5 Low Energy Dog Breeds Perfect For Busy Families

Low Energy Dog Breeds Perfect For Busy Families

These days, not every family has the kind of lifestyle or time in their busy schedule to take care of a four-legged furry family member. But at the same time, everyone wants someone to cuddle with when they get home from school or work, especially after a long and grueling day. After all, dogs make some of the best, and if not the most loyal companions.

There are certain dog breeds out there that command a lot of attention, and a lot of their owner’s energy, too. Certain dogs can’t wait an entire day for someone to pick up their leash and take them for a walk or the dog park. They need several different outlets to unleash their pent-up energy, especially if they are still young, vibrant, and full of life. But with two parents who work full-time and kids who go to school all day, that might become a recipe for disaster. Your high-energy dog might end up taking his boredom out on the couch – and in the worst way possible, too.

Luckily, there are several pocket-sized low energy dog breeds who would rather shoot the breeze or cuddle and sleep just as much as you want, too. Here are a few that are perfect for less active families.


Low Energy Dog Breeds Perfect For Busy Families

Chow Chow, or the “puffy lion dog,” is a breed originally from Northern China, where it was once known as the “Dog of the Tang Empire.” And as with anyone with royal connections will tell you, the Chow Chow doesn’t like to work very much. In fact, he expects to be served, pampered, adored, and fed all the finest dog food in all of the land. With that being said, this little aristocratic dog also makes the most adorable lap dog. They are very affectionate with their family and super friendly with kids, too.


Low Energy Dog Breeds Perfect For Busy Families

The Basset Hound is a perennial favorite of dog lovers from all over the world, and for a good reason, too. This short-legged breed loves to do nothing more than be slow and lazy, that is, unless they are on the hunt for some good food. They do love long, rambling walks with their owners, especially during summer nights. But if you happen to skip an evening walk with him, he won’t hate you for it.


Low Energy Dog Breeds Perfect For Busy Families

Pugs have a lot of personality, they just sometimes choose not to show it. And who can blame them? Life can be fickle sometimes. Still, pugs are one of the most adorable breeds on the planet, with a face that you just can’t resist. Plus, they are also very friendly with everyone who they come across and outgoing. Don’t let their little short-muzzled faces fool you either. They are full of love and want to be loved, too. And yes, they can also be very docile, charming, stubborn, but also clever and playful. In other words, they are the perfect companion.


Low Energy Dog Breeds Perfect For Busy Families

If dogs had their own Tinder accounts, the French Bulldog’s description would read as: docile, easygoing, quiet, and likes minimal exercise. If this sounds like the perfect match for you, you’re in luck. Sure, some people like to call French Bulldogs the laziest dog breed in the world, but they don’t like to see it this same way. Instead, they just appreciate the essence of life much more than their other dog counterparts, that’s all. Breakfast, lunch and dinner might last a little longer than normal, but this dog if French, and the French don’t like to rush things, OK?


Low Energy Dog Breeds Perfect For Busy Families

Shih Tzus are perhaps the most mellow dogs on the planet but at the same time, they are a little hard to come by. They are often cited as a laid-back breed that will sit on the couch and watch The Bachelorette with you or simply do nothing more than hang out with its owner. Compared to terriers and other small dogs, they might seem lazy, but they are a little more lively compared to the other dogs on this list.


Low Energy Dog Breeds Perfect For Busy Families

If you want a lazy dog, another thing to consider is to avoid having a puppy and bring home an older dog instead. After all, there are so many loving, older dogs in shelters all across the country that need a loving home to go to. A lot of people avoid getting older dogs, simply because they believe that their time with their dog will be limited. But that’s not necessarily true. An older dog can also be a great companion, regardless of what age they are. And if they come home to a loving family, they will most likely feel very grateful from the start. Elderly dogs are also a great option for families that don’t have the time for a small, high-energy dog, but still want a pet at home.