5 city getaways for a luxury yacht charter

5 city getaways for a luxury yacht charter

If you visit a city thinking the only way it can be done is by taking in as many sights, eateries and shops as possible, while walking hundreds of miles to do so and leaving the chaos behind utterly shattered, then you might just be doing it wrong. There are many beautiful cities in the world that happen to sit among an amazing coastline so for your next city break consider going to the other end of the spectrum with a luxury yacht charter.

Just imagine taking the family or a group of friends onto your very own luxury yacht, with a crew to worry about the technical details and a chef to cook up whatever delights you fancy. The comfort factor is high, it doesn’t get more private than being on your very own yacht and you can travel to exotic and remote locations that you’ll never be able to see on land. You can wake up on the water, spend your days spotting wildlife, waterskiing, snorkelling and then hop on to land for those sights and shopping before returning to your private palace on the water.

Whatever time of the year it is there’s a stunning place that you can escape to in this world to dip your toes in the water. With so many options it isn’t easy to pick the perfect destination so we’ve shortlisted our favourite five cities for you to visit on your dream yacht charter holiday.


5 city getaways for a luxury yacht charter

This popular holiday destination sees cruisers from all over the world unite to enjoy this diverse city and its many attractions. From deep sea fishing, boat shows and beaches to plentiful shopping opportunities, sports, art and the vibrant nightlife, whatever you desire, Miami is serving it up.

Explore the Everglades, soak up the sounds and culture in Little Havana, revel in Biscayne National Park and dance the night away at South beach, the fun of Florida’s financial, economic and cultural city is calling.

High season runs from December to April and Hurricane season is June to November, the weather is often hot and humid so pick a time to visit that’s right for you.


5 city getaways for a luxury yacht charter
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The birthplace of Christopher Columbus and Italy’s busiest port, Genoa, in the north of the country, sits on the Ligurian sea with a fascinating history and stunning sights.

The food of Italy is world renowned and local delights such as farinata (a delicate pancake) and pesto (try it on pizza – it’s much more delicious than the jar offering at home) will tickle your taste buds along with all the focaccia, seafood and gelato you can devour.

July to August offers the finer months to visit and you may not go discovering any new worlds on your trip but you might just discover a love for this city that you never knew could exist.


5 city getaways for a luxury yacht charter
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Located on the south-east of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a city that understands opulence, glamour and offering the very best at all times. With world-class shopping, outstanding beaches and the Burj Khalifa (standing at 828.1 metres, making it the tallest building in the world by quite a stretch), you just know everything here will be bigger and better. Visit in January and February and try deep sea diving, fly-boarding, scuba diving or stand-up paddling boarding and, if you fancy embarking on a land adventure, then a 4 x 4 desert safari might be the thrill you’re after. Whatever you fancy, Dubai most probably has it!


5 city getaways for a luxury yacht charter
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June to September offers the optimum time to visit this city on the French Riviera. Known for the annual Cannes Film Festival, which draws in a crowd of A-Listers, not just in May but throughout the year, this place has a reputation for elite visitors, and why not be one of them? Shop in a boutique, dine in a splendid restaurant, wander along a promenade or seek out a rooftop bar for an evening drink then relax on your yacht, it sounds relaxing and heavenly!


5 city getaways for a luxury yacht charter

The largest city on the Adriatic coast and the second largest in Croatia, this gem of a place is coming into its own, emerging from a convenient transit point to a gorgeous destination in its own right. With its rich history, having been under Roman, Venetian, Austrian, French, Italian and Yugoslav control, and stunning location, there are many interesting historic sites to see such as Diocletian’s Palace and mausoleum. From waterfalls to wineries and blue caves to canoeing, there is so much to see and do here that you’ll want to stay all summer. Visit from June to September for the best weather.