5 Best Marketing Strategies Enterprise Companies Utilize For Market Success

5 Best Marketing Strategies Enterprise Companies Utilize For Market Success

It can be challenging to know what are the right marketing strategies for your company. It is often a give and take, since the budget will need to be allocated in order to achieve the company's marketing goals. Nonetheless, having a strong marketing strategy is critical to increase online visibility and brand awareness.

What are the best marketing strategies to employ for your business? This is not an easy answer. There is social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and marketing communications across multiple channels.

It may seem overwhelming, but don't worry. To help, we compiled a few of the best marketing strategies enterprise companies utilize for market success. Let's dive in!

Marketing Strategy #1. Social Media

Social media is a company's top marketing asset that can be used to deploy multiple marketing strategies, whether stand alone or combined with other assets. In many ways, if your brand is not on social media, it simply doesn't exist.

Why is social media so important? One of the top reasons social is important for enterprise companies is that it validates them. If a consumer sees a blog or gets an email marketing offer from a business, you can bet he or she will look the company up on social before considering a purchase.

The best marketing strategy for social media is post a lot and post often. And don't try to sell. Simply post anything relevant to your business that your target audience will enjoy and share. Social media marketing is really that simple.

Marketing Strategy #2. Use Influencers

Influencer marketing is no longer a buzzword, it is a full blown, validated marketing strategy. In fact, 67 percent of marketers plan on increasing their influencer budgets in 2020. The main social channel of interest to marketers is Instagram.

Influencers are essential to enterprise companies, because they act as a buffer between brand and customer. Consumers trust influencers, but they tend not to listen to brands. This makes influencer marketing a must-do, especially in highly competitive or very niched down markets.

To use influencers correctly, you need to be sure that the audience of the influencer coincides with your audience. Why? Because they will already be interested in what you have to offer. And don't count out micro-influencers. They are more valuable in 2020.

Marketing Strategy #3. Video Content

Video content has become more valuable than any other type of content when it comes to marketing. This is why YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. People want to watch videos and not read pages of text, meaning you need to create videos for your business to stay competitive.

Video content is also pretty easy to make. Enterprise companies began making expensively produced videos, but soon realized that it was unnecessary. In fact, most videos can be POV style from employees, or testimonials shot from an iPhone.

Having tutorial videos for products and/or services is also great, since it explains what your offering is and what it does clearly. To have market success, you absolutely need video content.

Marketing Strategy #4. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is another one of the best marketing strategies enterprise companies utilize for market success. Affiliate programs can drive more traffic to your website, product pages, or landing pages, increase sales exponentially, and create a large online network.

How do affiliate programs work? First sign up for an affiliate platform like Rakuten or Commission Junction. Then you create an offering for affiliates to use on their social media, blog, or site. When a customer clicks on the offering, your affiliate gets a cut of the profit. It's that easy.

Affiliate programs can be great. Just be sure to continually serve up new offerings and make the percentage the affiliate gets worth it. This will motivate them to put your offering in high traffic areas online. And it's all free advertising for your brand.

Marketing Strategy #5. Email Marketing

This may seem like an old marketing strategy, but don't be fooled, email marketing is still one of the best converting strategies in almost every industry. Email marketing, however, needs to be done right in order to have success.

What makes a winning email campaign? Personalized content and clear call to action (CTA) messages. You definitely don't want to be spammy. Connect with recipients in a human way with the CTA front and center.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above marketing strategies are only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more strategies to seek out as a marketer or business owner. These, however, are among the best and easiest to employ. You can even start now.