20 Times Samantha Was Actually More Fashionable Than Carrie On SATC


For the past few years, rumors of a third movie have swirled around Hollywood. Reports surfaced that a script was ready, and the cast and crew were in place to shoot another fashionable sequel. But, everything came to a grinding halt when Cattrall decided that Samantha was in her past and the character had done everything she needed to do.

Rumors of possible animosity between Sarah Jessica Parker and Cattrall didn’t help either, and at first, both women denied there was any bad blood between them. Stories of catfights constantly plagued the set during the series’ run, and Cattrall said that the show ended because she demanded $1 million per episode (up from the $350,000 she was earning), but producers didn’t like that idea. So, she decided it was time to move on.


With each and every outfit, Samantha highlighted one specific body part, and would often show off her healthy physique. She never apologized for who she was, and her strong personality and impeccable fashion sense led Samantha to teaching fans more about personal style than anyone else on the show.

She knew the key to personal style was owning it. Wear what you want and ignore anyone who would criticize you. Samantha knew how critical it was to love what you are wearing, and ultimately that is all that matters when it comes to fashion.

What you wear should be a representation of yourself, and Samantha knew that. Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, you should see something you love reflecting back at you.


Whether it was large hats, belts, handbags, or jewelry, Samantha knew how to make her style even more personal with the right accessory.

Carrie’s clothes may have gripped viewers, and her collection of Manolo Blahnik heels were to die for, but Samantha had a style that even the show’s designer enjoyed dressing more than Carrie.

Patricia Field, a key player on the fashion scene since the 1960s when she opened her first boutique, says that Samantha was the most fun to dress even though Cattrall wasn’t as invested in fashion as Parker.

She says she is always amazed at the show’s impact on fashion around the world, and it made women feel that they could be more individual and experimental.


There were times when Samantha found herself needing a more conservative look, but she always made sure she represented herself by keeping that special edge. By simply keeping the fit tight with a plunging neckline, this power suit brought things to a whole new level.

“If you want the life, you have to look the part,” Samantha once said, and she always knew how to pick out the right outfit for the right occasion.

She has also said that she can’t leave the house without a matching outfit, like it is her fashion safety blanket, and that makes her a force of nature who intimidates everyone in her path. Add those powerful shoulders (thanks to her love of shoulder pads), Samantha seemingly pulls off this look without any effort.


As a high-powered and successful public relations executive, Samantha had a highly-charged libido to match. Stylists on the show gave her a powerful look with every outfit she wore. Plus, the hair and makeup team tweezed her eyebrows into strong arches, perfected her sleek hair and gave her a soft but edgy makeup look.

She could take her look from day to night with an effortless addition of accessories like a belt or handbag, and Cattrall always pulled it off by playing the character as strong, confident, and extremely outspoken.

Even though Carrie often got the attention because of her wild style and embellishments, Samantha always brought her A game with sass and style. And, she brought it with maturity and sensuality.


Samantha was never afraid to put on a hot dress, and this stunning one-shoulder number is the perfect example of her daring fashion sense. While Carrie had a flamboyant style, Samantha went with mostly classic and timeless, and used her fashion sense as a display of female empowerment. But, it was never a fashion contest between the characters. Instead, it was all about friendship.

"It was kind of a girl-buddy series where the girls were friends who were all about enjoying female things, particularly fashion and discussing men," said Valerie Steele of the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Even though the show was about the friendships of the four characters, Samantha’s best friend was obviously herself. Her greatest love was her girlfriends, since they were so intertwined, and they did affirm her strength. But she got her strength from within, and being older than the other three, she was totally self-reliant.

However, Samantha was vulnerable, especially when matters of the heart were involved. She was uniquely herself and thrived on intimacy with no strings attached. Cattrall says she saw Samantha as being single forever and surrounded with older kids from her best friends.

“She's an Auntie Mame — teaching another generation how to have fun!" says Cattrall.

Of course, she faced her mortality with a breast cancer scare, and that made her think about where life was heading next.


In SATC 2, Samantha’s boyfriend Smith Jerrod invites her to the premiere of his new film, and in an effort to look “hot and young” on the red carpet, she buys herself a hot, silver strapless dress.

But, when she shows up at the premiere, she sees that Miley Cyrus – who is thirty years younger – is wearing the exact same dress. She attempts a quick exit, but instead, the paparazzi catches her when gay best friend Anthony Marentino yells, “Mother of God, she’s wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana!”

Both even paired the dress with black belt and knee-high brown suede boots. The fact that she wore the same outfit as Cyrus, ultimately leaves Samantha at a loss for words.


Samantha’s iconic look was an aggressive business suit with an interesting neckline, a belt, and hiked skirt length. She was never afraid to show her femininity as part of her power game, and Cattrall said Samantha had all her curves in the right place.

Pair that with bold colors, and Samantha nailed it in this look with an asymmetrical cut suit in bright yellow and stole the show from Carrie while attending a Christie’s auction. This outfit screamed Samantha Jones, because she lived for color, statement jewels, oversized hats, and anything else eye-catching.

In this outfit, she goes all out, and the confidence she is displaying while trying to outbid someone for a one-of-a-kind ring is so Samantha.


Samantha always knew the color, cut, and style that worked for her and she mastered the hair and makeup that accentuated her beauty the most. The blonde, shoulder-length cut with bangs worked so well for her, and she stuck with it because it made her shine.

She also knew her body better than anyone else, and prided herself on her figure and beauty, and dressed it flawlessly. She chose outfits that flaunted her figure, but somehow, she never showed too much. She was always appropriate at work but then took it up a notch for a night out on the town.

She made a statement with each and every outfit and created looks that toyed with masculinity while never losing her feminine appeal.


Samantha rarely dated a man more than once or twice. But when she met Jerry Jerrod – who later became Smith Jerrod – things changed in her dating life. Originally, it seemed like the twenty-something would just be another notch on her bedpost. But, he actually stuck around.

When they meet, Smith is a struggling actor, so Samantha used her PR skills to jump-start his career by changing his name and getting him a job as a model in an Absolut Vodka ad. He was never intimidated by her success, and even though she was reluctant at first to admit they were dating, she eventually shows her true affection.

She even gets to the point where they can wear matching robes. And, for Samantha, it’s a big deal to wear anything when she is alone with a man. She eventually tells him that he means more to her than any man she’s ever known.


For some reason, Carrie opted for board shorts and a clashing bikini top during their trip to the Hamptons. But, Samantha went with a classy beach style that it is one of her most-coveted looks. Samantha always dressed to impress, even on the beach, because you never know who you are going to meet or run into.

Samantha always knew that it wasn’t about the clothes, but about the person wearing them. She was never a water person, and instead opted for flaunting her outfits at poolside or on the beach. And, of course, never settled for standard beach footwear like flip-flops. Instead, she topped off this outfit with wedges, and left Carrie looking like a little sister trying to impress. Meanwhile, Samantha lounged and effortlessly looked beach chic.


“I don’t believe in the Republican Party or the Democrat Party. I just believe in parties,” said Samantha.

And, she knew that when going out, it was important to have a place to stash your important items. Instead of opting for a Fendi bag, this time Samantha wore a high fashion fanny pack to keep her valuables safe while enjoying a party with her friends because who wants to spend a night out worrying about what to do with your purse?

She always makes sure that her accessories match her outfit exactly, and this pop of red really drives the look home.

Meanwhile, Carrie keeps things simple in her flowy, floral dress. And, even though it’s a good look, Samantha bests her on this evening out with the girls.


SATC jump-started HBO into the world of great TV because of the rawness of its subject matter. But, since it’s heyday, the show has downgraded to a guilty pleasure, and it doesn’t help that some of the looks are sadly dated and the characters symbolic.

At the time, women often identified themselves as one of the leading characters, and if you were “A Samantha,” you were a relationship cynic who exploited the power of femininity. Eventually, Samantha rejects her relationship with Smith, and decides life on her own with a variety of men was the life for her. Unlike Carrie, who landed in the arms of Mr. Big after he came to rescue her, Samantha emerged on her own, surrounded by her friends.


During the show’s final season, Samantha battled breast cancer. And, when she finally had to shave her head because of chemotherapy, it was a sad day because – as she said – her hair was her thing.

But, instead of finding something that resembled her hair like it “used to be,” Samantha wore a variety of wigs as another way to put her style out there and be creative.

For a movie premiere, she even chose a cotton candy pink wig that was completely outrageous, just like Samantha’s personality. Fans loved her bravery throughout the final episodes, and after her fun with wigs, Samantha eventually went with a sassy, cropped pixie cut when her hair grew back – proving that after her battle, she still had it.


Samantha loved her fur coats, and during the first movie, an organization resembling PETA throws red paint on her to protest her outerwear. She always looked glamorous in her furs, unlike Carrie who always looked like a combination of someone who could afford everything and someone who could afford nothing. She often opted for a more “hobo” look with many of her coats, while Samantha’s always looked expensive.

Samantha, as well as Carrie, helped bring once-luxury niche brands to household name status and inspired countless blogs and articles about fashion, dating, and city life. But, even though those trends are largely gone now, it doesn’t keep fans from enjoying a SATC binge to remember late 90s fashion.


What used to be fantastically modern has now turned into vintage charm, and the styles of the SATC characters look like something current twenty and thirty-somethings can find in a thrift shop. But at the time, no one could top the clothes that these characters wore, no matter how pink.

During various debates at brunch, the women shined in their individual styles, and Samantha always brought the sass. As a matter of fact, she got looks everywhere she went because of what she wore and the things that came out of her mouth.

Even when she rocked head-to-toe pink, Samantha always looked amazing in a way that Carrie could never pull off, bringing more truth to the SATC rule that your wardrobe counts as a liquid asset.


Even though they played best friends, Cattrall and Parker were reportedly at odds often on the set, and once the series wrapped, they drifted even further apart.

Rumors swirled for years that the two women didn’t like each other all that much, but recently Cattrall took things to a whole new level when she went after Parker on Instagram.

After Parker sent condolences to Cattrall for the death of her brother, Cattrall responded, “I don’t need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker...Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already) You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona.”


It may look dated now, but at the time, wearing a tube top just large enough to cover up just what it needed to was a bold choice. The Spice Girls often wore tube tops on stage, and in this look, Samantha channeled her inner-girl band by matching a pants suit with a literal tube top.

Also, a part of this look was Samantha’s amazing body, and she made it clear that fashion knows no age. Whatever her age, she rocked what she wanted, how she wanted. And, she knocked everyone dead with her glowing confidence.

Like Samantha famously said in an episode, “If I worried what every b**** in New York was saying about me, I’d never leave the house.”

She always had a way with words.


Her co-stars may have accused her of making outrageous demands for a third SATC movie, but there is no denying that Cattrall looked amazing as Samantha and brought something to the role that no one else could.

When the movie didn’t happen, many of the cast and crew tweeted about how disappointed they were, and that it was a sad situation.

As far as the feud goes between Cattrall and Parker, most are siding with SJP. Cynthia Nixon and Jason Lewis have spoken out about it briefly, and the consensus is that Parker is great to work with. Meanwhile, with Cattrall refusing to return to the franchise, another movie will never happen. But, fans can dream about how the story of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda would have ended.