4 Reasons Why People Are Giving Up On Famous Brands

Most people are willing to pay a lot of money for their favorite brands. Yes, it is a proven phenomenon. Most consumers would assume that famous brands are high-class and more reliable than their competitors.

However, the buying attitude of customers is now changing. Here are four reasons why people are giving up on famous brands.

1. People don’t want to become commercials.

Reasons Why People Are Giving Up On Famous Brands

A brand uses you as a commercial. You buy a T-shirt with a logo of the company and pay money to wear their clothes and advertise them as you walk around. It’s a bit illogical. Look at the photos of fashion bloggers on Instagram: handbags, cosmetics, phones — all these things are covered by brand names.

However, big brands have heard the customers and started hiding the logos on clothes. Today, it is no longer trendy to wear clothes with logos.

2. Customers don’t want to pay more.

Reasons Why People Are Giving Up On Famous Brands

Huge retailers like Guess and Crocs are closing down hundreds of stores just because people have stopped buying stuff. No-name products are replacing famous brands. Amazon caught onto this trend and started selling no-name clothing with comparable quality to famous brands. Why pay $50 for a T-shirt when you can buy the same one on Amazon for just $12?

Fashion is dying. Surveys show that modern people are giving up on clothes for special occasions and wear jeans and T-shirts more and more often. Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs showed to the world that billionaires could wear regular clothes. And the world liked it.

There is a lot of cheap clothing out there, and brands don’t really matter anymore. In the US, people gave up on brands not because they want to save money but because it’s their principle. Customers buy extremely cheap, basic clothing because the quality is the same and the logo doesn’t matter.

3. People realized that impressions are much more important than things.

Reasons Why People Are Giving Up On Famous Brands

Millennials don’t buy a lot of stuff anymore. Instead of filling their houses with useless junk, they travel, meet friends, and visit cultural events. And recently, scientists proved that it’s possible to buy happiness.

But you shouldn’t spend your money on material things. Instead, spend it on creating positive impressions. Material things bring far less pleasure than a good weekend or visiting a concert can. Modern society is tired of “things” and is now looking for impressions.

4. Customers realize that brands sell extra stuff to them.

Reasons Why People Are Giving Up On Famous Brands

Have you ever noticed that love brands never sell you just one thing? So buying a super-advanced new phone is just the beginning. You will soon buy wireless headphones, a spare charger, a case, and a lot of other accessories you could easily live without. But now, these experts will sell a lot of useless things to you.

Love brands don’t sell things to you — they sell the name. And the name on the product doesn’t really matter because a loyal customer is sure about the quality of the product before they even buy it.

How do you know you’ve become a loyal customer? You will buy a thing from your favorite brand even without a discount. You don’t have a shopping list, you just stop by a favorite store for fun.