5 Celebrities We Are All Sick Of Hearing About

It is safe to say that our generation is pretty obsessed with celebrities. We know what they like to wear and eat we know where they like to shop and who they go shopping with. Thanks to the internet and social media, we pretty much know everything about our favorite celebrities.

We thought it would be interesting to come up with certain “household names” that the world is getting tired of hearing about. The following 5 celebrities are either always doing something for attention or have done things in the past that merit zero attention, yet we give it to them anyways.

Instead of promoting people that are not good role models, we should be putting other people on the front pages of magazines. The reason why we keep hearing about these specific celebrities is that we keep feeding into the stories.

So, sit back and enjoy finding out who the 5 celebrities we are fed up of hearing about are, something tells me you are all going to agree!


Lindsay Lohan has been in the spotlight since she was a child. There was actually a time when the actress had the world at her fingertips.

However, now, she is one of those celebrities that not only has not worked in a while, but that is constantly finding ways of being spoken about. Lohan's latest is her new found faith. Lohan has been very open about her Islamic beliefs and has even been seen wearing a burka and even a burkini.

Lohan has struggled a lot in the past with drug abuse and identity crisis and we think that maybe she has lost herself once again.

We hope that one day, Lohan is just a distant memory and is simply that girl that played twins in the movie The Parent Trap. Because quite frankly, we are fed up of hearing about her.


Amber Rose should have been old news long ago but for some reason, she is still a topic of discussion. Amber Rose is famous for dating rappers and is the mother of rapper Wiz Khalifa's child. Rose loves showing off her “assets” and loves the attention she receives on social media.

Amber Rose is one of those celebrities that have no business being famous. Yes, she is good looking but that is about all she has to offer. Rose is the perfect example of someone who is just a pretty face (and a nice body) yet, there is not much more she has to offer.


Not only is Kim Kardashian the most photographed person in the world, she is also, without a doubt, one of the most talked about. Whatever Kardashian does, is spoken about and to be quite honest, it is getting a little annoying.

It has become so bad that people no longer know what is real in her life and what is done as a publicity stunt. There are even rumors that she and her family organized the robbery that happened in Paris although

Whatever Kardashian wears is also spoken about, where ever she goes is written about and whatever she does is analyzed.

Yes, she is super, super famous, but when is enough going to be enough. We get it, she hot and fabulous, now let's move onto the next celebrity!


Nick Viall was on The Bachelorette twice, then he was on Bachelor in Paradise, then he was The Bachelor and then he was on Dancing With The Stars. It is pretty safe to say that Viall is a little bit of a fame hog.

Viall claims all he wanted was to find love, however, after getting engaged, he still went on yet another reality show. Viall managed to turn 15 minutes of fame into a few hours of it and we are praying that his time in the spotlight is coming to an end.

It would not surprise us if Viall comes up with some agreement and ends up getting married on live television, I mean the man needs to make money somehow...what does he even do besides go on whatever show will have him?


The world had no idea who Danielle Bregoli was until she and her mom made an appearance on the show Dr.Phil.

Her mother, who was trying to gain some control over her wild teenage daughter did not expect for her to become an overnight celebrity. Bregoli, who is full of sass made herself an internet sensation when she iterated the sentence “Cash me outside how bout that.” The 14-year-old now has over 10 million followers on Instagram and is loving her new fame.

Bregoli is a horrible role model for young girls and although she is clearly entertaining, her fifteen minutes of fame have been up for a while now and we are looking forward to her being a distant memory in all of our minds...we hope it happens really soon.