15 outfits from Animal Crossing you can wear in real life

15 outfits from Animal Crossing you can wear in real life
15 outfits from Animal Crossing you can wear in real life

I cannot be the only person who's been online shopping solely based on cute pieces I've seen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Mabel and Sabel have really been churning out a lot of lewks throughout the game, but the question arose as I was playing: Would I be able to find the pieces I loved watching my character putter around her various flower beds in in real life? The answer was mostly yes, much to my personal satisfaction and my wallet's dismay. Here are a few of the best clothing items and outfits in Animal Crossing and where to find them in real life.

1. The tulip (bucket) hat of your dreams

The piece I most wanted to see if I could find a duplicate of was the orange tulip hat, which was one of the first items to fall out of the sky for me in the game. A little bit outdoorsy and way too cute on my avatar's oversized noggin, the tulip hat is a perfect outdoor accessory. Luckily, Urban Outfitters has a bucket hat that resembles the tulip hat all too well. The UO Washed Bucket Hat comes in six colors and costs less than $20 (if I had a dollar-to-bell converter, I'd give you that number in bells). Reviewers loved this hat for its retro feel and lightweight material.

2. The jumpsuit to end all jumpsuits

15 outfits from Animal Crossing you can wear in real life

2019 was a great year for jumpsuits, and who's to say that 2020 isn't also a perfect year for jumpsuits? They're versatile, easy to dress up or down, and an excellent wardrobe staple. The jumper work suit in Animal Crossing is easily replicated in your own closet with Everlane's Modern Utility Jumpsuit, which comes in four colors and is made of lightweight cotton, so you can hop into it in all seasons.

Reviewers loved the Modern Utility Jumpsuit for how easy it was to move around in and how well it stood up to multiple washes.

3. This gorgeous plaid dress

15 outfits from Animal Crossing you can wear in real life

Plaid and gingham are real mainstays of the Animal Crossing aesthetic, and luckily they're on trend this year for summer. Urban Outfitters has a wide array of patterned dresses this season, and the UO Chapin Mini Shirt Dress is a great counterpart to the Simple checkered dress. Reviewers noted that this dress ran large and was made with very lightweight fabric, so keep that in mind if you're looking for something with a bit more coverage.

4. A great blazer so you can ace Label's workplace clothes challenge in real life

Animal Crossing loves a formal look. There are so many varieties of blazers and suits in the game, but the one that always catches my eye is the Tweed jacket. Madewell also loves a work jacket, and the Linen Dorset Blazer in Gingham Check is a great transition piece thanks to its breathable fabric and airy cut.

5. A linen apron to channel your best Timmy and Tommy

The Apron in Animal Crossing is eerily similar to getups seen on Bon Appetit videos, and who wouldn't want to look like Molly Baz or Sohla El-Waylly in their daily lives? These gorgeous, lightweight linen aprons from Etsy vendor BunnyStreetCom are perfect for everyday use and won't clash horribly with everything else you're wearing. Aprons also make great gifts, so at the very least keep this in your back pocket for the friend that's obsessed with the Test Kitchen.

6. A witch hat, just because

There are so many costumes to choose from in Animal Crossing, but each time I scroll through my inventory I can't help but stop on the Frugal hat. Etsy creator GreatFindsCrafts offers a similar stout witch hat in black. This shop has nearly 4,000 reviews and a strong 3.5-star rating. Reviewers say the hat is sturdy and well-made (and that it looks great regardless of whether it's Halloween or not).

7. The Holy Grail of anorak jackets

15 outfits from Animal Crossing you can wear in real life

My character is in this jacket in a very weather-inappropriate sort of way, AKA all the time, regardless of season. I would also be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled when I discovered this anorak jacket at UNIQLO. The UNIQLO Men Oversized Anorak Parka is made with a water-repellant coating for all your hiking needs, and reviewers loved its light weight and how well it worked as a layering piece.

8. White overalls you'll want to wear every day this summer

Overalls are really popular lately for a reason. They're incredibly easy to accessorize, very durable, and make a statement in any outfit. They also look so cute on Animal Crossing villagers. These white overalls from Madewell are perfect for anyone who wants to copy the look of the Denim overalls from AC.

Reviewers loved these overalls for their soft, comfy feel and how opaque the fabric was.

9. A basic tie-dye tee

This was another of the first items I ever got in the game, and it fits so perfectly with the floral, hippie aesthetic of the island life. Tie-dye is everywhere right now, and at Urban Outfitters especially you can find tie-dye options for every clothing item you can think of. This t-shirt by Mr. Natural is just like the Tie-dye shirt from Animal Crossing and comes in machine-washable, comfy cotton. This tee would also be a great layer option for the white overalls, just saying.

10. The best time to wear a striped sweater is right now

Striped sweaters are always cute, and Madewell makes them very... well. They have stripes in several varieties and styles, but their Rainbow-Inset Crop Sweatshirt echoes the aesthetic of the Colorful striped sweater from Animal Crossing. Browse their website if you're looking for stripes in more color combinations and patterns.

11. A shirt-dress to fill out your capsule wardrobe

A classic is a classic is a classic. Shirt dresses are versatile, easy to dress up or down, and great layers for every season. This shirt dress from Madewell is a summer staple, and while the Animal Crossing Shirtdress doesn't feature a white option, we think they should. Reviewers love this dress for its length and opaque material.

12. Comfy sneakers you can wear all day

The look of the Faux-suede sneakers from AC is easily replicated in these Daybreak Sneakers by Nike. Modeled after the 1979 Tailwind marathon shoe, reviewers loved these sneakers for their supportive sole and sleek, retro design.

13. A royal shirt to make your look suitable for the fussiest of villagers

Nothing feels quite so fancy as a ruffle. This ruffled, polka-dotted white button-down from ASOS has echoes of the Young-royal shirt you can wear to endear yourself to all your fancy neighbors, and can be dressed up or down. The lightweight fabric means that you can use this item as a transition piece, so grab it now and pretend you're Elvis the fancy lion.

14. Hiking boots to complete an outdoorsy getup

There is a ridiculous alchemy to how adorable the Trekking shoes in Animal Crossing are. My villager stomps around in hers almost daily, and while that's not necessarily practical, these hiking boots from REI are just cute enough to be everyday-wear. Danner is a great shoe brand, and these waterproof boots are a nice option for all your own stomping and garden-wandering.

Reviewers loved these boots for travel and hiking and noted how long-lasting they were. Hurry and grab a pair before they're gone!

15. The hot-dog costume. Duh.

Obviously we had to include the hot dog. Nothing will eclipse the joy of gifting this to one of your villagers and watching them wander around your village—nothing. Why not buy one for yourself?

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