15 Of Justin Bieber’s Stylish Girlfriends You Can’t Stop Looking At

By the time Justin Bieber quits showbiz, people will wonder if he has had more hits in the song charts or hit on more girls in the industry. At a tender age of 23, Bieber has had more girls linked to him than the average Joe would ever be in his lifetime.

The famous pop star has dated the who’s who in the celebrity world. From supermodels to singers to actresses, you name it, he’s had the luxury of being able to mingle with them. Being rich and famous, it’s not difficult to imagine why women go gaga over him.

It doesn’t hurt either that the Biebs has stunningly good looks as well. From his younger years sporting wavy bangs, to his more mature, tattooed, buff look, Justin Bieber has always been a heartthrob

Justin Bieber’s dating life would be tough to follow (unless you’re a hardcore Belieber) considering many of those he’s been linked with are on-again-off-again romances. Some of these relationships he would insistently deny despite suspicious photographs circulating the internet.

Deny as he might, the surrounding attention and controversies will never leave the Canadian crooner’s dating life. This is one of the perils of being a famous celebrity, none of your personal life is ever really private.

Be that as it may, Justin is certainly enjoying the high life canoodling with a sea of the most beautiful women in the world.

Here are some of the most gorgeous ladies Justin has ever been linked to.

15. Hailey Baldwin

Justin and Hailey were first rumored to be a couple back in February 2015, but neither confirmed this and said they were just hanging out as friends. Forward to January 2016, rumors kicked into overdrive over several pictures of them hanging out with some of their friends, where they were all spotted at a comedy club and at a Los Angeles Clippers game the next night.

Since then the dating rumor never died down and the fans lost it when pictures of the “I’ll Show You” singer were posted on his personal Instagram account. The media further went wild when they were snapped enjoying a swim at his L.A. home wherein at one point it appeared to be that the Biebs was massaging and nuzzling the model’s back.

14. Madison Beer

Madison Beer gained media attention back in 2012 when Justin Bieber posted on his Twitter account the link of Madison singing a cover of Etta James’ “At Last”. Bieber even personally signed Beer onto his record label after.

Since then, the two have been known to be friends by everyone as they have kept in touch through all these years. But back in 2016, rumors started to fly around that these two are going from platonic to romantic when a picture of Justin laying on Beer’s lap were posted on her Instagram account with the caption of “baby baby.” Justin even reposted a selfie picture of Madison wearing a skimpy top.

But alas, the fans were appeased when Justin himself confirmed on Ellen’s show that he is single and NOT dating.

13. Nicola Peltz

What is a sleepover? For most people, it’s a mundane and ordinary activity where a person spends the night at a friend’s house. But when you’re Justin Bieber, this is a major event for fans worldwide.

This was proven when sexy sleepover rumors kept floating around between Justin Bieber and the Transformers actress, Nicola Peltz, last May of 2016. These said sleepovers are just a precedent to steak dinner dates and it was also rumored that Justin flew Nicola over to Toronto to show her around town.

The Bates Motel actress even posted a picture of her and Bieber having fun while in the Maple country on her Instagram account.

12. Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie, daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie was known to have spent time together with the iconic pop star. The two have been spotted having a good time on several locations like in Laguna Beach, California holding hands, in Tokyo with Bieber wrapping his arms around her, and in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico being exceptionally intimate in public.

Pictures and videos abound on the internet of their more intimate moments. It was obvious that they enjoyed each other’s company.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies though. As to be expected, a lot of Bieber’s fans were upset and actually bullied her online.

The two called it off when Bieber said stated that he “doesn’t want a relationship’.

11. Miranda Kerr

Arguably the most fashionable woman in this list and certainly one of the more controversial pairings was that with Miranda Kerr.

Bieber and Kerr originally met at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Allegedly less than one year from said event, the two were partying together and sent dirty text messages to one another.

The drama started when Bieber made claims that Miranda Kerr said she would “make him a man.” Miranda Kerr, at that time, was married to now ex Orlando Bloom. Such statements were not taken lightly by Orlando Bloom. At one point punches were thrown in a restaurant encounter between Bieber and Bloom.

10. Barbara Palvin

Baraba Palvin may be the most memorable supermodel for the fans of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who are collectively known as Jelena. A little internet digging showed that sometime in 2011, the Victoria’s Secret Angel was caught on tape saying, “I don’t like Selena Gomez by the way” while doing a video webchat for her fans who she offered to sing for.

Then on Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion Show, pop sensation Bieber performed and apparently met Barbara not only on the catwalk, but also backstage. Barbara and Justin posed for some pictures together and attended the after party.

At this time, break up rumors were swirling around Jelena. When Selena tweeted a photo of Bieber with his friend Lil Twist, which also showed Barbara Palvin in the background, the fans speculated this picture sent Jelena to breakup town.

9. Ashley Moore

When you’re a famous singer like Justin Bieber is, it’s not hard to imagine you’d have a go with models in the business. Bieber has been spotted in a Clippers ball game kissing Ashley Moore; although, just on the forehead. It is interesting to note though that Justin Bieber was also sitting on Ashley Moore’s lap.

That’s not something society would categorize as something just friends would do. The two have been known to send cryptic messages about each other in Instagram, which can be construed as longing thoughts to be with one another.

These two seem to know each other well enough and it also seems that pent up feelings just can’t be repressed.

8. Paola Paulin

On October 2017 in a more unusual move by Bieber, he took Mexican actress, Paola Paulin, to church. It has been said that the “Sorry” singer is trying to live a more virtuous life by asking pastor and friend, Carl Lentz to screen his would be partners so they wouldn’t “lead him astray”.

Justin and Paola were said to have dated but not exclusively. Though the two had been seen spending some time together it has been said that “she wants a relationship, but he is taking his time on getting to know her.”

Justin Bieber sure is enjoying the perks of being a celebrity and with all the ladies to go around, he must be thinking it’s best to keep his options open.

7. Chantel Jeffries

Justin Bieber has been on several dates before with Chantel Jeffries but one that could possibly be most notable to the public was when Chantel was spotted leaving Bieber’s hotel the next day wearing the same outfit she had worn the night before. This two have had some history including one mysterious social media post by Justin of a close up smile of an unidentified female. Fans were quick to point out that said smile belonged to Justin’s ex Chantel Jeffries. In an interview of Jeffries with E! news, she was asked if she and Justin have ever slept in the same bed, she just says “Do you sleep in the same bed as your friends?” with a smug expression. Many have pointed out that the curious behaviour of answering a question with another question to be a suspicious, guarded answer.

6. Kendall Jenner

The celebrity circle is such a small world. This one gets a little weird. Rumors say that Kendall hooked up with Justin Bieber while he was still with Selena Gomez. Selena and Kendall were friends back then.

Remember Hailey Baldwin? Hailey and Kendall are known to be chums as well. Both girls have been linked to Justin. As you’ve been warned, this gets a little weird. Though not uncommon among celebrities to date your friend’s ex, it’s certainly awkward to think about.

Neither Justin nor Kendall confirmed any relationship between them, but a picture of Bieber’s hands by Kendall’s hips wearing just a bikini has sparked the interest of the media and fans alike.

5. Sahara Ray

2016 was definitely a busy year for Justin Bieber’s dating life. It started with tons of selfies of him clubbing and going to basketball games with the American model, Hailey Baldwin, for several months. Come May, he was having sleepovers with the Transformers star Nicola Peltz, and fans from around the world went nuts when Justin and Nicola were spotted in the Great White North having an intimate dinner at the CN Tower.

But then on August 2016, the media went on another frenzy when pictures of the “Love Yourself” singer started floating along with the Australian model Sahara Ray where they were spotted skinny dipping in Hawaii. However, just like with the other women he went out with prior to Sahara, it just didn’t last.

4. Yovanna Ventura

Back in 2014, a bilingual young model named Yovanna Ventura catapulted to stardom after dating rumors with Justin Bieber were confirmed. It was reported that Bieber initially messaged the Miami-based model on February 2014 through Instagram and invited her to attend his Miami recording studio.

Allegedly this was their first date and from then on romantic pictures of her and the Biebs were posted on several social media websites. Although everything seems wonderful for Justin and Yovanna, fans are actually confused because Justin was seen “back together” with Selena after they were spotted attending Alfredo Flores’ birthday party together.

Clearly keeping track of Justin’s chronological dating history will be dicey.

3. Shanina Shaik

There’s a saying: life is too short, so enjoy your days. It seems Bieber took this to heart. An altercation at the Ibiza restaurant between Hollywood elite Orlando Bloom and pop star royalty Justin Bieber made the news some time in July of 2014.

But what really drove the media crazy was that just a day after that incident, Justin Bieber was seen aboard a yacht, chilling with a very stunning brunette lady. It turns out, this gorgeous gal was none other than the Australian-born, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Shanina Shaik.

They were seen chatting and laughing while taking selfies without any cares in the world that they’re hitting the waves not only on their fancy yacht but on several showbiz media news outlets as well.

Oh, such is the life of the rich and famous!

2. Jayde Pierce

Jayde Pierce is one of the most followed beauty YouTubers on the internet, but this British model was mostly known as “that girl on the background” of Justin Bieber’s infamous paparazzi shot in Bora Bora last 2015.

When the “What Do You Mean?” crooner was interviewed by Ellen about said picture, which shows him revealing “all” and asked about the lady sitting on the bed in the background, Bieber flat out said that she’s just a friend that he flew to Bora Bora with.

And even at one point during the interview, Justin was blushing because of being put on the spot about her. Perhaps she was his girlfriend?

1. Selena Gomez

This list wouldn’t be complete without on-again, off-again partner Selena Gomez. They just can’t seem to part ways. “Jelena” started dating way back from when they were still teens.

From dazzling dinners, to frolicking at the beach, to renting the Staples Center for a private date, you name it, they’ve done it. Fast forward to the present and it seems that despite all the drama that went on between them, Justin and Selena seem to be rekindling their old flame.

They’ve been spotted on bike rides together and leaving gym work outs side by side. Only time will tell if they’ll be “Sorry” or if “The Heart Wants What It Wants”.