3 Top Travel Adapters

After a long day of sightseeing and picture taking abroad, you probably need to charge your smartphone. But before you plug it in, you’ll need an adapter to ensure the plug fits in a different country’s outlet. These dependable adapters cover the most traveled destinations in the world.

Castries Updated Universal Travel Adapter

3 Top Travel Adapters

Charge up to five devices at once.

Designed to work in more than 200 countries, this adapter is a great product for a worldwide traveler. You can simultaneously use an AC power socket and 4 USB ports.

Saunorch Universal International Travel Power Adapter

3 Top Travel Adapters

This adapter has a lifetime guarantee.

This adapter works in more than 150 countries. It has an AC power socket and 4 USB ports.

Tessan European Plug Adapter

3 Top Travel Adapters

It’s easy to pack this compact adapter.

This type C adapter works in most Eurpean countries (not including the U.K.), as well as the Middle East and parts of Africa. It has one AC outlet and two USB ports. It doesn’t convert voltage, so it should only be used with dual voltage electronic devices.