17 Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

The open road. There’s nothing at all like it. Sometimes, you just want to drop everything and get in your car and just go. See the sights rolling by, the people and all your problems left miles and miles behind you. Seems so tempting doesn’t it? This is probably why so many people love to go RVing when they’ve got the time, either when they’ve retired, or when they have some vacation time. Many love to go, with no particular destination in mind, just rolling down the highway, stopping wherever they see fit, to sleep, eat, or rest their weary traveling heads. There is definitely something very peaceful about it, and as car enthusiasts, we understand, as we love the open road and is probably one of the reason we became so obsessed with cars. How far can we go, how many miles can we put between us and our problems?

But how many families, or lonely travelers have set out to find only more troubles, and much more than they bargained for when they first stepped foot out of their homes, only to test their fate in the rolling homes known as RVs and motor homes? Did they know what they would find out there on the open road? And would it be as favourable as they originally thought?

There’s no way to know for sure, but statistically, there are many RVs out there, abandoned and left in such disarray that we are left to question just what happened to them and the people that led left them there to waste away. We’ve got plenty of such RVs for you to feast your eyes on, and they are creepier than you’d expect, so grab the blanket, get that hot cocoa, and enjoy.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

And of course there is always humor that can be found in most cases of fear, isn't there? Well, we'd like to think so. RV's are often left to fend for themselves and for a plethora of reasons, but has anyone ever stopped to think of how many parking violations and tickets for, these vehicles have gotten? If so, have the authorities found the owners of all these motor homes?

We'd like to think that's a pretty valid question and one we should find the answers to.

But what isn't funny and stops us mid-laugh is the question: if the authorities found out who owned the vehicle, how many of these owners turn up missing?


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

Photography is indeed one of the greatest art-forms out there, as great and exceptional photographers have to know the precise moment to capture such a great picture. And it just so happens that abandoned pieces of machinery and/or vehicles make for great photographs, as can be seen here in this photo by photographer, Stephen Krieg. The photo captures not only the abandoned vehicle that has been subject to graffiti, but the mountains in the rear, the barren field and the vibrant colors of the scene altogether. Magnificent, to say the least.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

And sometimes, it isn't only one RV sitting in some field, collecting a nice cropping of rust, but many.

There are many occasions where motorists come up on an entire trailer park that has in fact been left to rust.

This can at times be worse than finding just one all by its lonesome, can't it? Indeed. The questions run rampant: what happened for all of those people at once to abandon their motor homes? What reasons could there possibly be? The questions that rise are very disquieting. Furthermore the sight of them having been ransacked can also be rather disturbing.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

Many people modify their RVs to meet their standards, so they can be as comfortable as they can out there on the unforgiving road. This makes total sense, as who wouldn't? Who the heck wants to be uncomfortable when so far from civilization? So, it makes for some interesting sights to come across an abandoned modified motor home. It makes the experience that much more interesting. It's pretty cool to see the additions that were made to the basic model and if such additions remained intact after all that time in the wilderness.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

It's pretty rare to see a very different type of model out there abandoned in some field. Most times, what you're likely to find--if you're looking, that is--is your standard, average size motor home.

Usually, it'll be sitting there, forgotten and looking quite sad, collecting dust, dirt and sprouting some serious patches of rust.

Again, you'll find these former powerful vehicles along the road, or sitting in front of some abandoned shop along the road. Many who have come across such a sight might even have wondered if they still run. We wonder how many have tried to start these vehicles, and how many have actually still been functional?


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

And of course, if we are going to discuss the elements of nature, we might as well talk about the biggest and baddest Mamma-Jammas of all time: Old Man Winter! Yes indeed, for the Northern States and Canada, as well as all other portions of the world that lay North of the Equator, snow and winter are definitely a factor. In such a case, it isn't only the harsh winds and dry desert heat that can be a factor, as copious amounts of snow can definitely do a lot of damage to a vehicle left to abandon. But it sure does make for some great photos, doesn't it?


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

We've talked about people ransacking these abandoned vehicles for whatever there might or may have been inside, heck, maybe even an engine.

But it's pretty rare to see an RV without its outside paneling.

Maybe somebody in the area was building himself a shack and when out walking around the neighbouring fields, he came across an abandoned (or at least we hope it was abandoned) RV and got to work at stripping it of its side paneling. We wonder if it was a hard job, and an even better question is: How does the shack look with RV paneling?


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

Every now and again, you can come across an abandoned vehicle that actually seems to be in rather decent shape. Nothing really seems to have disturbed its essence and it pretty much looks as it once did. But further investigation tells us that yes, it was indeed abandoned and it now sits empty in some forgotten speck of the world. If possible, this is even more disconcerting than finding an RV that looks rather disheveled and destroyed. It causes us to wonder even more what the causes for its abandonment must have been, shrouding the whole thing in that much more of a mystery.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

There are trailer parks all over North America. Trailer parks sure have their fair share of critics and stereotypes attached to them, but in actual fact, some of the world's greatest minds come from trailer parks. An example of this is none other than Master storyteller, Stephen King.

At the start of his marriage, it has been reported that he too lived in a trailer park, and it was the location where he wrote his first successful novel, Carrie.

Trailer parks have a great sense of community and for people who live in such a place are just doing the best they can. But we can't forget that some actually prefer to live at a location such as we've described, and we can definitely understand the attraction.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

If you've ever watched Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece Rumble Fish, you'll understand why this photograph calls to mind an epic scene within that great film from the world of cinematic history. The entire film was shot in black and white, but there's a scene within the film where the camera shot shows 2 rumble fish within a fish tank, and amidst the black and white, their colours, both vibrant and alive are so intriguing. This shot reminds me of that, as everything around this trailer is dead and decayed and even though this trailer is almost worn up, its colour still shines through, showing us that at one time it too was full of life.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

On September 5th of 1957, one of the absolute greatest novels in history was published. It was written by Jack Kerouac and it depicted the adventures of two men who set out on the road seeking the answers to life's greatest question. The novel, On The Road, shows us that that and whatever existential questions our minds can conjure up often have no answers, but the only way to answer them are to live and search as best we can. How many men and women have set out on that elusive road, searching for those very same answers, we wonder? The road seems and always has, the place to find such answers.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

You're walking along a beaten path in a forgotten part of the forest not far from your home in the country. You decided to go for a walk, but have ventured to a portion you have never walked to. You don't recognize anything around you. Suddenly, in the distance, and below some low-hanging trees, you see an abandoned RV. You walk to it and walk inside.

Within the vehicle we find the possessions of a family: toys, cans of food, clothes, etc.

Everything seems to have been left where it was set down. But yet, the trailer is empty and void of life, and seems to have been like this for a long time. a feeling of sadness and creepiness fills you instantly.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

And of course the question has come up a lot, especially when dealing with abandoned vehicles such as the motor homes featured in this article. As humans, we have no choice but to ask, as our folklore (and that of many cultures around the world) teaches us that the afterlife and hauntings are indeed possible. So it's more than natural to wonder if the ghosts of previous owners and drivers have decided to linger by the carcasses of their once powerful and trusty rides. Do they sit and camp and wait to see what comes of their vehicles, their homes? Or do they sit and wait to haunt the sites in which their vehicles have come to lay to waste.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

Sometimes we come across some really cool looking motor homes with cool paint jobs and/or modifications that are truly really impressive. This leads us to question if the additions or work done to them was done before of after. The reason we ask this, is because sometimes the paint jobs seem to have been kept in better shape than the RVs themselves. After all, an abandoned vehicle is definitely the perfect subject for some great graffiti art, isn't it? Regardless, there are some pretty cool-looking abandoned vehicles out there.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

People fear what they don't know and what they don't understand. And instead of finding out more about what they know nothing about, they often decide to let it reside inside of their minds as something they could never come to understand, shrouding it forever with their feelings of fear, rendering that thing something to be feared forever. Deserted vehicles scare us because the mystery surrounding their current state is to much to bear for many. They don't want to now what caused its abandonment and the reason for the disappearance of the owners, so they push it away instead of looking for answers. Human nature my friends.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

Yes, it's a bus, but it was used as a stationary motor home by a very important and influential character from this beautiful, interesting and at times, harsh world of ours. After graduating from College and disillusioned with his family and society as a whole, Chris McCandless decided to travel to Alaska on foot in search of adventure and some meaning to this life and existence on earth.

He documented his travels and his story was exceptionally told in John Krakauer's article and subsequent novel, Into The Wild, which was adapted into a film by director Sean Penn.

At the end of his tale, McCandless came across an abandoned bus which was made into a motor home. It didn't work, but it served as his home until he passed form starvation and malnutrition in the wilderness. His story was touching and inspiring at the same time, and it gives us closure to at least one of these abandoned vehicles found in the wilderness, leaving so many out there for us to sit and wonder about.


Mysterious Photos Of RVs Left To Rust

So many of these vehicles sit there, a shroud of mystery surrounding them and radiating off of them like some energy source. Many of the other vehicles we've covered here at HotCars show them sitting there, with their doors open, silently inviting and daring any one who passes by to enter. "Come in, come and look upon the ruins, come and see" they say. Okay, maybe I've been watching way too many horror movies, but in my defense, I have written my fair share of horror novels, as you may have known, so I can't help going there.