5 Awful Wedding Dress Fails (That'll Make You Reconsider Getting Married)

5. Weirdly Puffy

Many gowns are puffed out a little to show more shape. They add size to the dress that can give the feeling of being a princess. This particular dress is probably the weirdest way to express you are a princess. The puffiness of the dress takes away from any shape she may have, and creates the impression that she is a large bubble rather than a princess. Ensuring the dress sits well on you is a great way to show off your curves, but when the dress is blown up, it makes you look larger than you actually are. This dress did not just stop at puffy on the skirt, but decided to add balloon-looking puffy sleeves (if you could even call them that). This dress selection is one we may never understand. Any dress that has weird puffy texture and looks as though it is eating you is most likely an awful choice.

4. All About the Frills

Frills are fun. They can add a unique texture to a dress that gives it a beautiful look. Some women add the frills onto the whole dress, while others add it simply on to the skirt. Then there are OTHER women who want the frills to look as though they exploded around them. This dress looks as though the wearer has landed in a very fluffy and frilly cloud and is not able to move. It extends so far out that you wonder just how she plans to walk around or have her first dance with her new spouse. Will he be able to trek through the dangerous frilly terrain to reach him? One thing is for sure, the venue won’t have to worry about sweeping up after the wedding because she will have that all done for them! This is no doubt a wedding dress that has failed due to the over-the-top amount of frills!

3. Not Your Traditional White

As discussed, color added to a dress can be tasteful. There are also women out there who decide that a pop of color isn’t enough and they want to get away from the traditional white altogether. There are viable dress options out there that come in reds, pinks, blues, and even black. These dresses can actually be very elegant and unique, creating a great topic of discussion! Then there are the dresses that go the farthest from traditional white. This Barbie hot-pink dress complete with heart shapes is not a dress you would ever expect to see at a wedding. The shimmery, plastic-like color makes you almost think you are at a strange human-sized doll fashion show. Maybe another Life Size movie is being filmed? One thing is for sure, she is not going to leave her wedding without being told that her dress is definitely one of a kind!

2. Matching The Scene

They say that you begin to look like your dog over time, but does the same apply to brides and their sheep? Although the dress may have been acceptable in normal circumstances, as soon as she took it out into that meadow, tragedy was bound to happen. Did anyone mention to her that her dress looked like the sheep? Did no one think to warn her that she matched the scenery? It also makes you wonder whether her dress was styled after the sheep or not. Adding animals into wedding pictures is always fun, and if her pet sheep had to be part of the photo, couldn't the groom have stood in between the two? In conclusion, this wedding planner or photographer should not be allowed to photograph any other weddings or should at least leave this photo from his profile at all costs! Cringing is the only way you can get past this awful wedding dress fail.

1. Edible

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a book and film that captured many people’s hearts. Just think of the possibility of licking the wallpaper or eating the grass? Imagine a place where everything is sweet and edible -- how amazing that would be! For this bride, that dream was made a reality. Why not make your dress completely out of cake? It not only is a great conversation starter, but if anyone wants dessert, they are forced to come up and speak with you as well! You may not be able to move the whole wedding or dance with your new spouse, but you sure will taste good! How much time and effort went into the sizing and creation of this dress is unknown, but hopefully the cake was delicious and the bride didn’t sweat too much! An edible wedding dress is not only an awful fail but also completely awkward for those who enjoy cake!