing at a register one day or cleaning the lobby the next day. Most McDonald's employees prefer working in lobby, where they clean tables and floor in the dining area. People who work in lobby don't need to interact with people. They always have the opportunity to sneak out for a quick break, or take rest.

11. Their Kitchen Rooms Are Usually Clean

Contrary to what many people think of chain restaurants' kitchens, McDonald's kitchens are usually clean. Not only McDonalds, but most of the popular chain restaurants give importance to cleanliness and hygiene. When McDonald's employees are not busy with customers, they are supposed to clean and disinfect kitchen area.

12. They Eat Leftover Food At The End Of The Day

McDonald's employees eat the leftover food at the end of the day. They are kind enough to give you extra food if you are one of the last customers before the counter closes. However, this is not the case with every McDonald's around the world. Some McDonald's restaurants throw the leftover food in garbage bin, and not even employees can do anything about it.

13. They Invent Cool Burgers

Most of the times, we don't get the opportunity to see what's going on inside McDonald's kitchen area. If you ever got a chance, you might find their employees inventing cool burgers. They look very tasty, but they can't share them with you.

14. They Are Well Aware Of McGangbang

Most McDonald's employees know very well about McDonald's secret menu items. They know about McGangbang too, which is one of the most popular McDonald's secret menu items. However, they are not going to make you one. If you want to taste a McGangbang, all you have to do is stuff McChicken inside a McDouble.

15. They Are Usually Careful With Your Food

No, they don't spit in your food. Actually, they are always busy with their orders and they have little time whatsoever to do anything other than serving food. You may see one or two bad incidents where McDonald's employees were caught spitting in food. Incidents like these don't happen every day or at every place. McDonald's employees are trained about food safety, so you don't need to worry about your food.