15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear

Beyonce is one of the most recognized singers in the world, having sold over 120 million records worldwide, with an additional 60 million sold when she was part of Destiny’s Child. Unlike most celebrities who tend to share everything about their personal lives on social media, Bey keeps certain things to herself.

Of course, that has made it harder for us fans to keep up with the singer, Aside from the confessional Lemonade, she is not really someone to publicly address issues in her love life for the sake of providing entertainment. Beyonce prefers to be in control of what people know about her and what they don’t. However, there have been times when even she couldn’t control the narrative.

From speculation that she faked her pregnancy with Blue Ivy to her alleged membership in the Illuminati cult, Beyonce has been the subject of plenty of rumors over the years, and she probably wants these 15 allegations to disappear once and for all.

15. She Was Allegedly Having A Fling With Her Bodyguard

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


The rumor concerning Jay-Z's cheating ways erupted in 2013, triggering other reports that claimed Beyonce was secretly hooking up with her bodyguard, Julias DeBoer. He’s been protecting Bey and Jay for years and they both consider him a friend, so it's easy to understand why Beyonce would want rumors concerning an alleged affair with her bodyguard to go away.

14. She Allegedly Faked Her Pregnancy With Blue Ivy

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


When Beyonce first announced her pregnancy at the 2011 Video Music Awards, fans were ecstatic that their idol was gearing up to become a mother. But, after the taping of an Australian interview, people wondered whether Bey was really pregnant because they noticed her baby bump “deflate” as she took her seat. The mother of three has since described the rumor as “absurd.”

13. She Kicked Out Members Of Destiny’s Child

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


In early 2000, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett were replaced as members of Destiny’s Child and, going by rumors, Beyonce helped to make the cuts. It was claimed that the group's manager (who is also Bey’s father), Mathew Knowles, wanted his daughter to shine in the group as the centerpiece, which Luckett and Roberson took issue with.

12. She Doesn't Like Kim Kardashian

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


When Kanye West started seeing Kim Kardashian in 2011, one can only imagine what must have been going through Beyonce’s mind. After all, the singer and her husband, Jay-Z, were longtime friends with Kanye, but never in a million years did the “Formation” hitmaker think she’d be hanging out with Kim.

The rumor is that Bey has never been fond of Kim or her famous siblings, but she puts up a good front in public.

11. She Purposely Skipped Kim And Kanye West’s Wedding

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


When Kim and Kanye tied the knot in Italy on May 24, 2014, fans were stunned at the revelation that Beyonce and Jay-Z had skipped the nuptials. That very same day, the “Crazy In Love” star went on to share a selfie on Instagram, which appeared to be a slight dig. The selfie implied that taking a casual pic was more important than attending a friend’s wedding. Yikes.

10. She’s Part Of The Illuminati

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


It’s long been rumored that Beyonce is part of the Illuminati, which is a secret society, and fans can probably guess why people would think this.

The 38-year-old throws up the supposed Illuminati sign, which consists of two hands drawn together in a pyramid-like shape, at all of her major gigs and concerts. She also made the gesture in several of her music videos.

But is that enough evidence to prove that she’s part of the Illuminati cult?

9. Her Father Allegedly Changed Kelly And Michelle’s Names

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


People tend to assume that Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were given their names at birth - wrong! Their respective names are Kelendria Rowland and Tenitra Williams, but Mathew was determined to make Beyonce the star in the group. He allegedly wanted her to be the only one with a unique name, prompting Kelly and Michelle to make the name changes.

8. She Had Plans To Buy A New Home Without Jay-Z

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


Following allegations that Jay had stepped out of his marriage, it was rumored that the “Pray You Catch Me” songstress was looking to purchase a new home without her husband. Beyonce apparently planned to use the property as a getaway spot. at times when she needed to clear her mind.

At that point, there were so many rumors that their marriage was falling apart.

7. She Altered Her Instagram Photos In The Past

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


Everybody wants to look perfect on Instagram, including Beyonce. When she started using the social media platform frequently in 2014, people were quick to point out what had been edited in her photos. With before-and-after photos placed side by side, there was no doubt that Beyonce had been altering her Instagram pics. Of course, she wouldn’t want to admit that.

6. She Was Allegedly Jealous Of Jennifer Hudson Winning An Oscar

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


In 2007, Jennifer Hudson was honored at the Oscars with the award for Best Supporting Actress, for her performance in the film, “Dreamgirls,” co-starring Beyonce. It was claimed at the time that Bey really wasn’t happy that her performance was being overshadowed by Hudson's. However, a rep for Beyonce went on to say that the rumor was “absolutely ridiculous.”

5. She Was Furious Over Jay’s Encounter With Former Flame, Rachel Roy

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


When Solange infamously attacked Jay-Z in an elevator, after leaving a Met Gala after-party in 2014, reports claimed that the “99 Problems” rapper had been getting close with his rumored former flame, Rachel Roy.

Sources say that the elevator brawl was primarily because Jay wasn’t acting like a married man at the special event. This triggered Solange’s outburst.

4. She Shaded Kelly And Michelle During Their Super Bowl Performance

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


Beyonce surprised fans when she reunited with Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland for a Destiny’s Child medley during her Super Bowl performance in 2013. But everyone took note of the fact that Beyonce’s microphone was louder, which many considered to be a shady move by the bootylicious star. But then again, it was Beyonce’s Super Bowl show.

3. She Was Allegedly Feuding With Rihanna

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


This is probably the longest-running rumor concerning Beyonce and her husband, but ever since signing Rihanna at the age of 16, Jay-Z has been romantically linked to the Bajan singer. While the two have strongly denied having shared any sort of romance in the past, it’s said to have left Beyonce on the edge.

Needless to say, Bey isn’t fond of Rihanna, according to reports.

2. She Had Plastic Surgery To Gain Her Voluptuous Figure

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


It’s no secret that Beyonce’s body has drastically changed over the years, and while some have speculated that she’s gone under the knife to achieve her look, others think it’s all down to fitness.

Given that she’s had three children, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Bey’s figure is naturally fuller now than it was before welcoming kids.

1. She Allegedly Considered Divorcing Jay-Z Over His Affair

15 Rumours Beyonce Wishes Would Quietly Disappear


In 2014, following the elevator brawl with Solange, Jay was alleged to have been close to losing Beyonce, due to a string of cheating scandals that emerged after the incident. Of course, it was not until the release of his thirteenth studio album, "4:44", that the 50-year-old admitted to infidelity.

From what sources have gathered, the couple has worked through their marital issues. They've gotten counseling and are much happier together now.

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