5 Fast Food Employees Who Were Arrested For Ridiculous Crimes

Fast food gets a bad rap as a workplace from a lot of people – jobs in restaurants are often looked down upon, but it's a job like any other and some people really do head into work every day to do their best and provide for themselves and their families, so that's worthy of some respect. On the other hand, there are some people who just can’t manage the stress and go a little wonky.

The Pizza Hut Cop

I'm on a stake out or whatever!

Not everyone is impressed by a job in the food industry, and maybe that's what Christopher Sharp of Florida was afraid of. As a Pizza Hut employee, he didn't think he'd be too impressive to his girlfriend, so he decided to make up a new job for himself – a deputy with the Pasco County Sheriff's department.

Sharp stole a deputy's shirt from an actual deputy who'd been dating his sister, and every day after his shit at Pizza Hut he'd change into the cop uniform and head home before telling his girlfriend, friends and family about his tough day in law enforcement. According to reports, he even wore the uniform to a party once, and told everyone about a crazy DUI he had to arrest earlier in the night.

In time, real cops heard the story about Sharp and tracked him down, then gave him a real lesson in how law enforcement works by charging him with impersonating an officer. Still, he managed to pull off his ruse for over 5 months, which is pretty staggering.

Wendy's and the Literal Burger Joint

TMZ was on the case!

Regardless of how you feel about marijuana, you have to admit that smoking a joint while you're at work making a hamburger for a customer is probably a bad idea. There's a time and a place for everything, and that is neither one. Nonetheless, a 32 year old employee at a Georgia Wendy's couldn't find the time to set it off to one side before making a burger for a customer until she'd apparently smoked so much she forgot about it when she did put it down.

The customer started eating their burger and discovered a little too late that there was an extra ingredient. Right on top of her pickle was the half smoked blunt, now a little wetter and greasier than it should be. The customer called the police, and when they arrived the employee copped to it being hers immediately. Meanwhile, the customer claimed to suffer food-poisoning symptoms and required medical attention, which Wendy's offered to pay for, as well as giving her a onus $50 gift card.

The employee, as you might expect, was both fired and arrested.

Taco Bell Meth Lab

Muy caliente!

If you want some good tacos, where do you think of? A little family restaurant in your town? A place you found in Mexico? How about the Taco Bell in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? Maybe not that last one, but it had nothing to do with the quality of food that Taco Bell so much as the fact some employees were using it as a meth lab.

It was 4:45 in the morning when someone called the police after noticing some suspicious types milling about around the Taco Bell, since the place was supposed to be closed. Police arrived to discover an employee and an accomplice had set up a full on meth production facility at the location, and arrested two men. The Health Department had to keep the restaurant closed for a couple of days until they could be sure no one was getting a meth chalupa by accident.

McDonald's Spitter

Spit take!

We've all heard stories, those friend of a friend type stories, or seen things in movies, about a disgruntled fast food employee who decides to gross up someone's meal by spitting it in. Odds are most of us haven't seen it first hand because it's probably pretty rare – but it does happened. And it may have happened at a McDonald's in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

A mother and daughter had placed an order for sweet iced tea but got the wrong drinks. They ordered replacement drinks and found it was the same wrong tea again, but decided they'd just add sugar when they got home. When they opened the lids to do so, they found what appeared to be a big, nasty phlegm pile floating on top of their drinks.

The customers called police, and they arrested McDonald's employee Marvin Washington Jr. Police claimed they could see him, right there on security camera, leaning over each drink cup before adding the tea. He was taken into custody, however a judge did dismiss charges against him after reviewing the evidence and determining that you couldn't see him spit in the video, and also a manager placed the lids on the cups and should have noticed if there was anything in them, and no one bothered to test for DNA. Washington maintained his innocence the whole time, so who's to say what happened? Did someone else spit in the cups or was it a set up?

The Nastiest Burger Ever

Never, ever let her cook you dinner.

Quick, what's the grossest thing you can imagine a fast food employee doing? Now forget it, because this is it. This is the grossest thing.

Sky Samuel, an employee at a Jack's in Columbus, Mississippi, was charged with a felony after turning herself in for "selling unwholesome bread or drink." For reasons that aren’t fully clear, Samuel had a very clear problem with a customer and elected to take it out on them by licking the cheese on their burger and also contaminating it with her own blood. The sort that only she, as a woman, had access to.

A fellow employee saw Samuel make the revolting burger and complained but nothing happened, and the burger was served. The employee's mother made a Facebook post about it, however, and included an audio conversation between her daughter and Samuel in which Samuel admitted to it. It was picked up by the local news and Samuel turned herself in. Meanwhile, the employee who tried to warn Jack's management was fired for making a false report about an employee while Jack's said Samuel was fired for a different reason and they knew nothing of this incident until the story went viral.

As for Samuel, she plead guilty and is looking at one to five years in jail. And the customer who got the burger? Sadly, looks like they ate it.