20 Celebrities Spotted Driving Sweet Muscle Cars

20 Celebrities Spotted Driving Sweet Muscle Cars

Scrolling through celebrity cars, you get a sense of repetition. A Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458, a Bugatti... zzzz. I'll be the first to say that these glamorous supercars aren't very impressive when compared to the crowd of them. That's not to say I wouldn't like a Ferrari sitting in my garage one day, but I know that there would be something other than another Mercedes sitting next to it.

Among the sea of expensive cars bought right from the dealership are a rare breed who prefer things to be a little rougher around the edges. Instead of the smooth sound of a V12, the prefer the growl of a V8. Instead of the scientifically perfect aerodynamics of the modern-day automobile, they opt for the style of a bygone era where power ruled over everything. Whether it be from the USA, or from our brothers down under, no one can misplace the sound and the style of a true muscle car.

20. Lady Gaga's Chevrolet El Camino

It's no secret that Lady Gaga must have a thing for fast pickups; she's been spotted in her Ford Lightning before and I could've put that on this list. However, I wanted to shed light on her other muscle truck, erm... ute?

Her Elky looks gorgeous in black, and without the badging, leaves us to wonder what kind of power plant she has in it, and could it beat her Lightning?

19. Kendall Jenner's Chevrolet Camaro

Kendall has been spotted in both modern-day supercars, along with some classic American machinery. A few photos show her at the helm of a beautiful Cadillac El Dorado as well as a blue Corvette that Jay Leno helped her buy. However, this murdered out Camaro is by far the most customized as well as perhaps the only muscle car in her collection besides maybe the early pony-era Mustang.

18. Nick Jonas' Ford Mustang

All of the Jonas brothers have been seen around beautiful classic cars. Joe owns a red 50's Corvette, and Kevin has been pictured posing in front of a '57 Chevy. Though it's Nick's Mustang that takes the cake as one of the coolest rides among his siblings, only followed by Joe's Falcon that was restored by West Coast Customs.

17. Ben Affleck's Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Ben owns some high-end luxury vehicles with a small list that includes a couple of Bentleys, a Lexus, and a Land Rover. However, he has been known to drive around this lightly customized big block Chevelle. He’s even photographed with the car more than any of the other modern super-luxurious cars that charm his garage.

16. Robbert Downey Jr.'s Chevrolet Corvette

RDJ is a bit of a car guy. Better yet, he likes classic American cars. A yellow 1970 Mustang is the grace of the lot with a supercharger to boot, but instead of a road pounding horse, he is most often seen cruising around in his black Corvette Stingray.

The classy convertible maybe a little more sophisticated than some of the other muscle cars on this list, but as an early Stingray, it serves as a platform from which the Corvette would take off and become something of a monster among muscle cars.

15. Bill Daily's Shelby Mustang GT500KR

Just for those who may have not heard of Bill Daily, he did the majority of his acting work in the '60s and '70s. Appearing on Bewitched and playing a supporting role in I Dream of Jeannie. Whether or not he was into cars, I couldn't say. Besides this Shelby Mustang, he owned a red '66 Corvette, so it's without saying he at least appreciated fine American machinery.

14. Aaron Paul's Shelby Cobra

The first of a few Cobras on this list, this one is owned by Aaron Paul, who's more known for his time on Breaking Bad. His muscle car love really shined through however, when he played the lead role in the Need For Speed movie. It's no surprise he has a wicked sweet 427 big block Shelby Cobra in real life and lucky for us, enjoys driving it around.

13. Eric Bana's Ford Falcon XB

To say Eric Bana loves this Ford Falcon is a huge understatement. He made a whole movie about the car called Love The Beast, which told his own story and his 25-year ownership of owning the car. This picture here shows him driving the car in the Targa Tazmania Rally before crashing it. Most actors hint about their love of cars in their movies, Eric wears the love for his Falcon on his sleeve.

12. Amber Heard's Ford Mustang

Amber got this car when she first arrived in LA. She fell in love with it while driving it around often before it was “stolen” by Chip Foose and the Overhaulin’ crew. Amber's then-husband, Johnny Depp, had set her up to have her car customized.

Gone was the silver paint as Chip repainted it a deep red color, and lowered it a bit with a set of his signature Foose rims underneath. Since then, Amber has kept on driving her beloved Mustang all over town. This may not be her only car, but telling from the pictures of her, it's the only one she cares about.

11. Justin Timberlake's Pontiac GTO Convertible

Justin is usually spotted around an Audi or some other German car. Though he also has a bit of the classic American muscle in his garage in the form of a GTO convertible. It may be argued what really was the first “Muscle” car was, and the GTO is the opinion of many on this subject.

Though this one is missing the roof and therefore the chassis' rigidity, it doesn't take away from the prestige of being the first of a whole genre of American automobiles.

10. Matthew McConaughey's Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Matthew may have promoted Lincoln in those ads a couple of years ago, but this doesn't mean he's just a face in the ads. Matthew is a bit of an enthusiast himself, owning a sweet '71 Corvette along with this very sleek Z28 Camaro. The car was given to him as a gift from his wife Camilla.

9. Christian Audigier's AC Cobra

On to our second Cobra of the list, this one belonged to Christian Audigier (the famed French fashion designer, known for “Ed Hardy”) before he passed away in 2015. The car looks to have the muscular 427 big block just like Aaron's, unlike Aaron's however, this AC looks race-ready with the vintage stripe, sponsorship decals, and rollover bar.

8. Hugh Laurie's Ford Galaxie 500

Hugh may be a hilarious English fellow who owns a nice Porsche Cayman as well as a classic 911. Though it's his monstrous Galaxie 500 that he's seen driving the most. I suppose it could be up for debate on whether the Galaxie could be considered a muscle car at all, but with a 425hp 427 big block up front, the Galaxie may be big in size, but it's no slouch.

7. Simon Cowell's Ford

It's no secret about Simon's Bugatti Veyron, his love of cars spans generations as he also owns this beautiful chopped-top rod. The old Ford sits on a set of dog dish rims with classy whitewall tires, the motor is exposed through the sides but the simple lines of the Ford are kept with the hood intact giving the car a clean, unbroken body line from front to back.

6. Jay Leno's Shelby Cobra

Jay Leno might as well just be labeled the King of cars. To go through what's hiding in his garage would take all day and a list of its own on this site. So lets just cut straight to his Cobra.

The Cobra is traditionally built, keeping its front bumper and stock roll bar. None of the fancy race-ready modifications that others have applied to their cars are here and this could be expected from Jay. He's not about many exterior modifications, it's more about what's under the hood, which could be scary when considering the car's dangerously short wheelbase and Jay's thirst for big power.

5. Bruce Springsteen's Chevrolet Corvette

What kind of rockstar would be complete without a Corvette sitting in the parking lot somewhere? Bruce is no different, as he looks quite comfortable in his convertible Corvette The Corvette is more conservative on the muscle car scale, though it's no less of an awesome piece of American culture, much like "The Boss" himself.

4. Kevin Hart's Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda

This one is bittersweet, the Plymouth Cuda that was purchased by Kevin Hart for his own 40th birthday. Speedkore's Plymouth Cuda, nicknamed “Menace,” was featured in The Fate of the Furious prior to being bought by the standup comedian.

The car lasted all summer before being wrecked by a friend of Kevin Hart's on the first of September. This is a quick shot of Kevin enjoying his new muscle car before the accident.

3. Ice Cube With A Chevrolet Impala

Believe it or not, Ice Cube used to ride in some sweet classic cars, as were the times in the west coast hip hop scene. Though this may not necessarily be his sweet Impala, it's a Chevy Impala we see in the majority of his music videos.

Usually lowered and equipped with hydraulics, the Impala still serves as one of the early muscle cars, which at one point could be had with a real fine 409.

2. David Spade With A Dodge Challenger

David Spade is another car guy that seems to fly under the motorhead radar. He once owned a sweet Buick Grand National, and now he indulged in his inner Mopar fan and bought an old Charger Daytona complete with the Hemi V8. He's seen here in a new Challenger, however, scratching more of his muscle car itch.

1. Richard Hammond With A Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Richard Hammond may be one of the most well known automotive journalists in the world and is well known for his time at Top Gear. Though he presented alongside Jeremy and James, he brought something different to the table: a love of American Muscle cars.

His Ford Mustang GT500 has been featured on the show, and he currently owns a classic Dodge Charger. Hammond has taken a lot of criticism for his love of American cars, but it doesn't phase him, especially when seated inside of this Dodge Hellcat.