5 Fitness Models Who Take Yoga Pants To A Whole New Level

5. Caroline Aspenskog

Caroline Aspenskog

Talk about a body! Swedish fitness model, Caroline Aspenskog has more curves than Lombard St. in San Francisco. The steamy Swede can be seen across the internet, but mainly posts workout videos to her Instagram, focusing her efforts on her backside. She reps the clothing brand, Fitness by Aspen, and even competes on an the stage in bikini girl competitions. She's more well-rounded than - well - herself!

The model and competitor, who now lives in Los Angeles, sat down with Iron Magazine back in 2015 to dish out some of her secrets. For those of you looking to become the next princess of the gym, Aspenskog has some advice for you.

"Work hard. Nothing in life comes free. And like Arnold says, “Ignore the naysayers, believe in yourself, and always finish what you have started.” The key to success is to finish what you have decided to start—only then will new doors open."

4. Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow

I have mixed feelings about adding Tammy Hembrow to our list. While she's damn fine and a successful Insta-chick, she embodies every negative stereotype in the fitness modeling industry. You've got your humble brags, unnecessary selfies, booty pictures with her kids, and the 'look how rich I am' attitude. There is just something so fake about her, at least in my opinion. Either way, with 7.7 million followers, she's definitely got the goods.

The Australian fit chick gained her fame from broadcasting her pregnancy fitness regimen and speedy recovery post-birth. From her intense workout routine to her strict diet, Hembrow has inspired her followers, so we can't fault her for that. Let's just see a little bit less of your "rich fit chicks of Instagram" posts, and more yoga pants pics.

3. Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin

"Fitness Diva. Cover Model. Role Model." Lewin takes fitness popularity to a whole new level. The Venezuelan-born beauty is the true queen of the fitness industry with nearly 13 million followers. According to her website, "Miss Worldwide" is a recognized everywhere, "whether walking the streets of Miami, Caracas, Cairo, Canberra or Moscow."

Lewin is a staple on newsstands across the world, posing on the cover of fitness magazine, looking like a Latin queen! The IFBB competitor has been labeled as the hottest chick in Miami, "and second place is not close."

While you may think Lewin has peaked in popularity, she has only been prominent in the industry for a few years, rising quickly through the ranks of fitness models. If I was a betting man, I would bet Lewin has a movie deal in the next few years, showcasing to the world that perfect yoga pants body.

2. Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway

The fittest of the fit, Paige Hathaway takes yoga pants to the number one spot. While it was pretty difficult to find an actual photo of her in spandex (since she's usually posing in very little clothing), we hope you can enjoy the view. No, Hathaway isn't the most popular lady out there today, as she hovers around four million followers on Instagram, but she truly is the most knowledgeable model on the list.

Starting from a small town in Minnesota, Hathaway thought she would never make it out of the trailer park. But, after a few competitions and ad campaigns, her popularity blew up. In an interview with Cosmopolitan that was published a few months ago, Hathaway claimed that she earned anywhere from "$35,000 to $50,000 per month" from her supplement sponsor, on top of all her advertising and promotional deals. Wow, I gotta stop writing and go hit the gym!

1. Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria

Let's take a look at fitness entrepreneur, Anna Victoria. A few years ago, Anna wasn't as toned and fit as she appears now. According to her bio on her website, back in 2012, the health guru was having issues with her wellness, and began researching ways to find a solution that was tailored to her body goals. Through her search, she realized there was hole in the market for fitness advice, and filled it. She started apps like "Fit Body Guides" or "Body Love" to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Victoria's story is one of inspiration for women everywhere...

"This is what true beauty and true confidence is about – it’s about being healthy, happy, setting goals and achieving them. It’s about focusing just as much on your physical well-being as your mental and emotional well-being. It’s about Body Love!"

...and she sure looks good in those purple yoga pants.