15 Things About Avengers 4 That The Cast Is Trying To Keep Secret

Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War is destroying box office records right now. Around one month in, and as of this writing they are rounding $2 Billion. The movie has been huge for Marvel Studios and Disney. For the most part, spoilers have been held back but you will run into the occasional person who lacks respect for others. Despite this, millions of people have seen the movie and it is only going to continue. The success of the movie, however, is predicated somewhat on not knowing what will happen until it is seen.

Disney and Marvel did an impressive job at giving us an interesting scenario with the movie. It is the idea that one cosmic being, almost God-like, planned to affect the universe drastically. While he could easily do a lot due to his own power, he knew gathering infinity stones would allow him to hold an ultimate power that could not be equaled. First, however, he had to find where they were and take them from whoever happened to own one or more.

Doing this would bring him to multiple areas, including Earth. The Avengers have to stop Thanos. Infinity War as a film is their attempt to do just that. A lot of things happened in the movie that are massive. No matter how you slice up the film, someone is going to be upset about something in the movie. However, Avengers 4 is the sequel of sorts to the Avengers 3 film. While other Avengers film had their own story and isolated villain or group to deal with, the 3rd & 4th installment are linked together and will star the same cast of characters. Of course, more will be added on top of this.

There is a ton that Disney and Marvel Studios want to keep under-wraps or they simply do not want you to know about heading into the 4th movie. However, we were able to gather some intel on what we can expect from the movie as well as what we can expect from the studio going forward. Of course, due to the list going over the 4th movie, there will be Infinity War spoilers and possible Avengers 4 spoilers as well. With that said, a spoiler warning is in effect. We hope you enjoy our list of things Disney and Marvel do not want you to know about Avengers 4.

15. Why Avengers 4 Does Not Have An Official Title

Have you ever wondered why all the films for the Avengers or any other movie planned out are named yet weirdly Avengers 4 does not have a title yet? Seriously, think about it for a second. We knew that Infinity War was coming back at the first Avengers movie. We knew they had everything planned out to lead to this situation, and if we watch Infinity War then we know what happens there by now. The reason for not revealing the title is that the title, in itself, is a spoiler. What does this mean you may ask? Disney and Marvel know that if they give a title to the 4th movie, and they do already have one, it could spoil the 3rd.

This is why they'll wait until later this year to reveal a title. By then, the movie will be out on BlueRay and any spoiler alert issue will be avoided as people have had plenty of time to see the film. What title are they planning to go with? Right now, it has been rumored that they're going to go a direction that makes sense for what the Avengers will try to accomplish in the movie. A number of titles have been rumored, but the Russo Brothers (who direct the movies) have said they have a title that speaks to the heart of the story.

This is why the film could simply be called "Avengers: Assemble" or something along those lines. Though Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet seems apropos too. As of now, even the cast is not completely aware of what the name will be.

14. Black Panther Will Not Stay Gone

After the massive success of the Avengers movie, it seems like people have somewhat forgotten that Black Panther pushed out over a billion dollars at the box office on its own. Panther is considered one of the best superheroes in all of comics, but he simply had not been fully introduced to the world in cinematic form until the Civil War film. A solo movie was always a plan, and it worked very well for them. In fact, it was announced very soon after the success of the movie that a Black Panther 2 would be coming. While there have been other Black Panthers in the comics not named T'Challa, it would be odd to remove him.

T'Challa as a character is still very new to the MCU. While the character may not be completely new, he is new enough to remain a character for some time. To be taken out and removed from the universe for good would be completely insane. This is why a Black Panther 2 will not star another person in the title role, but rather star T'Challa. Of course, it is likely we see a new Panther in the future as that does end up happening. However, the idea of this happening so quickly would be odd. Thus, Avengers 4 will likely find a way to bring T'Challa back to life.

13. Where Is Thanos Now?

Near the end of Infinity War, Thanos has won. He mentioned during the movie that after he was done, he planned to go home and watch the sunset basically. At the end of the film, it seems that he was doing just as he planned. However, this seemed kind of odd to most of us, did it not? Thanos is from Titan, and when Thanos mentioned his world was pretty much hurt due to overpopulation and lack of proper resources...we felt bad for the guy. It is topical due to the current issue Earth has seen. Thanos claimed to be helping Earth avoid the issue his people didn't have the chance to avoid. The real question is simple here.

If Thanos' world was practically in ruin, and last we saw Titan it was in bad shape during the film, where the heck is Thanos at the end of the movie? There are a lot of theories surrounding this, and it'll depend on who you ask. However, it appears to be that he is somewhere inside the Soul Stone. This could mean he is in a pocket dimension that the stone provided him or that he is simply inside the stone itself. It would make sense if this was the case. For the place around him to be his home and alive means that the stone brought it back to life and had it present for him. Titan did not suddenly come back, and we know this from where we last saw some of the Avengers. So the Avengers will have to draw him out in the 4th movie.

12. An Interesting Thing About That Netflix Tie-In

For those unaware, unlike DC Comics the group at Marvel Studios felt it would be best to keep all Marvel characters in the same universe. Some would be on television and Netflix while others would be in the movie world. However, ALL are tied into the same universe and are all affected by the same things. Due to this, it would not be shocking to see the Netflix shows crossing over into Avengers 4 in some way. Likely the biggest way would be with the Yakuza and The Hand. We know that the studio put out a huge casting for Japanese males for gangster roles, and something involving them happened to be filmed with the 4th movie. It is thought it could be a mere battle the team is involved in, but it could be more. The Avengers could be trying to speak with them, with Black Widow being the major aid there...considering the character has connections.

While The Hand has been defeated mostly in the Netflix show, this does not mean the entire team is gone nor does it mean the Yakuza are. So they could easily show up inside the movie. We could very well even see some characters from the shows come into the movie as well. If there is a big battle with that many Japanese people, it would not be shocking to see Daredevil and a few others from the Netflix shows. The reason for this is two-fold. They make sense for the fight, considering how they have already been used. On top of this, you need more heroes for the movie and bringing over some Netflix ones makes sense. Especially since we're still talking about the same universe.

11. Star-Lord And Likely Mantis Are Confirmed To Come Back

This is seemingly no longer speculation due to a bit of a mistake made by Chris Pratt, the actor who plays Star-Lord. While the social media post has since been removed, Pratt mentioned a very sweet thing on his Instagram account. While it is likely the nicest way to ever spoil something, he wished his co-star Pom Klementieff a happy birthday. While this may not seem like an issue on the surface, it is what he said with his birthday message to her that caused some people at Marvel Studios and Disney to completely lose their minds. He wrote:

"Happy Birthday @pom.klementieff whom many of you know as Mantis!!! She’s such a unique, talented and driven artist. Can’t wait to start shooting Guardians Vol. 3 with her next year! Hope you’re having a good day Pom!”

While this may not seem bad, it tells us right there that both Star-Lord and Mantis will be coming back to life in Avengers 4. They'd have to in order to be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 of course. While Pratt and Pom could very well be filming small stuff on Guardians that is from the past, we can all assume that this is a lit and they're filming a big new movie together.

10. The Fate Of Thor

The fate of Thor seems to be a question many keep asking about. He is a God in the comics and in the MCU. However, Gods can be destroyed by other Gods. If said God-like figure also has all the Infinity Stones, he has an easier way to go about winning that fight. Throughout Infinity War, Thor searched for something that could replace his hammer and yet be strong enough to destroy Thanos. If nothing else, he had to have a weapon that could destroy the Infinity Gauntlet. Thor succeeded in getting his weapon and even did some damage to Thanos, but he did not destroy him. Thor may also have some trouble in the 4th installment and the end of Chris Hemsworth's contract could be an issue. Regarding it he said:

"I’ve just, literally two days ago, finished Avengers 4 and that’s my contract — my preexisting contract is done now, so it’s kind of like, ‘wow, that’s it … Two or three films ago I was like, “okay, a couple more.” I was enjoying it but I was like… I felt a little restricted. And after this last experience with Taika Waititi, and actually these last two Avengers, I feel like we’ve reinvented the character a number of times — even in these next two, he evolves again, and you don’t get that opportunity often in a franchise. So I definitely feel a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm, and more so than ever, I think."

While Chris Hemsworth does have a contract that is complete, he also loves the character. As of now, there are no upcoming films that have Thor in the line-up or possible line-up after Avengers 4. So could we see Thor pass in his attempt to save mankind? He is one of the few characters who could actually accomplish this. It would not be a proper war if everyone returned. Someone has to stay gone, could that be Thor? It would make sense.

9. Spider-Man Returning Is Likely Guaranteed

During one of the more emotional scenes in the entire movie, Peter Parker would join Tony Stark and Doctor Strange and end up on Titan. While the team would be joined by a bulk of the Guardians, they were not enough to stop Thanos. Attempts were made, but he would win out and thus it caused many to pass. One of the biggest people in the universe to pass to the great beyond was Spider-Man himself. Tony Stark had been close to Peter and helped him learn about how to use his new powers, even supplying him a suit to properly help him with things. The two had grown very close to almost a father/son type of thing. When Thanos won, he said prior that his decision to take out half of the people would have no bias.

He made sure to note that old, young, man, woman, superhero, normal human, etc. would all be involved in a random choice. The youth part really stuck, and Parker would be among the casualties. He would pass being held by Stark, and no one would have a dry eye watching this. Stark is now pissed and will do whatever he has to do in order to bring the kid back, even sacrificing himself for him. To top it off, Marvel Studios has already announced a Spider-Man 2 film is in the works and Tom Holland is linked to the project. It would be tough for a deceased Spidey to be the hero in his second solo film, wouldn't it? It is likely that Parker's passing is what drives Stark to bring people back, so it would be good for us to not know about right now. But it's pretty easy to confirm.

8. Professor Hulk

During the Infinity War film, we see very little of Hulk. Bruce Banner has to somehow regain control of him in Thor: Ragnarok, so when he finally accomplishes this...it made sense to see Hulk a bit less. However, we did not expect this way. Hulk is seen at the beginning of the film going after Thanos. The two engage in a battle that Hulk would ultimately look weak in. Before being destroyed by Thanos, Heimdall summons all the power he has left to send teleport Hulk back to Earth before he can be hurt further by the Mad Titan. This angers Thanos and Heimdall is taken out as a result of his decision. Hulk never shows any period after. Banner does his best to summon Hulk out, yet he refuses.

So much so, instead of Hulk being used...Banner uses a Hulkbuster to help the other heroes in the fight. Hulk has never truly failed in his fights, and Thanos made him look weak. Banner will have to find a way to bring back Hulk if there is any possibility for the Avengers to save the world this time. We will see Hulk again, but perhaps not the way people assume. It is being said that we will end up seeing Professor Hulk rather than just Banner or Hulk isolated. This is the time period when Bruce Banner takes over as the overall brain and intelligence of his body but Hulk's actual body is used. Therefore, Professor Hulk. This has been rumored for quite some time, and it is being said we'll go this direction in Avengers 4.

7. What "The Only Way" Claim Made By Doctor Strange Was About

While on Titan, Doctor Strange happened to be with Stark, Parker, and the Guardians in the perfect territory for Thanos. Strange happened to have the Time Stone within the Eye of Agamotto. He would go into the eye, of sorts, and look throughout time. He would go over multiple ways regarding the team succeeding and failing. In every single action they took, the team failed. Each situation more catastrophic than the last. All except one of course. The real issue is that we do not know what this meant when Strange said it. He told Stark that if it came between the Eye and him and the kid, he'd keep the Eye. So it was pretty shocking when Strange handed over the Time Stone to Thanos.

He claimed he would only hand it over to Thanos under one condition, he had to let Tony live. Many took this as Strange saving Tony due to him being stabbed by Thanos just out of range for it to be a deadly blow. In reality, this was Strange acting out the plan that was there all along. He knew that the plan that succeeded was only going to work if Tony lived. This meant he could give up the Time Stone because he knew the plans Tony had in play. The only way remark was simply Strange claiming that he and many others had to pass, and the stone had to be given up, to save the world.

6. What This Actually Means For Stark

It is being reported that the idea behind Avengers 4 is that Stark is going to be doing all he can to ensure that he saves the planet. In particular, he is supposedly going to have a huge emotional connection to Peter Parker whom passed and turned to dust in his arms. Seeing all of this happen around him clearly will encourage Tony to save the world. The plan is to get the boys back together, and girl of course. The original Avengers are set to come back together with a big focus on the relationship between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, as well as the other team members. While a few that remain will be part of this team, such as Nebula, other members are expected to show up too. Ant-Man and The Wasp will be coming into the fold, and Hawkeye will rejoin the team.

The goal for the team is going to be to formulate a plan to save the world, with Tony likely recommending his own Infinity Gauntlet. This makes sense at the end of the day, as the gauntlet that Thanos has is not the first or only one ever made. If you recall, a small version was seen in the original Thor movie. Thanos had his made to house all the stones, and Stark will make his own that can get the stones together and reverse the thing that Thanos is responsible for. This would be things like certain direct passings he is responsible for like Loki, Vision, Gamora, etc. It would also reverse what the stones have done regarding the removal of half of the people. The question is, how is going to get the stones?

5. The Avengers Are Going To Time Travel

It has already been confirmed by sources in multiple areas that the Avengers are going to time travel. There have been on-set photos that have included Avengers and other cast members from multiple battles in the past that the team has been part of. With Tony's prospective idea to make a gauntlet, the team's goal in going back in time will be to get the Infinity Stones BEFORE Thanos is able to capture them in the present day Infinity War storyline, The idea would be that, if they can capture all of the stones and put them into a gauntlet like Thanos...someone can use this to make it to where Thanos never goes through with his actions.

This could, in theory, prevent him from existing as well. This is one of the few things that could be done to prevent the success Thanos has. The question will truly be how they will accomplish this. Apparently, that is where Hank Pym comes into play. He will be supplying them the Quantum Reel for each to use. Set photos have shown something that will likely be on the wrists of the Avengers, which will likely be a version of this. It could be that they will be taking over their bodies from the past and going through with the normal war while also having the side mission of securing the stones. It could play out similar to how Wolverine was used in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Yet they will have limited time in each scenario to secure each stone it appears. This could certainly alter the timeline a bit.

4. Interesting Side Save That Could Very Well Happen

You'll notice the first time we came across Scarlett Witch, she was with her brother Quicksilver. The character of Quicksilver is actually not owned by Disney and Marvel, nor FOX. It was an open character both could use. As a professional courtesy, FOX's timeline allowed for Quicksilver to be used while they never bothered truly using Wanda. Meanwhile, Disney removed Quicksilver after his first and only movie. It was done as a way to allow both sides to use the characters but also a professional tip of the hat to using one of the two they both had available than both for a full run of films.

Interestingly, Quicksilver and the rest of the X-Men cast are going to be done after X-Men: Dark Phoenix. All the contracts run out, including the main names from the franchise in Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy. This is known by Disney, who would likely be owning the X-Men soon due to the 20th Century FOX purchase that will likely become official in 2019. Due to Hawkeye knowing the result of Quicksilver's passing, it would not be shocking for him to save Pietro (Peter). You may also find it quite interesting that Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the man who played the character in the MCU, was spotted on set filming some things. He would have no need to come in and re-film scenes if the results were not going to be altered in some way. So we could be seeing the timeline changed, saving him.

3. Captain Marvel's Role In All Of This

It is likely that we will know more of how Carol Danvers is brought into the MCU when her solo film hits theaters in early 2019. We were teased a bit with her use as Brie Larson, the actress playing her, was spotted on set for a long period of time. The last sort of known connection was at the end of Infinity War when Nick Fury realizes the world needs help and he has to call in for the emergency crew. He then puts a notification in that we clearly see contains the logo of Captain Marvel. It is likely that the end-credits scene for Captain Marvel will be seeing her learn of Earth needing her help.

It is said that Thor will be on a side-quest that will ultimately put him in the position of gathering an army of his own that will assist the Avengers. This will likely put him in the right place to find Captain Marvel and bring her to the team. There is some theory that since the Captain Marvel solo movie will go back in time around 20 years to tell her story, they could, in theory, have the time-traveling Thor come across Carol in a timeline that she is in. This would allow her to be recruited by Thor at the time. However, it would be tough for this theory to hold group and have the end-credits scene make sense. That said, she may very well run into Thor on her way to help Earth and join up with him. We know if nothing else that she IS part of a team Thor is putting together to help Earth.

2. The Fate Of Captain America

One of the most common things assumed by Infinity War going in was that Captain America, Steve Rogers, would not make it out alive. To be fair, the character was not truly supposed to be part of this. In the comics, he passes in the Civil War storyline. While he does come back, he does not come back right off as the Captain. We instead see him become the character known as Nomad. It has been rumored for some time, at the very least, that Steve Rogers will not make it out alive when the Infinity War concludes. He was contracted for 6 movies. This included 3 Captain America movies and 3 Avenger films. Technically, Civil War counted as an Avenger/Cap hybrid which allowed for the last contracted film to be Avengers 4.

While there are a lot of fake scripts out there and fake news due to them, there are a lot of similarities in the news regarding Steve Rogers, and all agree on one thing, he does not make it out alive. It is said that he and Thor will face off with Thanos at one point, with the timeline having restored a number of things. This will include Cap's shield and Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

The rumored end of this fight will be that Cap will somehow gain control of Mjolnir and use it in his fight against Thanos while everyone else is able to escape. As a result, Cap will be taken out by Thanos and thus done as a character. This could very well be a wrap for Steve completely or simply be a wrap for him as Captain America so he can become Nomad. If the Avengers succeed, they could very well reverse this passing and bring Steve back.

1. The Next Phase Of Marvel Studios

While this could be the most secretive thing Marvel Studios and Disney want to keep in secret, we already know a few things. As mentioned, we know two new solo projects are coming with Black Panther and Spider-Man. Depending on the success of the movie, Captain Marvel will see another film. We're going to get a solo Black Widow movie, Doctor Strange 2, and even a Ms. Marvel movie. We all know Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be coming too. The Guardians film is expected to come out in 2020, and it will be directly after the results of the Infinity War films. This could mean that Marvel will tease us with an end-credits scene involving the rumored villain for the Guardians in the third movie, Adam Warlock. They could even tease the Nova character at some point here.

Disney and Marvel are not above doing more than one end-credits scene, as we're all aware. This is a very big deal. As they may end up teasing a few more things you may not be expecting. If the 20th Century FOX deal does go through by at least late 2018 or early 2019, they may tease something including the X-Men and Fantastic Four. FOX already reported they are rebooting the X-Men even before the deal with Disney, so this would be perfect timing. This could allow us to get a tease for Secret Wars, for example. There is even a believed Namor the Sub-Mariner movie on deck starring Orlando Bloom as the title character. That said, Disney and Marvel are trying to keep anything planned here under tight lock and key. So shhhh...you didn't hear this from us.


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