15 Images That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming

Make sure to look at the pictures we have collected before you go swimming in the sea or some larger river. These are 15 images that stand as a testimony to how dangerous our waters really are. Be careful where you swim.

Huge Water Snake - photoshop - probably - maybe - I hope so!

Shark Smiling For The Camera

Black Hole of The Sea!

I Don't Know What This Is, And Frankly I Don't Want To

That Woman Has Guts

Something Unexpected

The Largest And Heaviest Animal On Earth - Blue Whale

Sea Monster! Run For Your Life!! Nope, That's Just Algae

Deep Blue Sea

They Say That Octopus Are Rally Intelligent Animals, This One Is Posing For The Camera

Shark-Vacuum Cleaner

Water Snake Part II

Row Row Row Your Boat

Run Man, RUN!

Jaws Unlimited - With Vengeance!