15 Pics Of Vin Diesel Proving He's Nothing Like His Fast And Furious Character

15 Pics Of Vin Diesel Proving He's Nothing Like His Fast And Furious Character

Remarkably, the F&F franchise continues to go strong with F9’s trailer recently released. Given his words in recent interviews, Vin is already starting to plan for the tenth flick, which will be a monumental one, without a doubt.

Prior to Fast and Furious, Vin struggled to find the right role, especially in the ‘90s. Landing on Dom Toretto completely changed his life and nowadays, most fans can’t picture Vin under a different character or set of circumstances.

In this article, we’ll go behind the scenes, showing a more human side to Vin Diesel when the cameras aren’t rolling. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how different things are.

Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Here are 15 photos of Vin Diesel proving he's nothing like his Fast and Furious character, Domenic Toretto.

15. Behind The Scenes Joy

At times in the past, it was said that Vin Diesel was tough to work with on-set, especially during Fast and Furious. However, this picture and caption via his IG account proves otherwise. He’s feeling nothing but gratitude;

“I’m Home” Moments after we dropped the world-wide trailer. Love my whole team... FAMILY. Blessed.”

14. Humble Words

“He has a way of giving everyone he comes in contact with so much inspiration. You see it in the roles he plays. Like me he has never won an Oscar, but that means zero when it comes to how he has affected the world. His very existence represents the power of resilience.”

Humble words by Vin Diesel discussing his close friend – hmm, maybe he’s actually a sweetheart outside of his Fast and Furious character?

13. Smiles With John

15 Pics Of Vin Diesel Proving He's Nothing Like His Fast And Furious Character

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The newest member of the F & F family is none other than John Cena.

It seems like these two are hitting it off behind the scenes – Vin Diesel would even post a video praising John and his role in the film, one that he claims will change the way people see John.

12. Charity Work

15 Pics Of Vin Diesel Proving He's Nothing Like His Fast And Furious Character

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Like lots of other celebs, Vin does a lot of charity work behind the scenes. In this instance, by just playing a little bit of Xbox, he was able to raise $100,000 for charity.

He’s constantly giving back, which is a great sign and something that only enhances his image even further.

11. Selfie Time

We really can’t picture Dom posing for such a pic during the Fast and Furious films, however, he does take such pics behind the scenes and he has also followed it up with sentimental bday wishes;

“Happy Birthday to one of the best people I have ever had the opportunity to know. @jordanabrewster it has been a true blessing to call you my sister on and off screen for the last 20 years. WE LOVE YOU!!!”

10. Signing For The Fans

15 Pics Of Vin Diesel Proving He's Nothing Like His Fast And Furious Character

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For Vin, it started with his fair share of struggles in the ‘90s but in the early 2000s, it would all change as he would make a serious breakthrough and rise in the industry. Of course, Fast and Furious would be the gig to finally put him on the map.

He does his best to give back to the fans, as we see in the pic above as Vin signs autographs for the supporters.

9. Respecting His Elders

Vin has a clear respect for his elders and that was especially the case in this emotional post. Here’s what he had to say;

“Wisdom... to acquire it, often takes nothing more than to simply listen, to the people you love who have it. Sir Michael Caine, grateful for your friendship. All love.”

8. Photoshoot Smiles

A great behind the scenes pic that shows the real Vin Diesel. He’s taking part in a photoshoot and he’s all smiles off the camera.

He even took the time to thank his photographer via IG, while even poking fun at himself for the large smile.

7. Family Picture

15 Pics Of Vin Diesel Proving He's Nothing Like His Fast And Furious Character

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He’s a proud dad of three children behind the scenes: Hania, Vincent and Pauline. His third child was named after Paul Walker, in tribute to the late actor.

Vin Diesel has stated in numerous interviews that he chooses to keep his personal life to himself and wants the proper privacy, unlike most celebs in the industry.

6. Daughter Photoshoot

A photoshoot alongside his youngest daughter, Pauline. Vin proudly posted the picture to his IG. He has quite the following with over 60 million supporters.

He continues to trend in the right direction with another Fast & Furious release coming soon, not to mention lots of other films involving the Hollywood star.

5. Optimizing Talent

Fast and Furious has a knack for taking musicians and turning them into something great for the films. Vin spoke highly pertaining to the newest addition;

“As you know, we have often found great talent in the music industry to cross over into film. They are expected to leave all the accolades at the door to embrace the character with integrity... and that is exactly what Ozuna has done.”

4. Selfie Time

Another great BTS pic, one we wouldn’t expect from Vin, followed up by a great message;

“There are times in the film industry, where the actor envisioned when the character is created ends up being the actor you see on screen when the film is released... Michael Rooker.”

3. Family Vacation

He has a busy life, yet Vin is always able to find family time. He posted this picture to end 2019, discussing how great the year turned out to be.

Vin might be toping things in 2020, working on Avatar 2 and 3, which are set for releases in 2021 and 2023.

2. Ocean Time

A great photo featuring Vin Diesel and his daughter riding on the ocean in style; it really doesn’t get much better than this scene – Diesel was nothing but grateful in his IG post, which was double-tapped by more than a million fans.

A lot more relaxed compared to his F&F persona, that's for sure.

1. With His Partner

15 Pics Of Vin Diesel Proving He's Nothing Like His Fast And Furious Character

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Vin and his partner Paloma Jimenez, have been together since 2007; do the math, that’s over a decade. The two have started a family since then, with three children.

We don’t hear all that much when it comes to their romance, as we stated earlier Vin chooses to live his personal life on the DL, which is actually quite refreshing.

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