3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

3 times into Tibet, walked through the Yunnan-Tibet line, walked through the Qinghai-Tibet line, the third pure electric car self-drive tour 318 Sichuan-Tibet line, a lot of feelings, here I choose from the model, self-drive tour route, attractions, the whole food and accommodation costs, attention to several aspects to share in detail 6 points of Tibet self-drive tour experience.

The first part, what kind of models are suitable for entering Tibet?

Tibet is located in the plateau area, the average altitude of 3600 meters above sea level, self-drive tour need to go over a number of high mountains, especially like Dongda Mountain, Mira Mountain Pass, the altitude of more than 5000 meters, in such high altitude areas, not only will appear plateau reaction, the car will also appear "plateau reaction".

For fuel cars, mainly some naturally aspirated engine models, automatic gearboxes or models with a displacement of less than 1.5 will have a weak climb and a lack of power, which is related to the oxygen content in the air.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

At high altitude, the air is thin, especially in areas above 5,000 meters above sea level, the oxygen content in the air is only about 11%, so the oxygen content is only about half of our usual oxygen content, people are also a result of varying degrees of oxygen deficiency, the same for the car engine, the same intake, oxygen content rapidly decreases, directly affecting the combustion efficiency of the mixture in the cylinder, which in turn affects the power output of the engine.

Therefore, try to choose a turbocharged model or choose a model with a larger displacement, so that the power impact is less, although there are many Wuling Hongguang such vans on the road into Tibet, but in the Dongda Mountain several curves, will find very little trace of them, many sections they are slow driving, some goods pull a little heavier, before climbing steep slopes, need to unload the goods before climbing up, also seen Chery QQ midway to find off-road vehicle traction climbing, not that small displacement models do not work, just because the power has been reduced, drive up to affect the driving experience.

Some people are worried about the low chassis of the car, through the SUV is not as good, into Tibet can be? In fact, in recent years the road into Tibet has been very good, the whole tar road, occasionally encounter the rainy season will have landslides leading to road interruptions, this situation, the car through the poor indeed, but the road can soon be repaired, basically do not affect.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

Some people also ask, "Can I drive a pure electric car into Tibet now?

Pure electric car into Tibet? But now the charging piles along the Sichuan-Tibet route have been arranged, mainly by the State Grid, Xiaopeng, Tesla and Azure charging piles, and there are charging piles along the Sichuan-Tibet route from Chengdu to Everest Base Camp, and the longest distance between two stations is not more than 300 km, so charging is no problem.

But want to have a perfect driving experience, it is still recommended to choose an SUV with a displacement of 1.6 or more, if it is a pure electric car, it is recommended that the official pure electric range of at least 450 km or more, in high altitude areas, although the pure electric car power impact is smaller, but encounter low temperature weather, the range shrinks faster, 450 km range, the general range needs to play about 7% discount If you are looking for a car with a range of 450 kilometers, you will need to take a discount of about 70%, so that you can travel more than 300 kilometers without worrying about the range.

Part II, pre-departure preparations to do enough, be prepared

1, vehicle maintenance work, into Tibet although the mileage is not very long, but the road takes a long time, it is recommended to drive the car to the 4S store or repair store for maintenance before departure, replace the oil, machine filter, air conditioning filter, fuel filter and other consumables, and then check the brake fluid, brake pads, spark plugs, antifreeze, tire pressure, spare tire, battery voltage, glass water, etc.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

2, with the car tools, car inflatable pump, quick tire repair kit tools, tow rope (more than 3 tons), tow hook, jack (more than 3 tons), car fire extinguisher, mosquito screens, triangle warning frame, reflective undershirt, emergency power supply, power hitch, emergency flashlight, simple worker shovel, charging treasure, etc.

In fact, these tools are for emergencies, the vast majority of the time are not used, but like I often long-distance driving trips, these emergency tools with the car has been in the car, the second time into Tibet, late August is still in the rainy season, we drove a car from 318 into Tibet, and then from 317 out of Tibet, when the 317 road conditions are still very bad.

Midway encountered a landslide blocking the highway, only SUV models can barely pass, detour requires more than 200 kilometers, so the use of engineer shovel to fill the potholes on the road, and then drive hard, the result is still knocked to the chassis, and finally use the jack, pad the stone to pass, these hiccups, you need to use a lot of emergency tools.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

Other carry-on items, ID card, driver's license, driving license, bank card, try to bring cash, in some villages, the town or the majority of cash, if you need to the western border to Everest, Tingri, Murdoch, Ritu, Ali and other areas, but also need to apply for a good border pass in advance, border pass is generally valid for 3 months, to the household registration police station can apply, be aware that the application needs to fill out the need to reach the region, remember to need the border pass areas are all selected, in case there is a temporary change in the trip.

Bring enough oxygen bottles, prevent plateau reaction rhodiola, plateau treasure and cold medicine and other common medicines, in the Tibetan plateau, the most fear is sickness and cold, so these drugs need to bring spare.

Daily necessities, Tibetan areas with large altitude differences, temperature changes are also very large, sunny days, sometimes the foot of the mountain temperature up to more than 20 degrees, to reach the summit pass may be minus ten degrees, winter, summer clothes remember to bring, remember to bring raincoats, umbrellas can be ignored, bring sunscreen, etc., Tibetan air is thin, the daytime ultraviolet rays are very strong, remember to bring a sleeping bag, if the vehicle space, you can also bring a tent, bedding, convenient to rest and sleep in the car or tent.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

The third part, into the Tibetan line has to be careful

There are many lines into Tibet, but for our ordinary people, or take the conventional route is better, mainly 318 Sichuan-Tibet South Line, Qinghai-Tibet Line, Yunnan-Tibet Line, 317 Sichuan-Tibet North Line, the new Tibetan line, Ali North Line, Cacha, 214 Tangfan ancient road these 8, which take the 318 Sichuan-Tibet South Line, 317 Sichuan-Tibet North Line, Qinghai-Tibet Line, Yunnan-Tibet Line mostly.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

318 Sichuan-Tibet South Route

This line is more suitable for the first time into Tibet, this line, from Chengdu, in turn, through Luding County (Hailuogou glacier scenic area, Luding Bridge, elementary school textbook impression is very deep, right) - Kangding (Mugatso scenic area, during the "Kangba first pass" over the folded mountain, 4298 meters above sea level, this is the first into Tibet (the first high mountain) - Xinduqiao (photography corridor) - Litang (south to Dacheng Yading) - Mankang (Ula Mountain) - Zogong (Dongda Mountain Pass, 5008 meters above sea level, the second highest pass on the southern route of Sichuan-Tibet, snow all year round) - Baxu (Ranwu Lake, let people dream, the bright pearl on the Sichuan-Tibet line) - Bomi (Middlesex Glacier) - Lulang (known as a natural oxygen bar, the town of Switzerland in the East) - Lingzhi (Namcha Barwa Peak) - Lhasa (after Lingzhi to the north line will pass) (Gongbu Jiangda County, where there is the last pass on the Sichuan-Tibet line, but also the first high pass, Mira Pass, 5013 meters above sea level).

317 Sichuan-Tibet north line, this line is culturally rich, along the way there are Tibetan cottages, Qiang Village, temples and so on, rich natural landscape, but this line in July, August rainy season when the road conditions are good and bad, cars need to pay more attention to, encounter landslide passage is a big problem, it is likely to sleep in the car at night.

109 Qinghai-Tibet line, most people will take the Sichuan-Tibet line to Tibet, and then take the Qinghai-Tibet line out of Tibet, is what we call "Sichuan into the Qinghai out", if you are worried about plateau reaction, it is not recommended by the Qinghai-Tibet line into Tibet, the average altitude of this line is higher, but the road condition is better, is also the main transportation line in Tibet, most of the large trucks, along the way through the Namucuo, Cocosiri, Kunlun Mountains and other special areas.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

Route more, here is a brief introduction to these 3, each into the Tibetan line, there are different scenery, if simply from the attractions to rank, when the Ali North Line, the new Tibetan line, 318 Sichuan-Tibet South Line, the Tangfan ancient road.

Part IV, accommodation and food

The vast majority of people are from the plains to the plateau, when you first enter the plateau, remember not to eat too much, rice can eat 7 minutes full, the plateau area gastrointestinal susceptible to impact, gastric peristalsis becomes slower, if the gastrointestinal discomfort, the first few meals try to eat some light, easy to digest food, such as noodles, rice, etc., eat more fruits and vegetables.

Eat along the way into Tibet do not worry at all, to the Han, Tibetan, Hui diet, which is more common Sichuan cuisine, the first few days to eat unaccustomed to eat noodles, rice, such as staple food, eat less special snacks, such as gastrointestinal, body slowly adapt to then eat special dishes.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

As for accommodation, like the Sichuan-Tibet route, Qinghai-Tibet route along the inn, inn, hotel is very much, but generally recommended in the county level accommodation is better, clean and healthy, safe, infrastructure are better, accommodation are very convenient.

The fifth part, about the cost of self-drive tour

In fact, the cost of self-drive tour varies from person to person, to my personal costs along the way, mainly fuel, accommodation costs, meals, attractions, tickets, gifts and other expenses.

1, fuel and toll, take the 318 south Sichuan-Tibet route, from Chengdu to Lhasa the whole 2250 kilometers, to Kangding toll station is the last high-speed toll station, toll about 130, after that is the 318 national highway, no toll.

The cost of fuel depends on the specific model, when driving 2.0T displacement, SUV models, the average 100 km fuel consumption of about 11L, midway gas stations are also more, but slightly higher fuel prices in Tibet, 95 gasoline than the Sichuan probably higher than about 50 cents, one-way fuel costs about 2,000 yuan, the average calculation, a kilometer of about 1 yuan, if a car or low-displacement models, fuel costs and other cities are The same.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

2, accommodation costs, the annual 6-October tourist season, the general star hotels are generally in about 300-600, hostel, inn, B&B, etc. cheaper, generally in more than a hundred, of course, bed car driving tour is also possible, tired of rest at any time, the natural cost difference will be relatively large, the general ordinary hotel accommodation mostly, the price in about 150.

3, meal costs, Chinese food is slightly more expensive, almost all similar, a day according to breakfast, lunch and dinner to count, the average day about 50 mostly, of course, this difference is also very large, all depends on what to eat.

4, attraction tickets, the vast majority of attractions are free, several other major attractions probably cost as follows, Luding Bridge 10/person, Hailuogou 92/person, Tao Cheng Yading set of tickets 270/person, to the ancient glacier 50/person, Maidu Glacier 50/person, Yangzhuoyuntso 120/person, Namucuo 120/person, Chaka Salt Lake 70/person.

Attractions mainly depends on how to play, how to see, many attractions are tickets + sightseeing bus + ropeway + other transportation, so the cost is generally more expensive.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

The whole process is calculated, if the Sichuan-Tibet route is fast, about 5-7 days, most in about 7-10 days, the total cost per person per day is about 300-500 yuan.

Part VI, 6 points to note

1, into Tibet time and route, every year from June to early October is the peak season of self-drive tour, but try to avoid July-August, which is the heavy rainfall season, May-June and September is more suitable for self-drive tour into Tibet, the first time into Tibet is recommended to choose 318 Sichuan-Tibetan southern route, remember to download a good offline map.

2, driving precautions, try not to drive at night, climate change, road conditions are more complex, especially on the road will often encounter yaks, antelopes, sheep, etc., must slow down, in addition to the car at any time to prepare 2 days of food, water at least 3 days to prepare, folded mountain, Mira mountain, Dongda mountain these high-altitude passes, often encounter snow storms, road traffic is a common thing, food and water must be brought.

3, into Tibet, out of Tibet on the way, do not just leave the main road, many areas are deserted, not to mention the cell phone signal, especially along the way some sand, grass, etc., do not easily drive the car into the seemingly normal road, the car is easy to fall into the sand, do not take a quick path, not to cross the Cocosi, Aljinshan, Qiangtang, the three uninhabited areas, the danger is far more than from nature, there are hearts.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

4, if you sleep in the car at night, especially need to pay attention, do not start the engine all night to open the air conditioning, either internal or external circulation are very dangerous, and do not close the windows all night, do not sleep in the car at high altitude, open the air conditioning to sleep in the car, not only dangerous, just the cost of gas and stay in a hotel is about the same.

5, high altitude areas do not carry out intense exercise, easy to lack of oxygen, physical discomfort do not enter Tibet, such as colds, cardiovascular, heart problems do not enter Tibet, encounter colds and other problems, remember to seek medical attention in a timely manner, do not delay, the plateau area sick can not be compared with the plains at all.

6, respect local customs and habits, first of all, Tibetans do not eat donkey meat, horse meat, dog meat, avoid talking about taboo things, try not to wear shorts, skirts. Drinking ghee tea, wait for the host family hands to hold in front of them, in order to receive both hands to drink, many people are not used to drink ghee tea at first, remember not to show, and then how to drink, this is their courtesy of hospitality.

Do not casually cross the puja, fire bowl, scripture tube, do not step on their threshold, not to mention touching other people's heads, when you encounter pasture and other pastoral areas, do not just drive in or hike in, it is also said that when you see young girls squatting on the open ground, do not approach, it will be embarrassing.

In short, Tibet, a place to go and want to go again, compared to the bustle of the big city, this pure land of Tibet seems to have a kind of "magic" that can purify the heart, so that countless explorers, self-driving tour enthusiasts are fascinated by it, Tibet, not only the magical and spectacular natural scenery, but also the incomparable danger of no man's land, its danger is much more than from the nature, so it is necessary to do a good corresponding strategy for self-driving tour.

3 times self-driving tour to Tibet, summed up 6 points of experience, including route, car, expenses, notes

Many people say that they must be crazy once in their life, and they will be old if they are not crazy, or hiking, to feel the beauty of this "holy land of the frontier" in Tibet, or riding, over the mountains, one person and one car, as they wish, or self-driving tour, while feeling the magical and spectacular natural scenery, while enjoying the fun of self-driving tour, no matter how to enter Tibet, it is necessary to do a good job of various strategies, to know oneself and others, so that you have a perfect trip to Tibet.