15 Hottest Hollywood Actresses From Canada

People used to have the notion that the hottest actresses come from America. Of course, a lot of them may work and have made names for themselves in Hollywood, which is the biggest movie industry, in terms of income generated, in the world after all, but not all of them are actually from the US. A lot of them uprooted their lives to live the glamorous L.A. lifestyle, but they still have their roots, and for some, these lay in other countries entirely.

The following 15 actresses we are talking about are all Canadian, so they all call The Great White North their home no matter where their acting careers have taken them. For some, their careers have taken them to Hollywood, for one person on this list, she has travelled across the other side of the world and has been killing it in Bollywood, and there are a few on this list who have been content to stay in their home nation, acting on Canadian TV, in movies, and theatre productions.

One other thing these actresses have in common – aside from the fact that they’re actresses and Canadian, of course – is that they are all super hot. Their sultry looks have gotten them noticed and have made them some of the hottest actresses in entertainment today. You’ll probably be aware of a few names on this list that a few are household names and are known worldwide. But some of these ladies are only known for their work on the small screen, so you might not be too familiar with them.

Here are the 15 hottest Canadian actresses who will make you get your typing fingers ready for a search. Check them out!

15. Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly has starred in some pretty big roles since she burst onto the scene in the early 2000s. The most notable performance of her career is undoubtedly her role in the ABC series Lost, for which she gained a Screen Actors Guild Award. But having said that, Evangeline probably still doesn’t get the sort of recognition her performances warrant. She’s still looking for the main role in a movie to propel her career to another level. But to date, she’s starred in The Hobbit, Ant-Man, Smallville, and has had a number of other roles in one prominent series, films, or other – for someone who hasn’t reached the heights expected of her yet, that’s not a bad resumé.

She may not be one of the best, but she’s certainly one of the hottest. When she portrayed the escaped convict in Lost, people swooned for her, wanted to be stranded on that island with her. She’d make any such experience a lot more bearable!

14. Missy Peregrym

Her name’s memorable, as are her performances, not only because she’s a great actress, but also because she’s super hot. Missy Peregrym is someone who started out in the modeling industry, then transitioned to acting. Unsurprisingly, when she was a teenager in Montreal, she got plenty of work; she appeared as the face of ad campaigns, then started appearing in commercials onscreen. She loved that work, as did those watching her – she’s just perfect in front of the cameras. Naturally, from doing commercials, she progressed and transitioned to acting in TV shows, including the role that brought her worldwide fame, the rookie cop in the series Rookie Blue. Much to everyone’s disappointment, the show was cancelled in 2015, but thankfully Missy hasn’t been taking it easy since. She’s continued on her path to becoming one of Canada’s best TV actresses, although she’s probably looking for more mainstream movie roles too. She’s already regarded to be one of Canada’s hottest actresses, and no doubt she’ll be looking to become one of the nation’s best in the future.

13. Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders has an unusual name that makes her stand out, but her acting combined with her stunning beauty is another thing that’s made her stand out from the crowd, head and shoulders above the rest.

Cobie was born in Vancouver, and before she got into acting, she made a name for herself as a model. But, it was something she hated, and it actually put her off pursuing a career in acting. Luckily for her fans, she got over her hang-ups, and went on to become one of Canada’s finest actresses.

The majority of her success has been because of her performances in How I Met Your Mother. She was a main cast member of that series which ran for nine years, and received a ton of accolades because of that role. Seeing Cobie week in, week out while that series was filming meant that she became engrained in a lot of people’s minds. It’s safe to say she’s part of plenty of people’s fantasies. She’s drop dead gorgeous, and this Canadian sizzles no matter what she does.

12. Emmanuelle Chriqui

How on earth is Emmanuelle Chriqui in her 40s? It just doesn’t make sense, she doesn’t look a day older than 25. She truly is a stunning, ageless beauty, and she’s Canadian through and through. Despite everything she’s accomplished over the years, her vast and varied filmography, she hasn’t let the attractive appeal of the glitz and glamor of L.A. entice her to make a permanent move to the U.S. – she still resides in Markham, Ontario, where I’m presuming she still enjoys a pretty sweet luxurious life.

As a kid in Quebec, Emmanuelle took acting classes which were paid for by her brother. It was money well spent, as she started getting work, mainly commercials. But she wanted more than just to be that girl in the commercials, so she moved to Vancouver in pursuit of proper acting roles. The roles did eventually start coming, and when she started, she just didn’t stop. Now, over two decades later, she’s appeared in a ton of stuff, but is more renowned for her fabulous figure and flawless looks.

11. Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell’s achieved worldwide fame and is most certainly best-known for playing Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars. But she’s appeared in plenty of other things, although she’s still in the infancy of her acting career, which is steadily gaining momentum.

Shay’s part Irish, Scottish, and she’s a Filipina; that’s one hell of a combination, and it’s where Shay gets her sultry, exotic beauty from. As a kid, Shay always wanted to get into the entertainment industry, and her looks, and of course her talent, certainly helped as she went about pursuing an acting career. She began dancing, got into modeling, and became a pretty big deal in Ontario, where she got labelled with the nickname, “Shay-Lo,” due to supposed similarities between herself and JLo. She modeled around the word, but her heart lay in acting, so she returned to Toronto to pursue her passion. It was certainly a wise decision and it paid off in the end.

Shay’s career is still on the rise, but she’s already gained a tremendous amount of popularity and a huge fan following. We may not be seeing her onscreen as often as we’d like, but her 17.4m Instagram followers certainly see plenty of her. She regularly posts stunning pics, keeping people interested, and is certainly one of the hottest actresses, period, in many people’s eyes.

10. Jessica Parker Kennedy

Wow, just wow! This sultry babe was born and raised up in Calgary, Alberta, but is actually from all over the place. She’s part Italian, Russian, and African; that’s one hell of a combination, and seeing as how the outcome is Jessica, it’s an awesome one at that. It’s responsible for her caramel skin, gorgeous complexion, and the rest? We’ll, you’d just have to put it down to God-given genetics.

Jessica Parker Kennedy sizzles onscreen – actually, she sizzles no matter what she’s doing actually. She got her first acting role at the age of 22, and it’s since been smooth sailing for Jess. Her movie and TV appearances have been coming thick and fast, although I’m sure most would agree, her face is one that belongs on the big screen rather than the small one. Jessica mainly gets roles in TV shows, and has done the odd TV movie here and there, but she must be hoping for bigger and better things in the future. She’s hot, can act, and already has a tremendous fan following, so who knows, that big movie role can’t be too far away.

9. Patricia Isaac

Patricia Isaac is probably one of the lesser-known actresses on this list, but she’s certainly one of the hottest around. The Canadian vixen acquired a substantial fan following during her appearance in the Canadian TV series Republic of Doyle, a role that opened up a whole lot of other opportunities for her. One scene from her time on that show in particular, has been paused and watched time and time again. Patricia, playing a cop, gets blindsided by a convict she’s watching, gets her clothes stolen, and is discovered by another hot cop – who incidentally is on this list, played by Krystin Pellerin – all tied up in her lingerie. It’s fair to say that because of that scene alone, she’s gained a whole heap of fans.

The strikingly luscious Patricia is a much-adored fixture, mainly on Canadian TV shows, and her career’s definitely on the ascendency. Give it a few more years, and she’ll be right up there as being not only one of the hottest, but best Canadian actresses around.

8. Krystin Pellerin

Krystin Pellerin is a native of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. She then went to Montreal to study acting, before moving to Toronto to begin her acting career on stage. She continued doing professional productions for a few years, before casting directors picked up on her face and she transitioned from stage to the big screen. She starred in a couple of movies, but then, the role that made her known to the masses was as Detective Leslie Bennett in the Canadian comedy-drama Republic of Doyle. The show was filmed predominantly in Newfoundland, so Krystin felt right at home, and it certainly showed. She portrayed the sexy cop brilliantly, and since the show’s release on Netflix, Krystin – formally an unknown entity – has become a favorite of many. She not only looks stunning, but it’s that super-cute Canadian Newfoundland-Irish accent that drives people wild and makes her one sexy Canadian actress.

7. Nina Dobrev

Ok, you can probably guess by her name that Nina Dobrev isn’t of Canadian descent. She was born in Bulgaria, but moved to The Great White North along with her family at the age of two, and has called Canada her home ever since. That’s what makes the nation so great; it’s a truly multicultural society, a melting pot for people from all races, all nationalities, and because of that, the world has gotten to see Nina Dobrev do her thing on the world stage.

Nina Dobrev is still young at the age of 28, but has already been around as an active part of the industry for over a decade, starring on shows such as Degrassi and The Vampire Diaries. She’s one busy woman, because over the years she’s put together an extensive, wide-ranging filmography, keeping her fans thrilled because they never tire of seeing some of Nina. She’s among Hollywood’s hottest women, and although she now resides in L.A., she’s still extremely proud of her Canadian upbringing.


6. MacKenzie Porter

Here’s another young-ish actress, but nevertheless someone who’s been wowing audiences for around a decade. 27-year-old MacKenzie Porter, grew up on a cattle ranch in Alberta. Her family was into music and performing, and MacKenzie got in on the act as soon as she was able to. By the age of four, she had already started learning to sing, was playing the piano, and the violin too. She soon began touring the local area with her family band, and became something of a local celebrity, even at such a tender age. But she always had a fascination with acting, so she made her dream happen for herself. Today, she juggles acting and her musical endeavors. She’s very talented in both areas, but of course, the fact she’s super hot hasn’t gone unnoticed. She’s rated in numerous polls as being one of the sexiest women in Canada. Set your eyes upon MacKenzie and it’d be hard to disagree.

5. Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes, now Shenae Grimes-Beech, has been a little quiet in recent years. She’s enjoying married life, doing the odd bit of work here and there, but the millions of fans she acquired while starring in 90210 (and on Degrassi before that), have missed setting eyes on Shenae on the big screen. She’s enjoying married life, but also, her career probably hasn’t kicked on since that hit teen drama series the way she’d have liked. She’s starred in a number of TV films since 90210, but nothing really substantial. Perhaps that’s because plenty of people have never really thought of Shenae as a great actress. People either loved her, or hated her, but let’s be honest, those that loved her, loved the fact she was there, because of her beauty, rather than for her acting ability. Whichever side of the fence you’re on when it comes to Shenae, I’m sure you’re in agreement that she’s absolutely stunning. She’s also become a bit of a rock chick and has taken to rocking that skater girl look, which has just increased her sex appeal.

4. Pamela Anderson

Does Pamela Anderson really need an introduction? Pretty much everyone knows who Pamela is. Every guy has at one point gone to sleep with a picture of Pamela in their minds, and woken up to see a poster of her staring down at them from their bedroom walls. Pamela basically made a name for herself for being sexy AF and stripping down to her bare essentials to show off her sultry physique.

As a model, she became one of Playboy magazine’s favorite girls. She posed for them a number of times over the years; no wonder Hugh Hefner kept asking her back, because those editions would’ve flown off the shelves. Then, as an actress, she’s appeared in a ton of stuff, again, playing the part of the super sexy babe. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? That’s what Pamela has done over the years, and it’s why she’s gained a reputation as – not only one of Canada’s hottest women – being one of the sexiest women alive.

3. Anna Paquin

Canadian born New Zealand actress Anna Paquin has been around the globe quite a bit. Born in Winnipeg, she moved across the other side of the world when she was just four years old, with her family, including her mom who’s a native New Zealander. While in New Zealand, Anna got the acting bug and was hooked. But she actually decided to get into the industry on a whim; her sister went with a friend to an open audition, and Anna decided to give it a go too. Imagine her surprise when the casting director took a shine to her; that must have caused some tension between the siblings in the Paquin household! Since her days as a child actress, her career’s advanced leaps and bounds. She’s also blossomed into a beautiful woman, one of the hottest on the acting scene. Since her days in New Zealand, she’s started a family and has moved back across the other side of the world, where she resides in the city of L.A. But Canada will still call her their own.

2. Sunny Leone

Ex-adult film actress, and now fully-fledged member of the Bollywood movie industry, Sunny Leone is undoubtedly one of the most popular actresses on this list, someone who’s acquired the biggest fan following. It’s safe to say that over a billion people in the subcontinent and many more around the globe know her name, and that’s now because of her acting prowess. Of course, her racy past has warranted a lot of attention, but now that she’s in films, she’s basically a sex symbol, someone movie goers pay money to go and see, salivate over, and ogle at.

It all started in Ontario for Sunny – her stage name by the way – who was born to Sikh Punjabi parents. She then moved to California with her family, and then when she became of age, her adult film career started. That’s all in the past now, but fans still get to see plenty of Sunny sizzling onscreen in Bollywood movies. If casting directors need someone to do a racy scene, they call up Sunny, and she’s only too happy to oblige, much to her fans’ delight.

1. Elisha Cuthbert

Putting Elisha Cuthbert as the number one entry on this list was a no-brainer. The blonde bombshell is stunning in every which way; it’s no surprise she’s regarded to be TV’s sexiest woman. She’s also put in a load of memorable performances on the big screen, and every time she makes an appearance, guys – and girls – everywhere just can’t take their eyes off her. She’s uber cute, stunningly beautiful and just oozes sex appeal, and is therefore without a doubt Canada’s hottest actress.

Born in Alberta, she honed her acting skills in Montreal and Toronto before making the move to L.A. as a teenager in search of stardom. It was a move that paid off, because shortly after relocating, she got the call that would make her career. She starred as Kim Bauer in the hit TV series, 24, a role that propelled her into the limelight. Her career has died down a bit since these days due to various reasons, but she hasn’t faded from people’s minds. She is still one of the hottest women in Hollywood originating from The Great White North.