15 Things We Didn’t Know About Jamie Foxx’s Rezvani Tank SUV

There is something really attractive about big and bulky SUVs. Surely they might not be everybody’s cup of tea and most definitely not if you’re one of those people who really care about the environment but there is a reason why the Hummer really shot to fame back in the day. While they might not be as common anymore, there is one SUV that has stood the test of time and it’s the Jeep Wrangler.

Since then have been numerous redesigns of the stock Jeep Wrangler by different companies, one of the most recent ones to hit the spotlight is the Rezvani Tank. It is what the company calls an XUV (Extreme Utility Vehicle), which basically means that it is a beefed-up version of the Jeep Wrangler. One of the biggest reasons for the Tank’s claim to fame has been the fact that many celebrities, including Jamie Foxx, have purchased it and with a starting price of $178,000 for the base model, it doesn’t come cheap. This vehicle can be armored up and specced out to the teeth which is exactly why today we’re looking at some of the coolest features that the Rezvani Tank can offer.

15. It Includes An Off Road Package

For a vehicle like the Rezvani Tank, off road capability is something that it should definitely have. Let’s be honest, the biggest selling point of the Tank is that it is capable of traveling over almost any terrain without compromising on luxury and safety.

While the stock Rezvani Tank will fulfill the needs of most people, those looking for that extra edge can opt for one of the two off road packages. Both are built to offer much higher ground clearance and include the impressive FOX off road suspension system. Also included in the package are T6061 Aircraft forged aluminum wheels.

14. You Can Put A 500HP V8 Under The Hood

In the true words of any car enthusiast, more power is always better. At the basic trim level, the Rezvani Tank comes with a 3.6 liter V6 engine which is pretty powerful but if you’re looking for that extra ‘umph’ then the company definitely has you covered.

An optional 6.4 liter V8 engine is offered which produces, wait for it, a whopping 500 horsepower. That is more than enough to get the Tank through any terrain that it may come across. Combine this with the off road package and you have a vehicle which is pretty much unstoppable. The bells and whistles of this amazing SUV don’t end here, however, which brings us to our next entry.

13. It Carries A FLIR Thermal Night Vision System

The Rezvani Tank isn’t targeted towards your average consumer, a fact that is pretty obvious considering the price. This is more for people who are important like government officials or millionaires who often have reasons to believe that their safety could be compromised.

Keeping that in mind, Rezvani has included a FLIR vision system which is not only able to display heat signatures but also night vision. This can be pretty useful in a number of situations, especially if you end up in a dangerous area and need to make an incognito escape in the dark since turning on the headlights would simply let everyone know where you are.

12. There Is No Compromise On Comfort

Vehicles that usually focus on providing protection always end up having one major flaw and it’s that these vehicles are simply terrible at providing any sort of comfort for the passenger. Rezvani has understood the importance of this and they’ve put in a lot of effort to make the Tank as luxurious as they could.

Sitting inside doesn’t make you feel like you’re riding a military APC. Instead, it’s just like driving around a normal SUV, except that you’ll be towering above everyone else most of the time. The company also offers an optional leather package for the Tank which includes all leather seats and suede headliners.

11. The Tow Package, Well, Lets You Tow

With great power comes great responsibility. A beast such as the Rezvani Tank is not only capable of traversing all types of terrain but it is also perfectly capable of strenuous tasks like towing around heavy objects or situations where you might need a winch.

While not included on the stock vehicle, those still interested can get a tow package which comes with a tow hitch and a front mounted winch for all of your pulling needs. It will set you back around $5500, however, but that really shouldn’t be a problem if you’re buying the Rezvani Tank in the first place.

10. It Can Be Upgraded With Ballistic Armor

The real test of the Rezvani Tank is how it handles when it comes to the protection of its occupants, after all, that is the biggest selling point of this vehicle. Thankfully, it comes with three different ballistic armor ratings that are known as B4, B6, and B7.

B7 is the highest level of protection that you can get with the Tank which includes all the necessary features like B7 rated glass that can shrug off an RPG or a protected radiator. It will set you back a whopping $97,000 for the upgrade, however, it is a price you should be willing to pay if you need the best that there is when it comes to personal protection from a vehicle.

9. Facing Bigger Threats? Bomb Protection Is Available With B7

Very few vehicles short of a tank or an APC that are offered to the public can claim to feature bomb protection. A good example of this was the Marauder which was reviewed by Richard Hammond on Top Gear where they strapped explosives under the vehicle and it was still able to drive off but it wasn’t a user friendly vehicle by any means and you can pretty much forget about luxury.

The Rezvani Tank does all of that and yet it still doesn’t compromise on the design or the luxury that it offers inside. The bomb protection is included with the B7 protection package that can be included as an add-on to the vehicle.

8. Go Anywhere With Reinforced Suspension And Military Run Flat Tires

By this point, most of you have seen quite a few Hollywood action flicks with car chases and whatnot and one of the most effective ways to stop a vehicle have been to shoot the tires out. This makes sure that the car can’t drive in a straight line since the tires go flat. The police also deploy a similar tactic by using spike strips to stop a vehicle.

If you have a vehicle as armored as the Tank, then you definitely need tires that can keep you on the move despite sustaining damage. This is exactly why the protection package comes with reinforced suspension and military grade run flat tires to ensure that you can safely make your escape from harm.

7. You Can Also Get Electrified Door Handles

This one is definitely out of some sci-fi film but trust us, it is a feature that you can get on the Rezvani Tank. Now that we look at it, the Tank is slowly turning out to be a vehicle that would belong to a Bond villain.

If you simply don’t want anyone snooping around your expensive new ride or if you live in a bad neighborhood then you have the option of getting yourself electrified door handles. Yes, you read that correct, the car will deliver a nasty shock to anyone other than the owner who tries opening it.

6. The Lights Will Blind Pretty Much Anyone

One of the biggest annoyances of driving at night are the high beams that oncoming cars can sometimes shine into your eyes, basically blinding you. While this is illegal in most places, some people still end up doing it regardless.

Thankfully, the Rezvani Tank comes with a blinding light system which is so powerful that it can be compared to looking directly at the sun. Now, of course this system isn’t meant to be used on random people driving at night, in fact doing that will most definitely get you into a lot of trouble. This is actually a protection feature which can be used in the case of an emergency situation where you might need to blind your attackers.

5. Feel Like James Bond? There Is A Tack Dispenser System

One of the most notable features that is often represented in Hollywood flicks with spy cars is that they can dispense caltrops or tacks behind them to get away from any cars that might be in pursuit. The BMW 750iL, one of the famous Bond cars to have the most number of gadgets on it heavily featured this system.

The really cool thing about this is that outside of movies, tack dispenser systems are actually installed on most high end armored vehicles since they can be pretty useful in making a getaway. The Rezvani Tank is also equipped with one of these systems which can be employed in a tough situation.

4. Gas Masks Are Included For Chemical Attacks

With advancements in weapon and chemical technology, people can deploy a number of things to harm someone. While including first aid kits with cars is nothing new, the Rezvani Tank also comes equipped with fully functioning gas masks.

When would you need a gas mask you ask? Well, it would come in pretty handy in the case of a chemical attack or if you’re stuck in a place with tear gas since we know that cars are not airtight, and the Tank is no exception. So, if you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned above while driving a tank then all you need to do is simply pull out a gas mask and put it on.

3. First Aid And Hypothermia Kits Are Also Accessible

The inclusion of a first aid kit might not be a big deal but that’s not all because the Rezvani Tank comes with hypothermia kits as well. The folks who have worked on the Tank have thought of pretty much every scenario out there and they’ve included features which should help in such a situation.

Probably the biggest use of this would be if you’re out in a really cold place like Alaska or Siberia and end up getting lost or if you jump inside a frozen lake for whatever reason and now need to warm yourself up. The first aid kit, on the other hand, can be used under a number of circumstances depending on the injury.

2. A Heads Up Display Shows You Everything That Is Important

A heads up display is no new technology, in fact they’ve been around for quite some time now. BMW and a few other automobile manufacturers were one of the first few to show this off but with the passage of time, more and more cars are now making this feature a standard, mostly because it looks cool but also because it is more practical since the driver never has to take the eyes off the road.

The Rezvani Tank also comes with a heads up display that not only shows the usual information you’d expect like speed etc but also navigation information and even notifications about any incoming calls or texts on your smartphone.

1. It Is Nothing Short Of A Pure Beast

In simple words, the Rezvani Tank is a beast. This is one of those vehicles that you take out for a drive if you want to stand out from the crowd of Mercedes G Wagons and boy will it get you all the attention. There are plenty of videos on YouTube with people taking the Tank out on a drive and getting more noticed than they would if they were driving, say a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to live the subtle life then this might not be for you but if you have a couple hundred thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you need something that can also survive a terrorist attack then the Rezvani Tank is the vehicle for you.