4 Cars In Usain Bolt's Garage We Wouldn't Drive (And 11 We Would)

4 Cars In Usain Bolt's Garage We Wouldn't Drive (And 11 We Would)

Great athletes such as Usain Bolt come along only once in a while. Besides winning numerous gold medals at the Olympics, Bolt has managed to make millions of dollars through his endorsement deals. Forbes reported that Bolt had earned $33 million in a year. That's ten times more than other track stars. Most of the income wasn't from athletics; it was from promoting brands. That shouldn't come as a surprise since most athletes make most of their income for endorsements.

Having an estimated net worth of $90 million allowed Bolt to purchase a few cars. Some of the cars he purchased were as fast as him, but others were regular cars that most people could afford. We delved into his collection and separated the supercars from the regular vehicles.

15. Wouldn't Touch: Bolt Nano

Some endorsement deals work out, and some don't. The one endorsement partnership that some people didn't understand was Bolt's collaboration with an automaker to make an electric car called Bolt Nano. If the automaker was going to make an electric car using Bolt's name, they should've made it so that it can rival Tesla's speed.

14. Wouldn't Touch: Honda CR-V

Don't get me wrong. The CR-V is not a bad car. What makes this one more special is that Bolt purchased it for his mother. The only issue with the CR-V is that it pales in comparison to the rest of Bolt's collection. When you compare the CR-V to the Ferraris and GT-Rs that he owns, the Honda doesn't seem so appealing.

13. Wouldn't Touch: Jeep Wrangler

Newsbug Media and several other publications reported that Bolt's customized Jeep Wrangler cost $42 million. I don't know what they were smoking, but nobody in their right might would pay that much for a Wrangler. They must've meant Jamaican dollars. I'm not sure that the lime rims suit the car, but whatever floats Bolt's boat.

12. Wouldn't Touch: Toyota Hilux

This purchase doesn't make sense. Considering that Bolt is one of the fastest men in the world and mostly opts for performance cars, his purchase of a Hilux is odd. Perhaps, he wanted to find out why the market was fussing about pickups. Hilux isn't a bad car, but it doesn't fit amongst the Ferraris and the Nissan GT-Rs.

11. Would Touch: Audi SUV

Bolt likes black cars. Besides the black GTR, he also has a black Audi and black Toyota. He prefers to wear black whenever he drives one of his black cars. Audi had garnered a reputation for producing great sedans but wanted also to capture the SUV market. The German automaker has done a tremendous job with its SUVs.

10. Would Touch: Nissan MY15 GT-R

When you have as much money as Bolt, you can afford to purchase limited edition cars. One of the limited editions that he purchased was the MY15 GT-R. This isn't the only GT-R that Bolt owns, but it is one of the most special ones in the collection. Bolt opted for a red MY15 but chose different colors for the other GT-Rs that he owns.

9. Would Touch: BMW M3

Although Bolt has several Ferraris, he fell in love with the M3 the moment he saw it. He couldn't resist hugging the car when the photo was snapped. It seems that Bolt also likes to travel fast in his cars like on the track. The unfortunate part is that Bolt was involved in an accident with the M3, resulting in the totaling of the car.

8. Would Touch: Chevrolet Camaro

One of the perks of being among the best athletes in the world was that Bolt partnered with several companies to promote their brands. When Bolt shot a commercial, his brand partner didn't think that it was enough only to feature him in the advert, they wanted to brand a Chevrolet Camaro with Bolt's name to hype up the commercial more.

7. Would Touch: Subaru Impreza WRX STI

The Impreza has impressed a lot of people who have searched for a performance vehicle. Subaru used its skills for producing unbelievable rally cars to make a civilian version that would perform just as well. Bolt thought that the car was great but ended up selling it after he the joyride was over. He upgraded to a few Ferraris.

6. Would Touch: Nissan GT-R

The best things come in threes. Bolt purchased a black Audi SUV and a black Toyota Hilux, but he felt that the collection was incomplete without a black Nissan GT-R. As I mentioned, he likes to wear black clothing whenever he takes one of the cars for a cruise. The black GT-R wasn't the only model that Bolt owned.

5. Would Touch: Ferrari F430

Ferrari fans loved the 360 but wanted an updated version. The Italian automaker answered the market's question by producing the F430. Ferrari updated the F430 by making changes to the design of the exterior and enhancing the performance. The car was in production for five years until Ferrari replaced it with the 458.

4. Would Touch: Ferrari 458

Who can blame Bolt for purchasing one of the best models from the Italian manufacturer? The F430 proved to be a popular model, but Ferrari thought that it could do better, so the 458 was born. Under the bonnet is a 4.5-liter V8 engine, capable of pumping out 562 horsepower. That's enough power to satisfy the appetite of the fastest man in the world.

3. Would Touch: Nissan GT-R

The Japanese manufacturer wanted to partner up with a big celebrity to promote one of its fastest models. Who better to do that with than Bolt? Besides getting a lucrative endorsement deal, Bolt also got a few cars from Nissan. One of the gifts was a gold GT-R, according to Motor Authority. Bolt already owned a GT-R before he became a Nissan ambassador.

2. Would Touch: Formula 1

Anybody who becomes famous enters the one percent. That is an elite group of people who hang out with each other and exchange ideas on how to become richer. One of the friends that Bolt made when he became famous was Lewis Hamilton. The perk of being friends with an F1 champion is that he can organize you a Formula 1 car.

1. Would Touch: Ferrari California

Considering he is worth more than $90 million, Bolt didn't hesitate when he wanted to purchase a lavish car to spoil himself for the hard work, so he opted for a Ferrari California. Bolt wanted a convertible and a grey car. That's what he got, along with a 4.3-liter V8 engine, which needs three seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph.