35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Once saw an article wrote: "food before, always have something to think about, or gluttonous nature of a thousand dainty, observe before eating, eat in the thought, taste after the body simmer, food for nature, quietly chew, gently aftertaste, extraordinary rhyme. Eating food is a kind of happiness, taste is a kind of interest, and transparent ink feeling text in the spicy salty sweet, but also a joy. Those who can eat get a stomach-warming enjoyment; those who will eat find a peace of mind." Taste it carefully and feel it deeply! Food has now become part of our lives, life, slowly walk, slowly, life does not need a gorgeous coat, nor sweet words, life needs to be three meals a day to eat well, plainly finish each day. We all have our own habits, in order to meet the different dietary needs of each person, every day a selection of different dishes to share with you, together for the wonderful life of each day!

Stir-fried shrimp in three colors

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients shrimp 350g; cucumber 30g; carrot 30g; corn kernel 30g; oil 1 tbsp; salt 1 tsp; white wine 1 tbsp; starch 2 tbsp


Clean the shrimp, remove the shrimp threads, add 1 tsp of salt, add 1 tsp of white wine and mix well, marinate for 15 minutes

Marinate the shrimp with 2 tsp of cornstarch

Mix well

Wash and dice carrots and cucumbers

Add 1 tbsp of oil to the pan, when the oil is hot, slide and stir fry the shrimp, the shrimp can be removed when they are browned

Add a little oil to a separate pan and stir-fry the carrots and cucumber until they break.

Add a pinch of salt, add corn kernels and stir-fry

Then add the pre-fried shrimp, stir-fry evenly, you can turn off the heat

Shrimps with Scrambled Egg

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: 200g shrimp; 4 eggs; 2 scallions; 3 tbsp water starch; 1/2 tsp salt; 1 tbsp cooking wine; 1 tbsp egg white; 1 tbsp corn starch; a little white pepper

Practice shrimp mixed with a little salt and placed evenly for 5 minutes, and then the salt washed away (with salt first scratched to wash away the surface of the mucus, so that the fried shrimp will be crisp and delicious); use kitchen paper to absorb water shrimp, if not absorb water, the marinade is not easy to adhere to the marinade

Dry shrimp with salt, wine, egg white and mix well, then mix under corn starch and marinate for a few moments

Beat the eggs with seasoning (1/2 tsp salt, a pinch of white pepper) and mix well, chop the scallions, mix well with water starch and prepare; boil a pot of boiling water, add the marinated shrimp into the pot, boil slightly until seven minutes cooked (about 30 seconds), set aside.

Put the scalded shrimp into the egg mixture, add chopped green onion and water starch and mix well

Heat up a frying pan, put 2 tablespoons of oil, when the oil is hot, pour the egg mixture of shrimp into it, do not flip at first, feel the egg mixture around the beginning of solidification, then use a spatula to quickly scratch the egg in a circle to scatter, and as soon as most of the egg mixture solidifies, turn off the heat and serve, to avoid the egg scrambled too cooked is not smooth enough

Spicy Stir-fried Duck Gizzard

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: 300g duck or chicken gizzards, 5 green peppers, 5 red bell peppers, 2 cloves of garlic (sliced), 1 small piece of ginger (sliced), 1 small piece of green onion (sliced), 1 small pinch of pepper, 3 dried chili peppers (sliced), a little soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of corn starch, 1 tablespoon of Hanadiao wine or cooking wine, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, 1/3 teaspoon of white pepper, a little salt


1: Scrub the gizzard with salt, tear off the yellow film and white tendons on the surface, drain and cut into slices;

2: Put the sliced gizzards into a bowl and mix in the wine, 1 1/2 measures of ginger, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, pepper, salt and cornstarch, and marinate for 10 minutes with your hands;

3, the green pepper, red pepper wash and remove the tip and cut into 1 cm or so sections;

4, frying pan heat, pour oil, hot oil into the pepper, dried chili, the other half of the amount of ginger, garlic bursting;

5, pour in the gizzard slices quickly stir-fried until a little brown, and then pour in the chili pepper stir-fried together over high heat for about 1 minute, add a little soy sauce stir-fried well and then remove from the heat, remove from the heat and add sliced green onions stir-fried evenly.

Steamed eggs with clams

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 10 clams, 3g salt, 1/2 tbsp cooking wine, 2 slices of ginger, 1 green onion, 1 tbsp vegetable oil, 1/2 tbsp steamed fish soya sauce, 1g pepper


1) Prepare the ingredients - clams soaked in lightly salted water for half a day and washed.

2) Boil the clams in water and fish them out. (Don't pour out the water)

3) Beat the eggs well, put some salt, cooking wine, ginger water, chopped green onion, pepper, vegetable oil, water for cooking clams, and mix well. Steam them in water for about 5 minutes.

4) Put down the clams and steam for about 3 minutes more.

5) Pour some steamed fish soya sauce over it.

Braised Pork Knuckle with Dried Cuttlefish

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: pig's trotters, dried cuttlefish, ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce, star anise


1, wash the pig's feet, cold water into the pot, add ginger blanching, fish out, drain the water. Soak dried fish in advance, remove bones, wash, and cut into thin strips.

2, preheat the pressure cooker, pour a little oil, put the blanched pig's feet stir-fry for a moment, add wine, add boiling water, the amount of water over the pig's feet about two-thirds, add the right amount of soy sauce.

3, put anise, add dried cuttlefish, steam, reduce the fire, pressure for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat.

4, after exhaust, again open medium heat, cook until the soup becomes less thick, add a little salt to taste, stir-fry evenly.

Stir-fried Pork Crispy Bones with Green Pepper

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: pork bones, green pepper, garlic, a small spoon of bean paste, a little sugar, a little salt, a little black pepper, a little cooking wine


1, first clean the pork crisp bones after adding wine, black pepper, a little salt marinade, about 10 to 15 minutes to remove the fishy taste of meat;.

2, the marinated meat into the pot with water, open high heat, turn to medium heat after the water boils, cook for 5 to 8 minutes, the meat is basically cooked, the meat will be removed and set aside.

3. cool the cooked meat to room temperature, then cut it into slices of moderate thickness.

4, cut perpendicular to the direction of the crisp bones and the texture of the meat for cross-cutting.

5, take a frying pan, add a little oil, turn on a low heat to pop garlic slices, and so garlic slices fried until golden brown. Add the sliced meat, turn on the medium heat and stir-fry slightly until the meat is slightly browned.

6, at this time add shredded green pepper, open high heat and continue to stir-fry until the surface of the meat appears golden brown. Turn down the heat, add a small spoonful of bean paste and a spoonful of sugar, stir-fry evenly and turn off the heat. Add the right amount of salt and mix well and then remove from the pot.

Broccoli Clam Porridge

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: broccoli, clams, glutinous rice, oil, salt, cooking wine, chicken essence, pepper, ginger


1, wash the glutinous rice, soak it for about 30 minutes, rinse the clams, wash and cut the broccoli into small pieces.

2, in a casserole dish, put the right amount of water, add glutinous rice, boil over high heat, turn down the heat and cook for about 30 minutes.

3, put oil in the pot, put down the ginger, broccoli stir-fry, to broccoli some color, put down the clams.

4, add wine, salt and stir-fry well, serve, put the broccoli into the casserole and continue to cook on low heat for 5 minutes.

5, add salt, pepper, chicken seasoning, and enjoy.

Cold three shreds

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: carrots, bean skin, vermicelli

Directions: 1. Cut carrots into thin julienne strips, cut tofu skin from the middle and then into thin julienne strips, cut garlic into minced garlic and set aside.

2: Pour a little bit of oil into the hot pot, when the oil temperature is 50% hot, add shredded carrots and stir-fry over medium heat until the color turns dark, then serve and put into a container together with shredded tofu.

3, boil water in a pot to cook fans, fans cooked over cool water, fish out and control dry.

4, add salt, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sugar, chili oil, minced garlic, and finally sprinkle white sesame seeds, mix well.

Dry-fried Fresh Squid

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Method: 1, the fresh squid cut into strips, hang evenly crispy paste and then put into a 50% hot frying pan, fry until the surface is golden and cooked inside, pour out and drain the oil.

2: Put the tea tree mushrooms into the hot frying pan and fry them until they are dry and fragrant before straining them out for use.

3, put the cooked vegetable oil in the pot and heat, put the bean paste and stir-fry well, then put the dried chili pepper and pepper and stir-fry, then put the green pepper, scallion and tea tree mushroom and stir-fry, put the fresh squid and add salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and chicken seasoning and stir-fry well, then you can put the pot on the plate.

Pan-fried Chicken Bites

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: chicken breast, onion, mushroom, salt, flour

Directions: 1. Wash the chicken breast, dice it first and then reshape and chop it into mince.

2. Wash and chop the mushrooms, onions, respectively.

3. Add a little oil to the pan, sauté chopped onion over low heat, then add chopped mushrooms and sauté.

4. Add appropriate amount of water to the chopped chicken paste in batches, stir with chopsticks in the same direction in a circle, then add chopped mushrooms and onions, salt and flour in turn and mix well.

5. Finally, use your hands to knead the meat mixture into small rounds, put them in a pan and fry them on low heat until both sides are golden brown.

Pork Ear with Shredded Melon

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: marinated pork, cucumber, cilantro, salt, chili oil, garlic, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar


1, after the required ingredients are ready, we will cucumber and parsley to clean and cut into shreds, garlic, then directly chopped into minced, and then the pig ear is also cut into shreds;.

2, shredded pork ear and cucumber into a large bowl, add cilantro, garlic, salt, sugar, chili oil, sesame oil into it, then drizzle with soy sauce and rice vinegar, use chopsticks to stir from the bottom to the top, and can be served.

Pork Rib Stew with Broad Noodles

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: ribs 1000g, wide flour, soy sauce, soy sauce, green onion, ginger, star anise, salt


1, wide flour soaked in cool water beforehand, ribs washed and placed in a pot of cool water.

2, boil and then cook for about two minutes to fully remove the blood foam, blanch the ribs again to wash the surface foam;.

3, prepare onions, ginger and star anise, heat oil in a pot, under the ribs, stir-fry until the ribs are charred.

4, the next onion ginger star anise stir-fry, add soy sauce, add soy sauce, stir-fry evenly stir-fried;.

5、Heat water without ribs, boil over high heat and then turn to low heat and simmer.

6, about 1 hour stew when the ribs are cooked and rotten, add the softened wide flour, while adding salt.

7, and then stew for about ten minutes on it, soup to leave some, out of the pot vermicelli will also absorb the soup, if stewed dry vermicelli is not good.

Stir Fried Squash with Tomatoes

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: loofah, tomatoes, oil, salt, chicken essence


1, loofah and tomatoes, peeled and cut into pieces.

2, add an appropriate amount of oil to the pot, the oil is hot, then add the loofah, stir-fry until broken.

3, add the tomatoes and stir-fry the juice.

4, add appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence, stir-fry evenly, can be.

Pickled Bean Blossoms

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Practice 1, the green pepper and red pepper cut circle, ginger and garlic cut into minced or sliced (more beautiful), dried chili pepper cut small sections.

2, pickled sauerkraut cut into small sections.

3: Pour 3 tablespoons of oil into the net hot pot, oil burn off the bubble end, turn off the heat, the oil is cold, put the peppers into the stir-fry and browned, then fish out.

4, put ginger and garlic, sauerkraut stir-fry.

5, to the pot filled with 500ml of water (fresh soup is better), high heat boil.

6, put the broken into large pieces of bean flowers into the pot, the soup reopened off the low heat, slowly simmer for 10 minutes.

7, taste the salt, adjust the right amount of salt and chicken powder, gently push well, turn off the fire.

8: After the bean flower is served, put green and red pepper rings, dried chili pepper and garlic rice in the middle, boil 3 tablespoons of hot cooked vegetable oil and drizzle it in, that's it.

Carrot and Fresh Shrimp Cake

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Directions: 1. Peel the shells of fresh prawns and make a cut in the back of the shrimp to remove the shrimp threads. Chop the peeled shrimp in the form of shrimp puree, chopped and placed in a bowl.

2: Rub the washed carrots into fine shreds and chop them. Pour the finely chopped carrot into the shrimp puree, add a small amount of minced green onion, add half a tablespoon of cooking wine, a pinch of salt and black pepper, and stir up with chopsticks in one direction until gelatinous.

3: Pour a little oil into the pan and heat it up, use a spoon to dig a pile of shrimp puree into the pan. Dip the bottom of the spoon into the oil and press the shrimp into a small round cake, fry on low heat until both sides are golden brown, then remove and control the oil.

Kneading Pickled Cabbage

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients 120g cabbage; 2 shiso leaves; 1/4 tsp salt; 1/2 tsp fried sesame seeds


  1. Tear cabbage into bite-sized pieces, chop shiso leaves; place all in a plastic bag, sprinkle with salt, and knead with hands through the bag.
  2. Release the air in the bag and seal it. Remove from the marinade for about 10 minutes, strain the water, mix in the fried sesame seeds and serve.

Stir-fried Dried Pork

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: pancetta, dried sesame, green pepper, oil, salt, soy sauce, ginger, scallions


1, pancetta washed and sliced, dried aromatics washed and cut into strips, green pepper washed and seeded, cut into pieces.

2, hot pot, pour oil, pancetta stir-fried light yellow oil, put ginger, soy sauce, salt stir-fried golden brown pan;.

3, stir-fried meat after the oil left in the pan stir-fried dried aromatic, six mature, start; pan with oil, high heat stir-fry green pepper six mature;.

4, the sliced meat, dried aromatic stir-fry into the pot; put salt, scallions stir-fry can be.

Stir-fried ground chicken with celery

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: chicken, celery, pickled pepper, garlic, pickled wild pepper, bean paste, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, pepper, cornstarch, vinegar, cooking wine


1, the chicken will be cut into slices, na basin with wine, pepper, salt and cornstarch marinade, pending use.

2, pot into the salad oil heat, the marinated chicken stir-fry, then add bean paste, garlic, pickled wild pepper, pickled pepper, stir-fry, then add celery section, while stir-frying seasoning, chicken seasoning, cooking wine and pepper, stir-fry cooked before the pan with wet flour thickening and drizzle some vinegar, push well into the plate that is ready.

Pork Liver Soup with Scallions

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: pork liver, cabbage, lard, white pepper, salt, chopped green onion, shredded ginger, cooking wine, starch, chicken essence


1, wash the cabbage and pork liver.

2: Slice pork liver, add wine, salt, starch and grasp well.

3, boil water in a pot, add shredded ginger and lard and bring to a boil.

4, torn cabbage into the boiling water, add salt and white pepper to taste.

5, wait for the water to boil again, add the pork liver, and then turn up the heat and cook for 5 minutes after all the pork liver is put down.

6, the bottom of the pot put onion and a small amount of chicken essence, salt, boiled pork liver soup pour in and mix well.

Steamed Bean Curd Vermicelli

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: bean curd, vermicelli, minced meat each appropriate amount of ingredients: garlic, wine, salt, white pepper, chopped pepper, soy sauce each appropriate amount

1, soak the fans in water until soft

2, put tofu soaked in warm water until soft

3, pork chopped, garlic chopped, ginger cut small sections

4, minced meat with wine, salt, white pepper, stir well, marinate about 10 powder to make it taste

5, the bowl first row into the soaked vermicelli, and then on top of the spread of tofu

6, in the tofu on top of the row of marinated minced meat

7, minced meat sprinkled with minced garlic

8, plus chopped pepper

9、Drizzle with soy sauce

10, cold water on the pot, high heat and then steamed for 15 minutes, steamed and removed, sprinkle onion can be

Coke Chicken Wings

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Directions: 1. Cut a few lines on top of the chicken wings to facilitate flavoring, add the wings to a pot of cool water, put in sliced ginger and green onions, and blanch the wings to remove the blood.

2: Rinse the chicken wings with water, pour a little less oil into the pan and fry the wings on both sides to make them golden brown.

3、Pour in a bottle of filling cola, high heat boil, change to low heat chicken wings, put soy sauce, slowly close the juice can be.

Mixed grain porridge

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: lotus seeds 15g, peanuts 15g, adzuki beans 20g, glutinous rice 10g, oat grains 20g


1, various grains washed and soaked in advance.

2: Pour slightly more water into the casserole and bring it to a boil over high heat.

3: Put the soaked grains into a pot and bring it to a boil over high heat.

4: Turn down the heat and cook for 30 minutes, stirring from time to time.

5, cook until sticky.

Steamed Chicken with Mushrooms

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Directions: 1. Remove the mushrooms and wash them. Chop the bare chicken into 4 cm long pieces with a knife. Cut the green onion into segments and peel and cut the ginger into slices.

2, the chicken into the plate, add mushrooms, green onions, ginger, wine, soy sauce, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, lard, pepper, water starch mix well, on the cage with a high fire steamed out, pick off the green onions and ginger, served into the plate can be.

Stir Fried Vermicelli with Celery

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: 1 handful of celery, 1 handful of vermicelli, 1 piece of pancetta, 1 section of green onion, 1 piece of ginger, half a spoon of salt, a spoon of soy sauce, a little sugar.


1: Boil water in a pot, add vermicelli, cook until there is no hard heart, fish out and set aside.

2, celery pick clean, cut into sections, pancetta cut into strips, ginger cut into shreds, chopped green onion.

3, hot oil in a pan, put in the pancetta, stir-fry until browned and oiled.

4, add onion and ginger stir-fry aroma, add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, a little sugar on color.

5, add celery, stir-fry evenly, then add the vermicelli.

6: Mix the two ingredients and stir-fry until evenly distributed, mix in half a spoonful of salt and stir-fry for 1 minute.

Braised potato cubes

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: 2 potatoes, 1 spoon of soy sauce, ginger, onion and garlic, 2g of pepper, salt, sugar, oil, starch, star anise, 1 grain

Directions: 1. Peel and wash the potatoes and cut them into pieces; slice the ginger, cut the scallions and chop the garlic.

2: Heat oil in a pot and fry the potatoes until the skin is lightly browned, then drain and set aside.

3, another pot add a small amount of oil, add ginger, onion, garlic and star anise, then add fried potatoes, stir-fry for a while, add soy sauce, sugar, salt and stir-fry evenly, then add a large bowl of water, boil and turn the heat to medium, until the soup is concentrated thickeners into the water starch can be removed from the pot.

Minced pork and vegetable hearts

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: 100g minced meat, 400g rape hearts, bean curd, ginger and garlic granules, a little bit of soy sauce, chicken essence, bean powder

Practice: 1. Wash and blanch the heart of vegetables with boiling water, blanching the water with a little salt

2. blanching the heart of the vegetables out of the squeeze dry water, row of dishes to be used

3. Hot frying pan into the minced meat stir-fry scattered, add ginger and garlic particles, a little bean cloves, soy sauce stir-fry aromatic

4. Add some water and simmer for a while, then thicken with soybean flour and put chicken seasoning to mix well

5. Spoon up the cooked soup over the vegetable hearts

Fried Tripe Slices

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: pork belly, garlic, green and red pepper, salt, cold soy sauce, sugar, pepper, chicken essence, water starch

Directions: 1. Boil pork belly and cut into slices.

2, garlic moss cut into sections, green and red pepper cut into pieces.

3, pan with oil fried onion ginger, put belly slices stir-fry.

4, according to personal taste put salt, cold soy sauce, sugar, pepper, chicken essence.

5, then put green and red pepper flakes, and finally pour some water starch out of the pot.

Fish and Cabbage

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: 300g cabbage, 100g black fungus, 1/2 tablespoon salt, 1/2 tablespoon soy sauce, 1/2 tablespoon vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon chicken broth, 5g green onion, 5g ginger, 5g garlic, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 1 tablespoon hot sauce, 1/2 tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil.

Directions: 1. Prepare the cabbage and fungus, chop the onion, ginger and garlic and set aside.

2. Tear the aquatic fungus into small pieces, take a bowl and add sugar, soy sauce, salt, vinegar, cornstarch and water to make a fish sauce.

3. Peel cabbage into pieces, frying pan with vegetable oil, add the cabbage pieces, stir-fry the water and pour out.

4. Start another pot, pour vegetable oil, stir-fry the red oil into the hot sauce, add chopped onion, ginger and garlic and continue to stir-fry the aroma.

5. Add the soaked fungus and stir-fry evenly, pour in the fish sauce and boil until sticky.

6. Pour in the stir-fried cabbage, stir-fry evenly, add chicken seasoning to taste.

Spicy Rice Noodles

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients rice noodles, bok choy, seaweed, tofu skin, soybean sprouts, pepper powder, chili oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, minced squash, scallions


1. Soak dried rice noodles in advance, wash and soak dried shredded seaweed; wash and set aside soy bean sprouts and bok choy, wash and finely shred tofu skin; chop squash.

2. Take a large bowl, according to their taste, mix in salt, sesame oil, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, pour in boiling water, using stock will taste better.

3. Boil water in a pot, add soybean sprouts first, then add shredded kelp and shredded bean curd skin and cook for a little while, take out and set aside.

4. Add the softened rice noodles, cook softly, then add the bok choy and scald.

5. Put the rice noodles into the bowl seasoned in step 5, add bok choy, appropriate amount of soy bean sprouts, shredded tofu, shredded seaweed, and finally sprinkle with chopped squash and chopped green onion.

Braised Duck Side Legs

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: duck leg 500g, green onion, garlic, ginger, oil, salt, sugar, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, wine, pepper

Method 1: Wash the duck side leg and cut it into pieces.

2, blanch in boiling water to remove the impurities and blood inside.

3: Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan, add three spoons of sugar to melt and stir-fry the duck meat.

4, stir-fry until the duck meat on the sugar color, down into the onion, ginger and garlic continue to stir-fry.

5, mix in two drops of soy sauce, two spoons of soy sauce, appropriate amount of cooking wine, pepper powder.

6, add an appropriate amount of warm boiling water did not exceed the duck, stew until the soup dried up and then sprinkle salt can be.

Dry-aged cuttlefish

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Main ingredients: 750g of preserved cuttlefish roe

Ingredients: 20 grams of ginger, 10 grams of pickled pepper, 10 grams of green onion, 20 grams of garlic, 40 grams of fresh red pepper

Seasoning: 80g dry pot sauce, 50g salad oil, 5g salt, 500g broth, 5g chicken seasoning


1, cuttlefish boy washed, with 80 degrees of warm water over the water filtered dry for use.

2、Put salad oil, sliced ginger and dry pot sauce into the pot and saute.

3, put the cuttlefish boy into the pot, add the broth, put salt, chicken essence, and close the juice.

Steamed Baby Cabbage with Dried Scallop

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Ingredients: baby vegetables, scallops, milk, carrots, sugar, starch, chicken essence, oil and salt

Directions: 1. Wash the scallop and soak it for ten minutes, boil boiling water, add the right amount of salt and a few drops of oil, put in the cut baby vegetables into the pot and blanch.

2: Place the blanched baby vegetables neatly on a plate, then pour the soaked scallops into the pot together with the water, add the right amount of salt, chicken essence, sugar and olive oil to taste and cook for two minutes, then pour in the milk and cook together.

3, add the right amount of water starch, stirring constantly.

4: When the gravy becomes thick, pour it over the arranged baby vegetables.

Steamed fish pieces

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Method: 1 fish body is too thick, so I sliced from the middle (do not completely sliced, into a connection) with beer, salt, pepper and ginger slices marinated for about 20 minutes; take a plate with ginger slices on the bottom pad, placed on the marinated fish segments, then also placed on the fish onion and ginger slices;.

2 Boil water, put the fish section into medium-high heat and steam for about 8 minutes, turn off the heat and continue to steam falsely for about 3 minutes; take out, remove all the auxiliary ingredients from the fish, then drizzle with Lee Kum Kee Steamed Fish Soy Sauce; sprinkle with scallions and pour hot oil over it.

Stir Fried Bok Choy with Shiitake Mushrooms

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

Directions: 1. Heat the oil in a pot, add the mushrooms and stir-fry for fragrance.

2. Pour in the bok choy and stir-fry continuously until the bok choy is soft and cooked.

3. add salt and fry well.

4, add a little sugar, adjust the fresh taste, out of the pot on the plate.

Bean Curd with Wood Ear

35 dishes to make for your family on a busy day

ingredients: northern tofu (that is, the more solid kind of ha) a piece (about 380g), fungus at will, a persimmon pepper, Pixian bean paste a large spoon, chopped green onion, minced ginger at will, a small spoon of sugar, potato starch a small spoon.


1. a piece of northern tofu cut into 1 cm thick triangular slices

2. Put the frying pan over medium heat and fry until golden brown, a few pieces at a time, in several batches, so as to save oil, but also not easy to break. Take out the spare, fungus soaked in advance, remove the hard root, persimmon pepper washed and broken into small pieces. I am used to using hot water to soak the fungus, which is softer, but if you like the crispy texture, you can use cold water to soak it, but for a longer time.

3. Pixian bean paste, my bean paste particles are very large, so in advance with a cooking machine to break up.

4. Heat a frying pan and put the bottom oil, add chopped green onion and ginger, and add a large spoonful of bean paste. Do not put too much, because it will be salty. I did not add another salt, if you do not feel salty, you can add according to your taste. Stir-fry the red oil, pay attention to the fire is not too large, easy to stick to the pan.

5. Put the fungus and tofu into the pot and stir-fry evenly, add a small amount of water and a small spoon of sugar, cover and cook for a few minutes to taste, and finally add the persimmon pepper and stir-fry evenly. Before serving, thicken and stir-fry evenly.