5 Differences Between Well-Known Products

It is in our nature to constantly search for things that make us different. That creates sides or teams which often use those differences to make quarrels. Well, some of those differences are historic, rooted deep in our society, while others have that less significant origin, and thus represent a benign role. That kind of a difference is our taste. That can be a taste for fashion, TV shows, food, or a hairstyle. The one that is ever present is the taste for food.

Well, that small difference in our opinions or tastes is the best example of how stupid it is to search for differences where there aren’t any.

Lipton Ice Tea vs. Nestea

Both drinks are basically lemon teas. And people see some difference… If you look at their ingredients, you will see that they are almost identical. Only one thing is different – Nestea uses natural flavorings, while Lipton uses nature-identical sweeteners.

Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

We all use these two drinks as substitutes for one another. And there are still people that find one drink totally different from the other. They are often passionate supporters of one of those drinks! Actually, the differences are so mild that you can hardly notice any.

According to one study, that mild difference lies in one detail – Pepsi has a mild citrus taste, and Coca-Cola has a mild vanilla flavor. That is it. We can’t compare the ingredients because Pepsi has made its recipe public and Coca-Cola keeps its formula secret.

Original Lays vs. Original Pringles

According to a bunch of studies, Pringles are only 40% of potatoes and the rest of it is dough. Lay’s are 100% potatoes.

Orbit vs. Dirol

This is one more example of how we actually can’t differentiate the tastes of two differently packaged products, and we still find one of them better than the other one. However, people who are using both gums say that Orbit usually lasts longer than Dirol, and Orbit usually crumbles apart after chewing for a long time, and Dirol only stiffens.

Burger King vs. McDonald’s

Burger King and McDonald’s have different buns. Burger King has sesame seeds on their buns while McDonald’s doesn’t. Nutritive values are also different, where McDonald’s has 300 calories, while Burger King has around 550 calories. And Burger King comes with onions, while McDonald’s obviously hates onions.