5 Animals That Are Far More Muscular Than Expected

Everyone knows that beasts such as the gorilla can be incredibly jacked, as they are practically synonymous with Herculean size and strength. But like the mild mannered and harmless Ned Flanders who reveals a chiseled and rippling physique once he takes his shirt off, there are animals out there that are far more muscular than their reputations would suggest, almost to the point that some look like they've been used as lab experiments for the Captain America serum (and in a couple cases, this wouldn't be entirely wrong).

("Do you even lift, bro?")

Here are 5 animals with reputations of being cute or even tame, yet somehow possess freakish muscularity far beyond normal expectations.

Super Pigs

(The real Hogzilla)

As can be seen from the picture above, these super pigs have glutes of Kim Kardashian proportions, but in the case of these pigs it's all muscle rather than surgically implanted fat. That's a whole lot of ham. Although it's unknown whether these hogs are the product of genetic engineering or have been "naturally" bred to be like this, what is known is that these pigs have the infamous "double muscle" gene that basically blocks myostatin, a protein that controls and inhibits muscle growth. Considering that the fat is what makes bacon taste do damn good, it's hard to see the appeal of this extra buff and lean pork.

("I dare you to eat me")

Red Kangaroos

(Like Ivan Drago, he will crush you)

If you never thought that you could be intimidated by a kangaroo, then you thought wrong. Red kangaroos are the hulks of the marsupial world, reaching sizes of up to 6 feet tall and 200 lbs. The bulging muscles on their arms exist not only to scare off and beat up rival males, but also to impress the females. So basically, just like humans.

(Flexing for the camera)

"Bully" Whippets

(The canine Schwarzenegger... the doginator)

Whippets are normally a slender and high speed dog breed that is often used for racing, but as with all pure-bred dogs there is the potential for recessive genes to come through. In the case of whippets, it is the "double-muscle" gene, the same one that the super pigs have, referred to as the Bully Whippet Syndrome here because of the way these ridiculously jacked pups stuff the smaller whippets in their lockers.

(If that smile ever turns into a frown, prepare to get your leg torn off)


(Those arms are just from scratching his junk all day)

Chimpanzees aren't always those cute and playful animals at the zoo that have an uncanny resemblance to us. Despite their smaller size, not only are chimpanzees capable of being quite violent, but they're incredibly strong as well, with an adult male having roughly double the upper body strength of a grown man. The picture of the hairless chimp above reveals just how much muscle these guys are packing.

(You'd be buff too if you were walking around naked everwhere)

Belgian Blue Cattle

(That's a lot of burger patties)

Despite having physiques that would make the Rock envious, these cattle are not on steroids. Instead, they're the product of decades of selective breeding for the double muscle gene. The purpose of doing so was to greatly increase the amount of lean meat per head of cattle. Looking at these walking monstrosities of muscle though, "frightening" rather than "delicious" is what comes to mind.

(Vegan gains)