2022 Recommended models of electric shavers|Which brand works well? (Philips, Panasonic, etc.)

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A. What types of razors are there?

Razor is divided into two categories: manual razor and electric razor, and electric razor is divided into reciprocating razor and rotary razor.

1、Manual razor

Manual razor generally consists of a blade head and a hoe frame. The blade holder is made of aluminum, stainless steel or copper, plastic, rubber, etc. The blade head is made of a combination of blades and plastic rubber synthesis, the blades are generally made of stainless steel, carbon steel, to ensure that the razor is sharp and durable, the edge will be treated with special materials. In order to ensure smooth shaving, the head generally contains a lubricating strip that plays a role in moisturizing and calming. When using, the head will be installed in the knife frame, hold the knife frame handle can be shaved.

Generally speaking, manual shaving is a cleaner shave. It is low cost, easy to operate, and thoroughly clean, and manual shavers have always accounted for more than half of the market sales. As consumer habits change and increasingly enjoy the pleasure and relaxation that shaving gives, more and more consumers are choosing manual razors, and the status of manual razors is on the rise.

Manual shaving is very delicate and ritualistic, but many times people shave and do not have such a good supporting site plus lazy, which requires a more convenient electric razor.

2、Electric shaver

"Laziness" is a powerful driving force for technological progress can perfectly explain the invention of the electric razor.

Faster shaving, safer shaving, and easier and simpler shaving are the reasons for the emergence of electric shavers.

Electric shavers are divided into two categories: reciprocating and rotary according to the blade action. The former structure is complicated, noise, but shaving force, high sharpness; the latter structure is simple, less noise, moderate shaving force.

Reciprocating electric shaver principle: high-frequency vibration of the motor driving the blade lateral movement to cut off the beard into the knife network.

Rotary razor principle: the micro motor drives the head to rotate to cut off the beard that enters the blade net.

Rotary razor for fine, soft beard type, the stimulation of the skin is relatively small, the price is relatively lower; reciprocating type mainly for thick, hard, dense beard, stronger performance, easier to shave the stubble. If you don't know what type you are, you can look in the mirror and see how much stubble you look like, how big the chin or cheek area is when you touch it, if so it is recommended to choose the reciprocating type, otherwise choose the rotary type is enough.

The most core difference between reciprocating and rotating is the same as their names, reciprocating razor horizontal reciprocating shaving, rotating razor rotating shaving, rotating speed is generally a few thousand times, while the speed of reciprocating is tens of thousands of times, so for the beard more dense thick hard partners, reciprocating will be a better choice, one because high speed cutting efficiency and power is more adequate, while rotating razor if the cut is not directly cut off the beard is easy to pull the beard caused by pain, which is also a lot of small partners spit more places.

Second, how to determine the good and bad of a razor?

1、Shaving ability, effect

    • The cleanliness of the shave, the ability to shave cleanly, the size of the dead space cleared, the length of the residual beard.
    • Shaving comfort, shaving will not scratch, will not feel pain, will not pull, will not be red and swollen after shaving.
    • Shaving speed, efficiency, the length of time it takes to finish a shave.

2、Functional experience

Mainly including, appearance design, life time, noise size, whether waterproof, vibration strength, cleaning is not convenient and so on.

Third, the player dynamic or electric?

Manual razors have the advantage of a clean shave and lower short-term costs because the blades are in direct contact with the face. However, technical skill is required, otherwise it is easy to scratch. There is also a longer time required to shave.

Electric shaver because the beard is first through the knife network, and then to the blade, can not be completely fit so shave as clean as the manual, but the advantage is safe, convenient, fast and easy.

Specific or lazy to see lazy ~

Fourth, the electric razor specific how to choose?

The most central part of the electric shaver lies in the motor and the blade net.

  • Motor/shaving efficiency

Reciprocating razor motor vibration frequency can reach tens of thousands of times, much higher than the rotating type of a few thousand times the speed, reciprocating general low-end products speed in 18000 times / min, mid-range 24000 times / min, high-end 30000-40000 times / min, such as Braun 9370 head can be left and right cross trimming 40,000 times per minute, the higher the speed of shaving more powerful, very good to eliminate the pulling beard and The higher the speed the stronger the shave, which is good for eliminating tugging and improving shaving efficiency and cleanliness. Especially for the beard is relatively thick and hard partners need to focus on the razor is a rotary or reciprocating type, rotary razor rotating speed of several thousand times, and is rotating cutting so for the beard notes thick partners may have the risk of ripping the beard.

  • Knife network / shaving cleanliness

The hair is into the knife network and then cut off by the blade, so the hole design of the knife network itself can meet the different types of hair can quickly enter is very important, the thickness of the knife network itself also determines the length of residual hair after shaving. The reciprocating razor is a direct horizontal cut hair, so the blade is frontal to the skin, and then the blade directly cut the beard, so the blade can be designed thinner, so shaving more clean.

Each razor brand will do in-depth research and development iterations on their own knife network, Gillette's gradual suspension blades, Philips' 5-way independent floating head, Braun's 4+1 precision head and bionic mesh and other designs are industry representatives.

2022 Recommended models of electric shavers|Which brand works well? (Philips, Panasonic, etc.)2022 Recommended models of electric shavers|Which brand works well? (Philips, Panasonic, etc.)

V. How to choose the reciprocating and rotary type?

Rotary Shaver Advantages

    • The contact area with the face is large, giving the face less pressure and giving the skin less irritation.
    • Less vibration and noise
    • Additional features are more, the head can be replaced with a sideburn cutter, cleansing brush and so on.
    • Entry-level models available at a lower price

Rotary razor disadvantage

    • There will be dead space and some special angles cannot be shaved cleanly.
    • The knife net is thick, the root of the beard can not be shaved particularly clean, there will be a slight residue.
    • The actual cleaning area is small, the place where the knife net has mesh to shave, and the place in between cannot be shaved.
    • It is more difficult to handle long, hard, thick beards that tend to produce pulling causing pain. Because the rotary blade is rotating in a circle, if the beard is not cut off at once, the knife will pull the beard and rotate until it is torn off, thus causing pain.

Reciprocating shaver advantages

    • Better shaving cleanliness. Because the knife net is thinner and the motor is more powerful. For example, after shaving the rotary type, there is often resistance to touching the root of the beard against it, because there is a residue. The reciprocating type will be smoother after shaving to touch.
    • The actual shaveable area is large, and the reciprocating blade mesh head allows every part in contact with the face to enter the beard. The rotating type only has a ring on the side that can be fed into the beard.
    • Shaving speed is faster because of the high degree of clean shaving, the actual shaving area is large, the basic sweep can be shaved clean
    • Better handling of long, thick, hard beards with less pulling sensation. Because of the reciprocating principle, the head oscillates at high speed for a small distance from left to right, with less pulling sensation.

Reciprocating razor disadvantage

    • Noise, vibration feeling compared to the rotation of a lot of strong, but personally feel acceptable
    • Scruff falls off easily
    • Because the knife network is thin, improper use is easy to scratch the skin
    • There is a learning threshold, improper use will cause redness, swelling and skin injury
    • Because the knife mesh is thin, so the production to use nickel material, may cause skin allergies
    • The price of the good model is higher, the reciprocating power below 300 is generally weak, the experience is not too passable, it is not recommended to buy

For those who have very little beard and are seeking a very clean shave, a manual razor is recommended.

For beard more and need to shave armpit hair, pubic hair partners, the pursuit of the use of shaving safer not to tear the hair, it is recommended that the reciprocating type.

For those who mind the sound of the reciprocating razor motor and want to use an electric razor, we recommend the rotary type.

Six, razor recommendations

1、Under 100 yuan

Price within 100 yuan razor, more than I thought, here with the idea of elimination, remove the single-blade head, double-blade head, charging time of 8 hours or more, the use of dry batteries razor. In addition this price point shaver shaving efficiency are generally, mainly to see whether to support the whole body wash, cleaning is convenient.

Now the mainstream razor is: three heads, so single-blade head, double-blade head of these razors, we will not consider, if you like portable, or you can consider single-blade head and double-blade head, as an auxiliary second razor.

The lowest-priced three-blade shaver, recommended 2: Superman RS7325, RS7350

The difference between the two models and how to choose

  • For those seeking the lowest price, choose the Superman RS7325. three-blade head double-ring blade network, and the range is not short. Need one that works just fine, you can choose.
  • Superman RS7350 this main enhancement point in, supports the full body wash. Full body washing is a very practical feature, cleaning will be more convenient, if only the head can be washed, the body of the cleaning will be quite troublesome. This is also very cost-effective.

Some friends may say, there are more than ten real man razor, why not recommend it?

If you dare to use it, it is a real man, clip the beard, pull the beard, painful tears.


Compared to the lower price point, the $100-300 price point focuses on improving the shaving ability.

  • Mainly through the use of a better quality blade mesh, more and sharper blades that can cut the beard faster. It's not particularly strong, but there will rarely be a pinched beard situation as is common with lower-end products, and the shaving speed will be faster.
  • As well as mostly upgraded with a better floating structure of the cutter head, which is generally 3-way or 5-way. There is also a Suzi one that also comes with a floating head design for a better fit on the face.

Still using the idea of elimination, remove the single-blade head, dual-blade head, charging time of 8 hours or more razor, the duration of 30 minutes or less.

①FS901, FS903

These two are the sub-flagship of Feike, the difference is that one is blue and one is black.

FS901 this enhancements are very real, all-round to improve the quality of the head, shaving effect is much better than a hundred dollars.

  • Blade, upgraded to a double blade, 54 groups of blades increased the number of several times, 0.35mm blade sharper
  • Knife network, in addition to the double-ring knife network, upgraded to a curved knife network, less friction, more into the amount of whiskers
  • The battery life is improved to 90 minutes, a very long time, 2 minutes a day, can be used for a month and a half.
  • LED digital display, powerful, able to display the power, display the length of use, display the remaining length of use, very practical
  • Intelligence, the addition of clogging stop, as well as regular reminders to clean according to the use of time

②Sushi Linglang S3

Sotheby's is a very high value, simple shape breakthrough traditional constraints, black and gold color scheme, red and gold color scheme not only good-looking but also with a sense of luxury.

More importantly, it is very luxurious from the configuration point of view.

    • In addition to the 3-blade head float, the whole head float, which is only available in the $500 block, has been added to allow for a more flattering face.
    • In addition, it is still a double layer of blades, double ring knife mesh. There are also two gears of motor power to choose from.
    • There is also air cushion shock absorption, which can reduce the pressure of the knife net to the face.
    • Fast charging, charging speed, and range are also excellent levels.
    • There are also dual power gears

③Philips S2302, S3203

These two, from the configuration, really can not be compared with domestic at all.

All are single blade ring, single blade, and no sideburn knife, travel lock, LED power display and other configurations.

But with a blade head like this, it's hard to see the strength on paper. From various reviews, Philips even with a relatively poor-looking configuration, shaving ability is still quite good.

  • Philips S2302, the only model within Philips 200 equipped with a 1-hour fast charging and long battery life. Philips entry model of choice
  • Philips S3203, compared to s2302 to increase the head floating angle, head shaving performance better, blade sharpness has also improved. At the same time longer range, motor performance is stronger, comes with a sideburn knife. Philips S3203 is the best model of Philips within 300.


This price point is the world of international brands, is completely in Philips (Philips), Braun (Braun), Panasonic (Panasonic) the three brands of the many models to find. And Philips are rotary, Braun, Panasonic two brands are reciprocating electric razor.

Compared to 300 or less, this price point whether reciprocating, rotary, shaving this basic ability has been a major improvement, has been from 300 below the level of enough to use, to the level of good, and other functional aspects of the basic no obvious shortcomings.

①Braun 5 Series

The Braun 5 Series has moved into the high end of the range, with the 5 Series' head agile fit technology achieving 8-way oscillation, raising the fit of the shaving process to another level. What's more, the configuration of sensitive sensing technology, which automatically adjusts shaving intensity according to beard concentration, is a not-so-subtle iteration.

  • With sensitive sensing technology, it can automatically adjust the vibration frequency according to the density of the beard, bringing a deep and clean shave.
  • Three blades in one shaving system, long and short beards can easily handle, eight-way flexible head, close to the contours of the face, easy to manage the difficult areas of shaving.
  • Built-in sideburn trimmer, easy to trim the shape, humanized design. Wet and dry double shaving design, even the facial beard hard people, can also be easily shaved, the use of three-blade integrated shaving system, whether it is long or short beard can easily shave.

②Panasonic LV74

The Panasonic LV74 enhances shaving performance mainly by.

  • Knife head, 5-blade head with 3 blade mesh shapes, 2 grooming knives, 1 center seam grooming knife, and 2 beard catching knives. Larger beard intake area, multiple knife mesh mesh, higher cleaning efficiency, higher cleaning
  • Motor, 14000 rpm high-speed magnetic levitation motor, more power
  • Blade, polished with nano-level precision, sharper and stronger cutting power
  • Floating structure, LV74 supports floating of the whole head in 2 directions

③ Philips S5066, SU5799, S5531, S7731

  • The pursuit of cost-effective choice of Philips S5066, this is the basic model of the S5000 series. All aspects are more perfect, the price is the lowest, 500 price to buy the best choice of rotary razor.
  • Need a little better functional experience than 5066, choose Philips U5799. compared to 5066 upgraded more modern appearance, upgraded the range, upgraded the power display. Shaving performance, shaving a single head floating angle, to improve the efficiency of some into the beard.
  • 4 of the most cost-effective most recommended one, Philips S5531. shaving performance, the use of SH71's new 7-series head, V-shaped knife network shape, 360 degrees single head floating structure, shaving performance has improved a lot. Functional experience, appearance, range, power display, sideburn cutter are improved or increased, but also support the head a key to open the cleaning. Philips S5531 is one of the most no drawbacks, the price below 800, the highest configuration of a rotary type.
  • Philips S7731 is a functional experience upgrade model of 5531. Increased range, APP connected function. As well as the most important thing is to add a wireless cleaning center, you can power wash the head. For those who have a need for a cleaning center, you can choose this one.